The 7 Best Places For Amsterdam Coffee

The 7 Best Places For Coffee In Amsterdam

When arriving in a new city one of the first things many people seek out is a good cup of their favourite brew, so it’s welcome news that Amsterdam coffee is just about as great as it gets – meaning you won’t be stuck for choice.

Hop on your bike or walk around the beautifully picturesque streets until you tick all of these top spots off during your visit here.

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1. Naked Espresso

Naked Espresso is a fairly apt name for this coffee store, considering they call the Red Light district home. Walking into their shop is like an escape from the madness of the city and their Cortado (seen below) is the stuff that caffeinated dreams are made of.

Naked Espresso Coffee in Amsterdam

2. Fried Hats

Fried Hats are by far one of the best roasters in town and as well as having pop-up locations around the city, their new Fuku cafe is a place for true coffee lovers to come and pay homage to Fried Hat’s stellar coffee.

Amsterdam Coffee

3. Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters

You’ll find great tasting coffee here, that’s freshly roasted daily in Amsterdam. Their retail shops are staffed by some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable baristas in the business.

Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters

4. Caffènation Amsterdam

Bert van Wassenhove is a Belgian who exemplifies everything that’s good about the Amsterdam coffee scene. His customers are more like fans than just regular coffee drinkers, and you’re guaranteed to never get a bad cup in here.

Caffènation Amsterdam

5. Scandinavian Embassy

All too often you’ll struggle to find really top-end food served alongside coffee. The two feel mutually exclusive sometimes, but not here. The food is superb and everything balances to match with the coffee.

They focus on Scandinavian blends and do great work promoting those roasters.

Scandinavian Embassy Cafe

6. Espressofabriek

Espressofabriek have two great locations in the city; these guys roast, grind and serve some of the very best coffee going. Plus, their stylish shops are like something out of a design catalogue.

Espressofabriek Coffee

7. 4850

Another spot that has the perfect combo of great high-end food, wonderful wines and really top class coffee. You shouldn’t be popping in here for a quick coffee to go but rather savouring it as part of an overall sensory experience.

4850 Cafe

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