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The last thing you should be worrying about before catching a flight is where to park your car – which is where we come in. No matter where you’re flying from, you can book airport parking with our trusted partners We have access to over 2500 parking lots at 336 airports across the world, so you can travel with ease, knowing your car is safe and sound for when you return.

With just a few clicks, you can book online in advance to save money and avoid paying large premiums for last-minute on-airport parking on the day. Plus, you’re guaranteed a space when you book in advance! We also help you to compare both national and independent operators so you can find the best deals for the lowest prices. You can easily compare parking features, prices and distance from the airport at a glance. Whether you want to save money with a shuttle bus parking option or save time with a meet and greet drop-off, we offer a wide choice of airport parking spaces.

You can find the most convenient and best value airport parking right here, and be assured of quality customer service post-booking. We save you time and money so that you can focus on  what matters most: enjoying your trip. See more about different airport parking options below and find the best deals for your destination.

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Airport Parking options

On-airport parking

This parking is operated by the airport itself. This is usually the closest available car parking lot to the terminal areas. Safe and secure, on-airport parking includes long-term and short-term lots, so it’s handy for any length of stay. Short-term airport parking lots are within walking distance of the terminal, while long-term maybe a few extra minutes, it could also be walkable or in some cases includes free shuttle services.

Garage parking

Garage parking offers covered protection for your car with good security, so it’s a great option for shorter and longer stays. These lots are usually within walking distance to the terminals, saving you valuable time. Garage parking is convenient and can be more cost-effective than other short-term onsite parking options.

Off-airport parking

Off-airport parking is located a short distance away from the airport and is owned by independent operators. You can reserve your space in advance or book on the spot. You can leave your car in the secure parking area and ride the free shuttle bus to your terminal. Off-airport parking is the cheapest option.

Meet & Greet airport parking

With Meet & Greet parking (also referred to as curbside airport parking), you simply drop your car off at the terminal entrance to meet the driver, who will park your car for you. When you return, the driver will be waiting for you at the terminal with your car. This costs a little more, but is the ultimate convenience.


By reserving airport parking online, in advance of travel you are likely to save money compared to turning up on the day and paying the drive up rates.
Drive up rates are airport parking prices that you will pay if you haven’t reserved in advance. They tend to be considerably higher than online reservation rates.
There is no set rule, but airports with sophisticated pricing systems will give bigger discounts when you reserve further in advance.
By reserving online, in advance, you will often get a considerable discount, and by using a comparison website like Big Seven Travel in partnership with you’ll get to see all the offers available.
When you search online on a comparison site, it will show you all of the parking lot security features.
Off-site or off-airport parking is when a parking lot is independent from the airport, often cheaper and sometimes a short shuttle transfer. Off-airport is very popular and a great way to save money whilst still benefitting often from great security.
Most airports and parking lots will have a grace period of up to 8 hours, or some work on a date basis. If you over-stay by more than the grace period you will be charged the difference when you return.
Normally the parking lot’s terms and conditions state that you won’t be entitled to any refund for returning early, but its always worth checking.
This is a specialist service, but is possible at some airports to have your car transferred between airports such as JFK and Newark or LaGuardia, or Heathrow and Gatwick in the UK.
Meet & Greet (also known as curbside in the USA) is a highly convenient way to park your car when departing from airports, and is very popular in the UK, across Europe and at LAX. The driver meets you outside the airport, drives your car to the secure parkade, and returns it to you when you land.

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