The 7 Best Places For BBQ In Vancouver

When it comes to bucket list foods in Vancouver, it’s hard to resist the allure of the city’s tasty BBQ. And, despite being home to some of the best burgers in the country, fantastic brunch spots and scrumptious steaks, the BBQ here truly competes for the top spot.

You’ll find American-style BBQ, new-age BBQ and Canadian spins on favourite classics at numerous of these spots. So, it doesn’t matter what you’re craving, they’ll serve it to you here hot, fresh and absolutely bursting with flavour.

Visiting Vancouver? Check out our picks for seven of the best spots for BBQ in the city. Pulled pork, fantastic smoked brisket and some super juicy, finger-licking good ribs await you here. You’re going to eat so well.

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1. Dixie’s BBQ

Craving authentic Texas BBQ? There’s no better place in Vancouver for you than Dixie’s BBQ. Instead of loading their meats up with pounds of sauces, they focus instead on smoking each dish to perfection. And, they smoke all of their meats on-site daily. Add on some of their savoury side dishes and it’s easy to see why so many people think this is some of the best BBQ in Vancouver. Prepare to be craving seconds.

Best BBQ In Vancouver

2. Whiskey Six

There’s a lot to love about Whiskey Six and a lot of it has to do with the fact that they’re one of the only BBQ spots in the country that focuses on locally sourcing organic products. So, they serve up authentic BBQ with true Canadian flavours. As a purveyor of brown liquor as well, you can expect to enjoy fantastic drinks to accompany your meal of some of the best BBQ in Vancouver. Cheers!

Where to Eat American BBQ In Vancouver

3. Memphis Blues

Laidback and casual, Memphis Blues is the kind of place you’d stop off after a full day of work to indulge in something filling and flavourful. There’s nothing gimmicky about the BBQ they whip up here. It’s just applewood-smoked, tender and delicious BBQ that’s so good you’ll want to eat with your hands. There’s a reason they’ve won so many awards. Sample a plate of their tender ribs and you’ll understand all the hype.

Best BBQ In Vancouver

4. Smoke and Bones BBQ

There’s nothing but rich, authentic flavours dripping from every dish at Smoke and Bones BBQ. The secret to their quality lies in the fact that they use huge smokers straight from the Deep South to smoke their meats low and slow. Not sure what to try? The pork shoulder is a great place to start. Succulent and slow-smoked it’s prepared and hand-pulled every day to perfection. Pair it with sides and you’re golden.

Best BBQ In Vancouver

5. The Yale Saloon

The Yale Saloon is equal parts country bar and BBQ joint. Ride in for a visit to one of their Buck Wild Wednesday nights. They’ve got line dancing, cheap shots and some of the best BBQ in Vancouver. They’ve got the largest in-house smoker in the city, meaning that they can produce massive amounts of slow-cooked meats at once. They rub them all in housemade sauces to give them a truly superior, unique flavour.

6. Re-Up BBQ

Wander a bit outside of the city centre and make your way over to New Westminster to check out Re-Up BBQ. It’s located inside of the River Market and they serve fantastic BBQ sandwiches and rib plates. Seriously, their pulled pork and beef brisket sandwiches are actually addictive. They seem to have perfected the art of cooking them to be perfectly brown yet still mouthwateringly tender and juicy.

7. Buckstop

Beer and cocktails are standard at Buckstop, a neighbourhood bar and kitchen. However, if you wander in here you’ll be so tempted by the smell of their world-class barbecue that you won’t be able to resist ordering a round or two of tasty ‘cue. They play with smoke and spice to craft some inventive dishes that feature a touch of traditional American tastes and lots of Canadian influences. It’s all irresistible.

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