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The 25 Best Spots For BBQ In South Africa

Braai is Afrikaans for barbecue or roast, but one bite into a delicious plate of South African braai and you’ll understand that it’s more than mere BBQ. However, while this national dish is quite popular and common all across the country, there are a variety of ways you can enjoy the best BBQ in South Africa.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a mouthwatering plate of South African braai that’s been smoked according to tradition or you’re after the more classic American-style BBQ, we’ve got you covered. Head to any one of the 25 best spots for BBQ in South Africa to enjoy a delightful culinary experience full of flavour.

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25th. Butcher Boys – Durban

Great steaks, great service, and truly great vibes personify Butcher Boys in Durban. Here, they serve only the best South African beef which they source from local farms and grill to perfection. The owners are true experts on meat, so you can rest assured that anything you order is going to be some of the best BBQ in South Africa.

Best BBQ in South Africa

24th. Cattle Baron – Cape Town

In search of the finest quality and cuts of meat in South Africa? You’ll find them at Cattle Baron, which has numerous locations all over Cape Town. They’ve got their own special barbecue sauce, which they drizzle all over their famous flame-grilled pork loin ribs. Everything is grilled to perfection and bursting with flavour that your mouth will be watering before the first bite.

Best BBQ in Cape Town

23rd. Pirates Steakhouse – Plumstead

Pirates was actually once voted as the Best Steakhouse in Western Cape, which means that it comes as no surprise that this trendy little hotspot serves some of the best BBQ in South Africa. Choose from an array of quality choices, including saucy, tender pork belly ribs. They’re served with garlic baby potatoes that are equally as delicious.

Best BBQ in Western Cape

22nd. Dixies – Glencairn

Dixies has long been a local favourite for quality South African barbecue. The restaurant is home to some of the most stunning seaside views in the city, and you’ll find a variety of succulent barbecue ribs available for chowing down on. They’re simple yet served to perfection each and every time you visit.

21st. Havana Grill – Durban

This world-class restaurant only uses prime South African grain-fed super beef. It’s aged for a minimum of 21 days before they throw it on the grill, creating some of the most mouthwatering beef you’ve ever tasted. Pair that with Cuban cigars, tasty cocktails, and sunset views, and this is without a doubt one of the best places for BBQ in South Africa.

20th. Galbi Restaurant – Cape Town

American-style barbecue and the famous Cape Town braais are great and all, but Galbi Restaurant is revolutionising BBQ in South Africa by serving a unique take on Korean BBQ. With roots in Korean tradition and mixes of both traditional and international flavours, the barbecue here is like nothing else you’ve tasted.

Where to Eat BBQ in South Africa

19th. RocoMamas – Durban

RocoMamas is pretty famous amongst locals for their world-class burgers and spicy wings, but their BBQ is just as tasty. Pork ribs are the showstopper here, which you can order in various different sizes. What makes them so tasty is the range of sauces. Choose from Peri-Peri, old-style barbecue or something spicier like Sweet Fire.

18th. CaleXico Rock Bar & Grill – Johannesburg

Rock music and mouthwatering barbecue go together like, well, rock music and barbecue. At CaleXico, you can enjoy trendy music and superb ribs in an American-inspired vinyl lounge. Snag a spot out on their cosy patio, order a beer, and prepare to indulge in some of the best ribs you’ll find in South Africa.

Best BBQ in Johannesburg South Africa

17th. Capital Craft Beer Academy – Pretoria

Few things pair better together than ice-cold South African craft beer and some of the best BBQ in the country. At Capital Craft Beer Academy, you can enjoy both in large quantities. Sample any one of their draught craft beers and then choose from southern-style slow-cooked pork or beef ribs. The combination is something so undeniably delicious that you’ll absolutely head back for seconds.

Best BBQ in Pretoria South Africa

16th. Hudson’s the Burger Joint – Germiston

The name might be a little deceiving, but you can rest assured that Hudson’s serves more than just top-quality burgers. They also serve sticky beef ribs that practically melt in your mouth. They grill them to perfection, smother them in delectable barbecue sauce, and then serve them with hot, fresh fries. It doesn’t get much better than this.

15th. The Butcher Man – Cape Town

The Butcher Man is a local favourite in Cape Town, and it’s easy to see why. They source their own meat and sell it at their own onsite butcher shop, so you know you are getting top quality. It’s melt in your mouth good. From braai and biltong to standard grill fare, if you’re craving any sort of quality meat, you’ll find it here.

Where is the Best BBQ in South Africa

14th. Brewers BBQ – Pretoria

Brewers BBQ is the quintessential place if you’re looking for true hometown barbecue vibes. The restaurant itself is super cosy, almost familiar. Staff is friendly and helpful, especially if you can’t decide what to order first. They run specials every day of the week, which range from pulled pork burgers to delicious chicken thighs.

13th. Rooftop BBQ – Johannesburg

As the name suggests, Rooftop BBQ is located on prime rooftop property, serving up stunning views of Johannesburg and beyond. Head to this trendy bar and restaurant to enjoy live DJ sets as you chow down on some of the best BBQ in South Africa. Seafood BBQ is their specialty, but really anything they grill here tastes like a little slice of heaven.

12th. Blacksmith’s Kitchen – Paarl

It’s near impossible to visit South Africa and not journey out to the incredible Winelands area in search of delicious local wines. And, local wines just so happen to pair perfectly with the country’s great barbecue, especially at Blacksmith’s Kitchen. From pork ribs that practically fall off the bone to their sweet and savoury barbecue sauce, you’ll have nothing to complain about here.

11th. Butcher Block – Durban

Head to Umhlanga’s most popular steakhouse to sample some of the best BBQ in South Africa. Whether you’re devouring pork spare ribs or their rib and lamp chop combo, you’ll find yourself on a delightful, delectable culinary journey full of flavour. The secret lies in their famous sweet and sticky barbecue glaze, which is, alone, worth a visit just to try.

10th. Hoghouse Brewing Co. – Cape Town

Nothing tastes better than a good braai washed down with a really cold South African beer. And, that’s exactly what you can expect at Houghouse Brewing Co. in Cape Town. Come for the incredible braai and other barbecue favourites and then stay for the quality craft beer. Meats here are smoked low and slow, so you might as well stay for a while.

Cape Town BBQ Spots

9th. CRAFT – Johannesburg

Monster milkshakes, quality craft cocktails, and chic vibes are all things that CRAFT might be famous for. But, we’re here for the BBQ. They serve the most scrumptious, mouthwatering basket of sticky barbecue spare ribs. And, they serve them with unforgettable hand-cut potato wedges that are drizzled in aioli sauce. In other words, everything here is absolutely delicious and well worth a visit or two.

8th. Big Easy – Durban

This upscale eatery has a lot to offer guests, but it’s the sizzling braai platter that’s truly tantalising. Take your taste buds on a journey and feast on a variety of superbly grilled meats that are dripping with flavour. Pair it with some of the finest wine, whisky, craft beer, and cigars in all of South Africa and you’ve got yourself the perfect evening of fine food and drink.

7th. Chippa’s Place – Mbekweni

Locals rate Chippa’s Place as one of the best Shisa Nyama spot to celebrate Heritage Day. However, their attention to detail and flavour is impeccable any other day of the year as well. One visit here will have you spoiling your taste buds with a variety of traditional Shisa Nyama flavours. Choose from an array of meat platters including mogodu, lamb, and pork. 

South Africa BBQ Spots Braai

6th. BBQ Workshop – Sandton

The smell of wood-fired barbecue wafts in and out of the modern, trendy space that is BBQ Workshop in Sandton. They’ve got everything from mini burgers and gyros to pork ribs and beef skewers. But, if you’re visiting, you have to try their mouthwatering BBQ. Pick a cut of meat and then choose to have it smothered in barbecue sauce, Peri-Peri or lemon and herb sauce.

5th. Sticky BBQ – Rondebosch

Ribs, burgers, wings, and shakes are the hottest items at Sticky BBQ, one of the best places for BBQ in all of South Africa. Flavours here are a bit reminiscent of the kind of American barbecue you’d find in the Southern United States, mixed with traditional South African grilling styles. The result is absolutely delicious. You’re going to need to order seconds.

4th. Mzoli’s Meat – Gugulethu

Mzoli’s is famous in South Africa as being home to one of the best braai spots in the country. The concept is fairly unique in that you buy your choice of meat from the on-site butchery. Then, you take it to the professional braaiers next door and they grill it up to perfection. The casual nature of the restaurant and the fact that you’re selecting your cut make it simply the best.

3rd. The Hussar Grill – Camps Bay

The Hussar Grill has been serving quality grilled meats and other tasty treats to hungry guests for over 50 years. So, it’s clear that they’re one of the best restaurants in South Africa in general. However, they especially excel at grilling high-end meats to perfection. Looking for a classy, elegant braai? This is the place for it.

2nd. Turn ‘n Tender – Johannesburg

Turn ‘n Tender is perhaps one of the most famous steakhouses in Johannesburg. Offering diners a superbly romantic atmosphere, an impressive wine list, and some of the best steaks in South Africa, this restaurant excels at one more thing as well: BBQ. Specifically, their beef spare ribs. And, they serve it all with their special Monkey Gland sauce, which is authentically South African.

1st. Max’s Lifestyle – Umlazi

If you’re headed to Durban then you can’t miss the chance to visit the No. 1 spot for BBQ in South Africa. Conde Nast once ranked Max’s Lifestyle as one of the top restaurants around the world, but it ranks top dog in terms of mouthwatering braai in South Africa. The vibes here are elegant and chic yet totally laidback. Simply put, it’s the perfect place to indulge in braai and other delectable grilled meats.

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