Best BBQ In Portland Maine

The 7 Best Places For BBQ In Portland, Maine

Known for seafood and lobster rolls, you’ll find that Maine’s home to some great BBQ too. Even though it’s not a Southern state, they’re serving BBQ straight up to Southern standards. And, the best of the best is right in the heart of Portland.

Whether you’re craving ribs, brisket or even a massive plate of pulled pork, each and every spot on our list of the best places for BBQ in Portland, Maine will have it. Sample one or (as we suggest) sample them all. Prepare for a full-on feast, though.

Best BBQ In Portland, Maine

1. Noble Barbecue

Last year, Noble Barbecue made our list of the 50 Best Spots for BBQ in America. So, you know they’re serving some of the best BBQ in Portland. And, it all comes down to the quality of the meat they source and how they’re smokin’ it up. The twin brothers behind this restaurant excel at cooking and flavouring pretty much any kind of meat. And, you’ll see what we’re talking about if you ever try their smoked meatloaf cheeseburger or a plate of their beef brisket sandwich.

Best BBQ In Portland Maine

2. Salvage BBQ & Smokehouse

Ask anybody in Portland where to find some of the best BBQ and they’ll absolutely include Salvage BBQ in their list of the top spots. And, upon simpling smelling the aroma in the air at the restaurant, it’s pretty easy to see why. And, they offer more than just expertly-smoked meats and fall of the bone ribs. Their patio seating area is cosy as well, making it a great place for an early dinner on a warm spring or summer day.

Best BBQ In Portland Maine

3. Wilson County Barbecue

At Wilson County Barbecue, it’s all about pit-smoked whole hog barbecue. And, that means that they’ve got to have a solid team of experienced pitmasters on deck managing the heat to really lock in flavours. If you’ve never tried whole hog barbecue, now is the time. Prepare to enjoy every single bite of their pit-smoked whole hog pulled pork. It’s smothered in their special Grady’s passed-down sauce.

4. Terlingua

Terlingua bills itself as serving “boutique barbecue.” And, quite honestly, that’s somehow the perfect way to describe this local barbecue joint. They sell smoked ribs, chicken, pulled pork and some of the most tender brisket in the city. And, they’ve even got a set menu featuring tantalising dishes made out of their smoked meats.  Tongue and cheek tacos? It’s just as tasty as it is intriguing and well worth a try.

Best BBQ In Portland Maine

5. Moe’s Original BBQ

Sure, you can find a few locations of Moe’s Original BBQ all over the country. But, that doesn’t stop this one from being one of the best spots for great BBQ in Portland, Maine. Their Alabama-style BBQ features some of the richest flavours in the city. Get your fix of ribs, pulled pork, turkey, and smoked chicken that come with a variety of fresh dipping sauces. Paired with a tasty beer, you’re in store for a pretty delicious treat.

6. Elsmere BBQ & Wood Grill

You’ve gotta head to Elsmere BBQ early in order to ensure you’ll be able to get a taste of the deliciousness that they’re serving up. They’re experts at crafting unique flavours out of a mixture of smoked meats. Don’t believe us? Pull up a seat and order something they call a Tornado Sandwich. It features chopped brisket, pulled pork, sausage,
and Texas Red BBQ on a toasted pretzel roll.

7. Binga’s Stadium

And, finally, it’s no real list of the best BBQ in Portland, Maine without mentioning Binga’s Stadium. Even though the spot is more well-known for its world-class wings, they serve some great BBQ options here too. Whether you’re treating yourself to BBQ chicken nachos, a pulled pork sandwich or their freshly smoked wings, you’ll find yourself oohing and aahing over just how mouthwatering the flavours are.

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