Best Rooftop Bars in Beirut

7 Of The Best Bars In Beirut

Beirut recently made our list of the 50 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve, in part due to the city’s rich nightlife and quality clubs. 

However, you don’t have to make it all the way out to a crowded club to enjoy the wilder side of this Lebanese city. In fact, some of the best bars in Beirut are the laid-back spots offering an inviting place for both foreigners and locals to enjoy a drink or two.

There’s no better way to explore Beirut than by heading to a bar and brushing shoulders with some locals. So, visit any one of the seven best bars in Beirut and allows yourself to open up to an enriching cultural experience (and, of course, lots of great drinks).

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1. Iris Beirut

Iris is billed as an open-air city retreat serving stunning ocean views and a pretty stellar patio on which to enjoy free-flowing cocktails and great sunsets. With plenty of space to spread out and enjoy, locals and tourists love heading here any time of day to relax and indulge in everything from bar eats to strong drinks. In search of the best sunset in Beirut? This is the spot for you.

Best Bars in Beirut

2. Anise

Moody, sultry lighting makes Anise one of the best bars in Beirut for travellers after a bit of a more intimate evening. Well-dressed bartenders whip up arak-based drinks that deliver a spicy punch to anybody who sips on them. Sample a few or move on to their stronger moonshine and settle into a spot for the evening. If you’re after a good time that feels a bit elegant and luxurious, this is the best bar in Beirut for you.

Beirut's Best Bars

3. February 30

Quirky, eclectic and awe-inspiring perfectly describe the decor at February 30, making it one of the best bars in Beirut for those after something a bit fantastical and unique. Offering guests the chance to sit on some of the most interesting bar stools in Beirut, you’ll find that there are numerous intriguing details hidden all over the bar for you to explore. And, that’s not even touching on just how tasty the drinks are.

Coolest Bars in Beirut
Image: Secrets of Beirut

4. Coop D’Etat

Looking for the best rooftop bar in Beirut? Head to Coop D’Etat on the rooftop of the Saifi Urban Gardens. Planked flooring and alternative DJ tunes create a pretty trendy, laid-back atmosphere where you can brush shoulders with locals and learn more about local Lebanese life. While afternoon views overlooking the neighbourhood of Gemmayzeh are pretty great here, we definitely suggest staying after dark; that’s when the party really gets started.

Best Rooftop Bars in Beirut

5. The Bohemian

The Mar Mikhael bar scene is a truly intriguing cultural delight to explore in Beirut as a foreigner. And, there are few better places to start your boozy journey than at The Bohemian. The vibes are, well, bohemian and a bit upscale without being too pretentious. The bartenders here really know their stuff, so we’d suggest starting with an alcohol base and just letting them work their magic. We promise you they’ll whip up something delicious and strong.

6. Kayan

Vintage spirits and a long mahogany bar give Kayan a bit of a retro feels. Really, it’s reminiscent of a bar you’d expect to see straight out of The Great Gatsby. What’s so great about this bar is that it’s a nice spot to relax pretty much any time of day. After lunch cocktails, pre-dinner drinks, or even a full evening filled with spirits can all be found here. They’ve even got a decent menu to graze through if you get hungry.

7. Captain’s Cabin

It’s hard to write a roundup of the best bars in Beirut without mentioning one of the best of the best. Captian’s Cabin is actually one of the oldest bars in the city. The dimly-lit bar features a wooden facade that’s been around for over 50 years. What used to be a port-side fish shop is now a hidden hideout for many Beirut locals. Head here if you’re looking to enjoy an evening filled with a rich history and local charm.

Image: Mohammad Azakir
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