The 7 Best Places For BBQ In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s hottest foodie destinations. Serving up everything from herring and fries to the ever-classic sweet stroopwafel, there’s something here for truly every taste. And, the same goes for the best BBQ in Amsterdam, too. It’s the best of the best.

With a few places in the Dutch city earning a spot on our list of the best spots for BBQ in Europe, you’ll find that Amsterdam is full of great places to dig into some tender brisket and super saucy ribs.

And, to make things easier on you, we’ve taken to scouring the city for the best of the best. These seven spots are smokin’ the finest meats and serving the best BBQ in Amsterdam.

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1. Pendergast

Known as a modern smokehouse serving both locals and travellers alike, Pendergast combines a few unique flavours to craft some of the best BBQ in Amsterdam. They’ve got roots in old-school Kansas-style barbecue but infuse lots of great Dutch flavours and ingredients. They even slow-smoke their meats over Dutch fruitwood. Definitely try the Black Angus brisket or the smokey seitan for the vegans.

Best Places For BBQ In Amsterdam

2. BAR-beque Castell

Castell has been a household name in Amsterdam for over 20 years, meaning that you can ask anyone and they’ll tell you that the spot serves some of the best BBQ in Amsterdam. Along with serving high-quality steaks, Castell offers a homely no-frills atmosphere, with all their focus on amazing food. And, it’s all cooked to perfection on a Josper charcoal grill.

3. Braai

If you’ve never been to South Africa or tried all of the wonderful, tantalising flavours of South African braai then you’re seriously missing out. The term means barbecue, essentially, and it’s an affair where you’d expect to enjoy everything from potato bakes and bread straight on through to mouthwatering smoked meats. Do yourself a favour and check out the meats at Braai in Amsterdam. They’re out of this world.

4. Rancho Leidsplein

Traditionally-grilled meats are the specialty at Rancho. And, when the meat tastes this good, you truly don’t need anything else but the full, rich flavours that come from smoking up some beef or pork on the grill and eating it fresh. Guests love how massive the portions here are, which is great if you’re especially hungry or if you simply can’t get enough of their tasty ribs.

5. Café Carbòn

Serving up some of Amsterdam’s best meat dishes, Café Carbòn is a hotspot for carnivores in the city. Order their full rack of ribs and then get a savoury sauce to pair them with. Choose from BBQ, garlic, cocktail, or chimichurri. We suggest getting the BBQ sauce and saving the chimichurri sauce for when you try the ribeye steak. It’s mouthwateringly delicious.

Best BBQ in Amsterdam

6. Marathonweg

Marathonweg is a trendy spot that’s equal parts cool bar and upscale grill. And, you’ll find that most of their food is cooked on the Green Egg grill, a ceramic charcoal cooker that adds a unique flavour, especially to their meats. While they’re not a BBQ restaurant perse, their Black Angus steak is the true personification of what you’d expect fantastic American BBQ to taste like at a true, authentic cookout.

7. Cannibale Royale

As the name suggests, this is a spot for the true carnivores. Here, it’s all about meat. But, do you really want it any other way? Pair any of their dishes with one of their creative cocktails, craft beers or tasty sides and you’ll find yourself drooling in between bites. Order the Plateau de Cannibale, which comes with homemade brisket, jalapeño and cheddar filled sausage, ribs, jerk-style chicken and sides.

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