best bars in cyprus

7 Of The Best Bars In Cyprus

Cyprus has an incredible nightlife and is quickly becoming one of the Mediterranean’s party capitals. From Limassol to Nicosia, there is something for everyone. Pop into any of these bars for some of the best drinks on the island. Whether you’re after live music, unique cocktails, or just looking for a pint – Cyprus has it all. Here are the best bars in Cyprus.

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1. Lost + Found Drinkery – Nicosia

Just off the corner of Lord Byron, you’ll find one of Cyprus’ most popular bars – Lost + Found Drinkery. This watering hole is famous among tourists and locals of all ages for its quirky atmosphere, insane cocktail variety and diverse music selection. They make it easy to choose with a menu divided by taste so pick your poison and stay a while.

best bars in cyprus

2. Library Bar – Limassol

Limassol’s Library Bar is the place to be for cocktail fiends and brew heads. While they serve a great variety of beer, wine and cocktails, gin is what they do best. Kick your evening off with any one of their gin-based drinks to start the night right. We recommend getting there early as the place fills up fast.

best bars in cyprus

3. Old Market Street – Larnaca

This cocktail bar in Larnaca is every bit as charming as it sounds. Tucked away on an old side street with a warm and cosy interior, it feels like a hidden gem. The bartenders here are well versed in every drink imaginable so just tell them what you like and have them make you a surprise. Even better? Most nights, they have a DJ.

best bars in cyprus

4. Palaia Pineza – Nicosia

Tucked away in Nicosia’s Old Town, you’ll find cute and quirky Palaia Pineza. Among all the other loud and rambunctious bars in Old Town, Palaia Pineze feels like a neighbourhood joint. High calibre cocktails with a smile are what they do best. Because the atmosphere is so laidback, it’s a place you’ll likely come for one drink and stay till close.

best bars in cyprus

5. Frankie’s Social – Limassol

Stepping into Frankie’s Social in the heart of Limassol is like stepping back in time. This jazzy speakeasy sings a long of the Big Apple prohibition scene and has all the charm you’d expect. In addition to the great atmosphere, you’ll find delicious Mediterranean inspired cocktails and tasty bar fare.

Start with some snacks and Prosecco then have the bartender make you a recommended cocktail.

6. Notes and Spirits – Nicosia

Notes and Spirits crank atmosphere and cocktails up a notch with great music, unique cocktails and friendly knowledgable staff. Known for being home to the best bars for music in Nicosia, you’ll have plenty of entertainment while sipping on your expertly made cocktails.

We recommend starting off the ‘Oaxaca Old Fashioned’ for a unique twist on the whisky classic.

7. (in)theory – Limassol

Right in hip and trendy Saripolou, you’ll find equally hip and trendy (in)theory. Here you’ll find some of the best cocktails on the island made by Olympic level mixologists. Don’t leave without trying the world-famous Valeria made with vodka, jasmine, lime, orange bitters, sparkling water and dragon fruit puree.

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