Bucket List Foods To Eat In Berlin

7 Bucket List Foods To Eat In Berlin

With an exciting food scene and thousands of great places to eat, we wanted to put together the ultimate Berlin bucket list for foodies. The dishes that are so good you simply cannot visit the city and not eat them.

These are the foodies experiences that you and your friends will remember for years to come. The dishes that are worth forgetting about your healthy eating ambitions for the day and just letting loose.

Prepare to get very hungry indeed, because this is the ultimate Berlin bucket list for food lovers.

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1. Kebabs at Hisar

A world away from the countless, faceless kebab shops, Hisar at the S-Bahn station Yorckstraße serves up Turkish specialities with tradition and soul. Visitors have been biting into crispy flat bread to their heart’s delight since as long ago as 1986. And you know what? There’s a reason it’s so popular: it’s divine.

2. Vegan Food at Lucky Leek

Lucky Leek is an absolute shining star among Berlin’s great vegan scene, and it shows no sign of stopping. A seasonal menu has delights such as radish carpaccio, savoy ragout and grilled seitan escalopes. It’s the perfect spot for lunch or dinner.

3. Ice Cream at Vanille & Marille

Now with seven locations around the German capital, which is good news as you will never be too far from one of their shops.

Their ice creams look seriously amazing (perfect for Instagram) while the flavour is top class as well.

4. Pizza at ZOLA

This is proper Neapolitan style pizza served up in chilled surroundings. Especially enjoyable in the summer time when served outdoors in the sunshine. One of life’s great pleasures is tucking into those pillowy crusts.

5. Burgers at Burgeramt

Burgeramt has been going strong since they opened in 2008, with a focus on three key areas which are burgers, beers and beats. When you have a combination like that there really isn’t much more you need in life. It’s the simple joys, and you’ll find them all here.

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6. Cheesecake at Princess Cheesecake

The adorable Princess Cheesecake offers an eclectic array of cheesecakes — including vegan delights and experimental flavourings, like beetroot. 

Super healthy (ish!) and totally delicious.

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7. Steak at The Brooklyn

This is one for people who love the traditional American style steak house. Everything here is big, big, big, so don’t come without an appetite.

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