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The 7 Best Bars For Vodka In Moscow

Vodka is practically a national treasure in Russia. You can wander into any vodka bar in Moscow and learn about the right kind of drinking etiquette and local culture associated with this fiery liquor. It’s about more than mere shots, of course, which you’ll learn pretty quickly.

And, you don’t want to visit Moscow and find yourself drinking the local libation the wrong way, do you? No, of course not. You want to indulge in some world-class vodka like a local Russian would. The best way to do that is to visit the best vodka bars in Moscow.

It’s there where they’ll serve it as it should be…likely with some beer and bread. However, you have to know where to look in order to find the very best ryumochnaya. And, that’s what we’re here for, with our list of the best bars for vodk in Moscow.

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1. Cafe Pushkin

It’s not a list of the best bars for vodka in Moscow without mentioning the exceptionally elegant Cafe Pushkin. We could go on for days describing just how iconic and intriguing every detail of the interior decor is. However, we’re here to talk about vodka, and Pushkin is certainly a great spot to indulge. Locals often stop by just to order, and they do so shot by shot. You’ll find them sipping cranberry juice with the local libation, but you can pair it with anything from their menu too.

Best Bars For Vodka In Moscow

2. Beluga Caviar

Like Cafe Pushkin, Beluga Caviar is a spot you simply can’t miss out on visiting when in Moscow, whether you’re drinking vodka or not. This elegant restaurant and bar overlook the city centre from the historic Hotel National. Charming historic interiors give way to a tasteful, modern menu filled with 70 different varieties of vodka to taste your way through. Pair it with some decadent caviar and you’ve got yourself one great afternoon filled with unique flavours.

Russian Vodka Bar

3. Strelka Bar

If you’re after something a little less classic and a little more hip and modern, head straight to Strelka Bar. It’s part of the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design. So, expect nothing less than uber-trendy vibes and lots of well-educated locals swapping stories and opinions. Vintage chandeliers light the space in which you can try vodka from all over the world. Sample a shot of Nordic vodka or stick with the Siberian labels, it doesn’t matter. Just settle in for an evening of fun.

Where to Drink Vodka in Russia

4. Shinok

While Shinok is more of a bar than a restaurant, you’ll find that the food pairings they offer as you sample the local liquor really make all the difference in terms of taste. The experience here is always unique, ensuring you can dive into Ukranian cuisine as you make your way through some of the absolute best vodkas in the city. Indulge in a bit of borscht and caviar and order whatever the waiters suggest you pair it with. On Fridays, they offer 40% off on spirits.

Best Bars For Vodka In Moscow

5. Petrovich

Interested in visiting a pretty unique cultural spot that celebrates the 1980s music culture? Club Petrovich is your go-to bar. After all, what’s more fun than sipping Russian vodka as you listen to all of the top 80s hits? Nostalgic might be a way to describe the atmosphere here, which somehow still manages to feel modern at the same time. They also serve an interesting variety of vodka. Horseradish vodka, anyone?

6. Bamboo Bar

If you prefer to have your vodka in the form of a tasty cocktail, check out Bamboo Bar. Here you can treat yourself to a truly elegant evening as the spot exudes luxury and opulence. And, while the decor might be super Instagrammable, you’ll likely be too busy with your drinks to fumble with your phone. They serve five different types of upscale Beluga vodka and some Onegin vodka, all of which are award-winning and truly superb.

7. Sahil

Experience a rich flurry of flavours at Sahil Restaurant as you treat your taste buds to an intriguing array of modern and old Soviet Russian dishes and ingredients. Sahil is consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants in Moscow. But, you’ll also find that the food pairs well with the over 30 different kinds of vodka they serve. Labels range from Finnish, Lithuanian, and Russian all the way to a great brand from Azerbaijan. For travellers interested in a full evening of food and fine drinks, this is the spot to go.

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