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What We Do

Big 7 Media creates original content across our three brands – travel, food and hotels – for a mobile-first, millennial audience.

We produce city guides aimed towards adventurous travellers looking for authentic experiences, from where to eat and drink to the most unmissable things to do.

With content sourced from the 7 continents, we cut through the clutter to share only the best. Whether it’s an eco-resort on our Hotel of the Day series, a viral travel video or a foodie bucket list, Big 7 Travel is the go-to resource for over 1.5 million people when it comes to discovering new destinations.

Why partner with Big 7?

Our forward-thinking partnerships can bring your brand to life through written content, video and social assets. Big 7 Media’s creative team produces content that authentically connects brands to a travel-obsessed audience.

Your brand messaging will be amplified through our social media and key SEO strategy, so your narrative can be discovered time and time again.

With a focus on mobile-first, our content is designed to be consumed on the go – so you can join in with Big 7 Travel as readers across the globe engage with our site and social, before and during their travels.

Our Audience

Our audience enjoys a mix of city breaks, luxury resorts & beach holidays.

66% plan where to eat in advance when visiting
new destinations


77% take between 2-5 holidays a year


86% are planning a holiday in 2019


42% of our audience earn over $75,000 a year


46% of our audience is aged 25-34

Case Studies

Our innovative commercial solutions include spotlight features and brand awareness through city content sponsorship.

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