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The 7 Best Places For Brunch In Atlanta

Atlanta brunch is up there with the very best in the world, which is hardly surprising when you consider what a great food scene this city has.

There are many things that the world disagrees on these days, but brunch being one of the greatest meals of the week is not one of them. Who doesn’t love huge portions of food with coffees and cocktails in the early morning?

With so many places to choose from it was hard to narrow it down, but these are the very best Atlanta brunch spots… Naturally, being down south, there’s fried chicken and waffles a’plenty!

Best Brunch in AtlantaHow do these rankings work?

1. West Egg Cafe

West Egg Cafe has been open for 15 years serving up some of the best Southern comfort food you could wish for. It’s not hard to see how they have so many loyal customers when you have your first brunch experience here.

Their pancake stacks, chicken and waffles – as well as their coffee – are all superb and some of the best you’ll taste in the country.

2. Sun In My Belly

They place a large emphasis on championing seasonally fresh, local fare and supporting the community. That dedication to finding the best produce shows up in every single dish on their brunch menu.

There’s lots of classic food dishes, including superb poached eggs, but for something truly special try the Bloody Mary. They offer a spicy or savoury version and both are absolutely mouthwateringly good.

3. Buttermilk Kitchen

Buttermilk Kitchen operates on a walk in basis with no reservations, so given how popular they are do try and plan ahead and get here early.

The menu is all about using local, sustainable ingredients and they make nearly everything they use in house. The pancake stacks are legendary, but they also go great burgers, waffles and seriously good iced coffee.

Atlanta brunch

4. Canoe

The setting here is what will first take your breath away. Canoe sits beside a river that rolls past a tranquil waterfront, that is enhanced by a natural and manicured landscape. You won’t find any prettier or more relaxing places to eat brunch.

Their menu has so many classics combined with great original dishes of their own. A classic example is the “Duck N’ Beef Burger” (pictured below). It features pickled red onions, spinach, sunny side up egg on a poppy seed bun, served with truffle fries. Divine.

Best burgers for Atlanta brunch

5. Atlanta Breakfast Club

This is a local institution when it comes to eating great Southern food and enjoying great service. Their menu is packed full of comfort food dishes that will set you up for a great day ahead.

Their waffles, pancakes and French toast take the words “food porn” to a whole new level, with big, lush portions of seriously tasty food.

Best Atlanta brunch spots

6. Folk Art Restaurant

They are all about breakfast, breakfast and more breakfast, which is why they serve it all day long. They keep the menu simple and focus on the classics with everything made in house every single day.

If you want to try the famous Southern biscuits with sausage and egg then this should be your first port of call in Atlanta.

7. Revival

The brunch menu features some big dishes like fried chicken, a pork belly hash and sausage biscuits. All are cooked up using the best ingredients by some seriously talented chefs.

They are also known for their cocktails, which are made with great precision and skill. It would be rude to have brunch here and not try one!

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