The 7 Best Belo Horizonte Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Belo Horizonte

Brazil is well known for the quality of its beef and Belo Horizonte burgers are right up there with some of the best in the country.

With such good produce to work with, the restaurants here are able to churn out mouthwatering burgers that you’ll never forget. But where are the best spots? We wanted to share the seven best in the city.

So grab a friend, work up an appetite and get ready to feast on the very best Belo Horizonte burgers.

Best burgers in Belo HorizonteHow do these rankings work?

1. James Burger

Their burgers are super inventive and will really push you taste buds to new levels. They include specials that rotate on a regular basis, so there’s plenty of reason to return.

The portions sizes are massive so make sure you come with an absolutely huge appetite. You will be well rewarded.

James Burger in Belo Horizonte

2. J’s Fine Burger

You’ll need to work up a serious appetite, because to say the portions here are huge would be an understatement.

The patties are huge and they stack as many as you want into the burger. Some people have three or four layered with cheese, and the odd person has even tried eight burgers piled high. Not for the faint hearted!

J's Fine Burger in Belo Horizonte

3. Black Burger

It’s all about the quality of the core product here and the love they put into their toppings and side orders. The crinkle cut chips are the stuff of dreams.

The perfect place to come and hang out with friends over a couple of relaxed burgers and beers.

Black Burger

4. Eddie Fine Burgers

One of everybody’s favourite restaurants in the city because of their tasty food and casual-yet-fun atmosphere. The perfect place for a family day out.

Their burgers are an ideal size to grab with two hands and stuff into your mouth without cutlery. If you have enough room, make sure to grab one of their luxurious desserts.

Eddie Fine Burgers

5. Soul Jazz Burger

What could possibly be more relaxing than coming to a club that specialises in both jazz and burgers? The music is the perfect way to soothe you, while the food is wholesome and delicious.

Theyu insist on making everything in house, including the buns and the sauces and it shows in the end product. Truly delicious.

Belo Horizonte burgers

6. Burger’s Club

Burger’s Club are well known for their steaks and pasta but as the name suggests you would be foolish to ignore the burgers.

The meat is pattied fresh every day and they keep the toppings simple because their core offering is so good. Why add lots of extra stuff when the core offering is so good?

Burger's Club in Belo Horizonte

7. Duke ‘N’ Duke

This is a small franchise with four locations that are quickly growing in popularity. The key is the great craft beer and selection of comfort food that they offer.

Great steaks and grilled meets, but the real highlight is the burgers. Super juicy patties with simple toppings that are classic in style and match their beer perfectly.

Duke 'N' Duke Hamburger

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