The 7 Best Spots For BBQ In Johannesburg

Braai is Afrikaans for barbecue or roast, but one bite into a delicious plate of South African braai and you’ll understand that it’s more than mere BBQ. And, while you’ll find that this dish is pretty popular across the country, the best spots for BBQ in Johannesburg are truly some of the best in all of South Africa.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a mouthwatering plate of South African braai that’s been smoked according to tradition or you’re after the more classic American-style BBQ, we’ve got one hell of a list for you.

Head to any one of the seven best spots for BBQ in Johannesburg and let us know how deliciously mouth-watering your experience was.

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1. Turn ‘n Tender

Turn ‘n Tender is perhaps one of the most famous steakhouses in Johannesburg. Offering diners a superbly romantic atmosphere, an impressive wine list, and some of the best steaks in South Africa, this restaurant excels at one more thing as well: BBQ. Specifically, their beef spare ribs. And, they serve it all with their special Monkey Gland sauce, which is authentically South African.

Best BBQ in Johannesburg


Monster milkshakes, quality craft cocktails, and chic vibes are all things that CRAFT might be famous for. But, we’re here for the BBQ. They serve the most scrumptious, mouthwatering basket of sticky barbecue spare ribs. And, they serve them with unforgettable hand-cut potato wedges that are drizzled in aioli sauce. In other words, everything here is absolutely delicious and well worth a visit or two.

Best BBQ Ribs in Johannesburg South Africa

3. Rooftop BBQ

As the name suggests, Rooftop BBQ is located on prime rooftop property, serving up stunning views of Johannesburg and beyond. Head to this trendy bar and restaurant to enjoy live DJ sets as you chow down on some of the best BBQ in South Africa. Seafood BBQ is their specialty, but really anything they grill here tastes like a little slice of heaven.

Where to Eat BBQ in Johannesburg

4. CaleXico Rock Bar & Grill

Rock music and mouthwatering barbecue go together like, well, rock music and barbecue. At CaleXico, you can enjoy trendy music and superb ribs in an American-inspired vinyl lounge. Snag a spot out on their cosy patio, order a beer, and prepare to indulge in some of the best ribs you’ll find in South Africa.

5. RocoMamas

In the mood for sticky ribs? Head on over to RocoMamas. While this chain restaurant is well-known and well-loved by locals, it’s a pretty great stop on any foodie trail you’re following through Johannesburg. Order pork or beef ribs and enjoy devouring them as they’re smothered in either old-school barbecue or peri-peri sauce. As an added plus for weary travellers, this place also serves all-day breakfast.

6. The Local Grill

The Local Grill is a modern steakhouse in Johannesburg that specialises in grain-fed, free-range beef. And, yes, that full flavours extends to include their numerous BBQ dishes on the menu. The quality of the beef here lends itself to some superior tastes, especially when sampling their tasty honey soya-basted pork ribs and brisket roast.

7. Thunder Gun Steakhouse

Ask any local where to find some of the best BBQ and meat-based dishes in Johannesburg and they’ll list off the name Thunder Gun Steakhouse. They’re best known for mouth-watering steaks, ribs and burgers. Simply put, it’s a meat lover’s paradise. Start with a charcoal-grilled t-bone or sirloin and let the flavour overcome you.

Best BBQ in Johannesburg

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