The 7 Best Atlanta Pizzas izza

The 7 Best Pizzas In Atlanta

The Atlanta pizza scene has been absolutely buzzing for years no. It’s no exaggeration to say it is one of the greatest cities to eat a few slices – or c’mon, let’s get real, entire pie – in America.

From classic Italian Neapolitan-style pizzas to New York slices there is something for absolutely everybody here. And by ‘something’ we mean tasty, cheesy dough. Yum.,

So grab some friends, take the evening off and get ready to check out one of these amazing Atlanta pizza joints…

Best pizzas in AtlantaHow do these rankings work?

1. Argosy

This former East Atlanta Village antiques mall is now a haven for beer and pizza lovers. Being mainly the latter, we’re obsessed with their innovative chargrilled pizzas.

Creative toppings include vegan chorizo and duck prosciutto. Delicious.

Atlanta Pizza

2. Antico

Antico is pretty much single handedly responsible for driving on the pizza scene in the city, as well as Italian culture in general.

Their pizzas are classically Neapolitan in style with wonderfully fresh toppings. No need to complicate things here – just keep it simple. It’s pizza that’s incredibly authentic and incredibly tasty.

Antico Pizza in Atlanta

3. Varasano’s

Varasano’s Pizzeria has been voted ‘Best Pizza in Atlanta’ by several sources. Its thin-crust pizzas are just delicious.

Try Nana’s house special pizza, topped with mozzarella, San Marzano tomato sauce, and a blend of mixed herbs. Top it off with Varasano’s sweet roasted red pepper, yum!

4. Double Zero

Easily one of the best pizza restaurants in Atlanta, Double Zero dishes up traditional Neapolitan Pizza, fresh handmade pasta, and a number of Italian classics.

It’s the pizza that’s the real highlight though. Order the Primavera with burrata, asparagus, peas and chive for something a little different. The crusts are perfectly chewy and doughy.

Double Zero Pizzeria in Atlanta

5. Varuni Napoli

This pizza joint now have two locations in the city where they make their dough fresh daily and use the best imported tomatoes.

They are all about the quality of their raw ingredients and keeping things simple and traditional. The end product is a thing of pure beauty that tastes incredible.

Varuni Napoli Pizzeria

6. Avellino’s Wood Fire Pizzeria

This is a laid-back Italian restaurant with super friendly staff who are just as well known for their great pasta as their pizzas.

The portions are big, the toppings original and always changing, so you’ll have every excuse to come back and try them again.

Avellino's Wood Fire Pizzeria

7. Atwoods Pizza Cafe

Classic Italian pizza that comes on a slightly thinner base than most. They also have some seriously good ice cold beers which make this a marriage made in heaven.

Atwoods Pizza Cafe is open for breakfast and they do great sandwiches, but the pizza is the star of the show and the main reason you should visit. With slices that look like these, how could you not?

Atwoods Pizza Cafe in Atlanta

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