American Style Pizza

7 American-Style Pizza Recipes To Try At Home

If you are craving American-style pizza right now and aren’t able to travel (or even visit your local pizza restaurant) these recipes will do the trick. You’ll be making the pizza totally from scratch yourself, so it will take a little longer than ordering delivery, but that only makes it taste even better!

From New York-style pizza to deep dish Chicago pies there is something for everybody on this list. These are no ordinary recipes either, as they come from the world’s top bloggers. Masters of their craft who have meticulously recreated some of the best pizza styles in the US. Make sure to bookmark the recipes and check out their blogs in full.

Time to dust down the work top and start cooking these American-style pizza recipes.

American-Style Pizza Recipes

1. All American Thick Crust Pizza

A great crust is the key to a great pizza, and this quick pizza dough recipe from Red Star yeast makes the perfect crust for an All-America pizza loaded with gooey cheesy, pepperoni, and a spicy homemade pizza sauce.

Recipe created by Barbara.

2. Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

It’s homemade deep dish pizza, made in a springform pan. Yes, the same pan you use to make cheesecake is the perfect vessel to make the deepest of deep dish pizzas at home.

Recipe created by Haley.

3. Skillet Pepperoni Pizza Sloppy Joes

This skillet pizza is super easy, as it only uses five ingredients and you can make it all in one pan. Minimal washing up and maximum flavour.

Recipe created by Edyta.

American Style Pizza

4. The Best New York Style Pizza

NYC pizza is one of the most famous pizza styles in the world. You might not be wandering the streets of New York with a slice, but this tastes every bit as good.

Recipe created by Marie.

American Style Pizza

5. BBQ Chicken Pizza

This homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe is a tasty California Pizza Kitchen copycat recipe that is easy to make and tastes just like the original!

Recipe created by Jillian.

American Style Pizza

6. Detroit Style Pizza

Known for its thick crust with crackly-crisp sides and bottom, Detroit pizza also layers classic pizza toppings in reverse order: first optional pepperoni, then cheese (brick cheese, to be totally traditional), then sauce.

Recipe created by King Arthur.

American Style Pizza

7. American Style Cheese Pizza

This pizza is loaded with three different types of cheese and absolutely delicious. You will want a serious appetite to eat it all in one sitting.

Recipe created by Helena.

American Style Pizza

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