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The 50 Best Brazilian Restaurants In Europe

Brazilian cuisine is a delicious melting pot of foodie influences from all over the world, including Africa, Japan and Portugal. From Churrascarias (barbecue restaurants) to traditional comfort food, these are the best Brazilian restaurants in Europe.

Brazilian culture has spread all over Europe, from London to Lisbon and these top restaurants are the perfect places to try some tasty bites. Whether you’re looking for the flavours of home or curious about Brazilian food, you need to try ’em.

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50th. Rio Juice – Bucharest, Romania

Okay, technically not a restaurant, but their acai bowls are so delicious we’ll let it slide. Rio Juice serves up fresh juices, smoothies and bowls made out of imported Brazilian fruits and locally grown produce.

Come for some single origin coffee and stay for their colourful and creative bowls.

49th. Kitrinos Skiouros – Athens, Greece

This cosy and authentic Brazilian restaurant is a local favourite and has been for over 24 years. When somewhere has stood the test of time for so long, you know it’s good. They use exotic fruits and aromatic spices in recipes that have a rich and flavour.

Must-order dishes include the Franco Pasarinio (traditional fried chicken bites, marinated with lime and garlic for two people).

48th. Rio Gostoso – Vienna, Austria

Rio Gostoso is on a mission to create the best tapiocas outside of Brazil, and we recko they’re doing pretty damn great. Brazilian tapioca crepes are pancake-like wraps that are a popular street food all over the country.

Here, they serve up fresh and tasty versions including a poke tapioca with avocado, and sweet tapioca wraps with Nutella and banana.

47th. Grill Brazil – Vilnius, Lithuania

Grill Brazil Restaurant serves up spit roast beef, pork, poultry, mutton and other steaks sliced directly on your plate just as it’s done in Brazil. They specialise in ‘Rodizio’, which means ‘rotation’ and is an all-you-can-eat way of dining.

Different grilled meats are brought to the tables every few minutes, and you can dig into fresh salads and sides at the buffet bar.

46th. BARRACA Rodizio Grill & Bar – Hoofddorp, Netherlands

BARRACA is one of the top Brazilian restaurants in Europe, so make sure you arrive hungry! Passadors with large skewers continuously wander around the restaurant, who will slice off a piece of juicy meat at your table.

There’s also a huge spread of delicious cheese, assorted sliced meat and bread with various dips. On the warm part of the buffet you will find various traditional Brazilian dishes, such as a fish stew and bean stew.

45th. Rodizio do Brasil – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Rodizio do Brasil is a Brazilian rodízio-style (all-you-can-eat) restaurant where various meat dishes are served to customers until they have signalled that they have had enough or that they would like to rest!

The food here is made by a Brazilian chef, so it’s seriously authentic. Dig in and wash it all down with some traditional Brazilian cocktails such as Capirinha, Brazilian beer, or Brazilian wine.

44th. Brasa Churrascaria – Ta’ Xbiex, Malta

Meat will be sliced straight to your plate at this proper Brazilian joint, and it won’t stop till your table turns its card over to display the red side! Prepare to feast on nine different types of tender meats: Brazilian beef rump steak, lamb with rosemary, chicken hearts and more.

The side dishes, salads and stews here are just as tasty and the perfect accompaniment.

43rd. Café do Brasil – Berlin, Germany

The relaxed atmosphere here and wide range of food and drink makes Café do Brasil a proper Brazilian dining experience. It’s in the heart of Kreuzberg and has a tempting menu of regional dishes. Choose from Feijoada, Brazil’s national dish (stew of black beans, hearty pork and sausage) or grilled meats and stews. 

Insider tip: stop by on Thursdays for delicious Capirinha cocktails for just €3.50!

42nd. Barbacoa Milano – Milan, Italy

This is a meat-lover’s paradise! An elegant restaurant in the city, Barbacoa serves up fifteen meat options, all barbecued in churrasceria style over a traditional Brazilian rodizio. The buffet here is full of fresh salads and side dishes, such as grilled aubergine and olives.

No wonder that this is featured in the Michelin Guide for 2020.

41st. Brasa Churrascaria – Gothenburg, Sweden

As well as an incredible all-you-can-eat meat feast, this great Brazilian restaurant has plenty of other dishes to try. There’s gooey, grilled cheese or prawns a lá plancha to start, with hearty mains to follow.

Think: traditional Moqueca fish stew with cod, prawns and blue mussels in a coconut creamy sauce. Delicious.

40th. Restaurante Manga Rosa – Barcelona, Spain

One of the most authentic Brazilian restaurants in Europe is this charming spot in Barcelona. Manga Rosa serves up all the tastiest dishes you can think of from yuca fries to juicy homemade sausages.

A fantastic cocktail menu and lively atmosphere makes it perfect for a dinner out with family or friends.

39th. Cafuchico – Frankfurt, Germany

The name of this colourful cafe comes from ‘fuchio’ a traditional Brazilian craft; centuries ago it was custom to sew to fuchico and gossip about this and that. This vibrant cafe has all sorts of good things to eat. There’s acai bowls for breakfast and savoury dishes for lunch and dinner.

Bite into tapas such as Coxinha (chicken thighs), Quibe (beef cereal with mint and coriander) or Bolinho de Bacalhau (salt cod croquettes served with lime and chilli sauce).

38th. Made in Brazil – London, England

This colourful Camden restaurant is the perfect place to spice up your evening! The beach shack style Brazilian restaurant and cocktail bar is a real home away from home for many Brazilians living in London.

Pig out with Brazilian classics such as Feijoada (slow cooked black bean and pork meat stew), Picanha na chapa- famous cut of rump steak, or coconut and seafood stew.

37th. Coxinharia – Dublin, Ireland

This cute Brazilian cafe in Dublin has all sorts of tasty snacks, to either enjoy sitting in or get to takeaway. There’s freshly made Brazilian pastries, stuffed with ham, cheese, onions and peas or delicious coxinha, chicken croquettes.

The vibe is casual and laid back, and staff are friendly. It’s a must-visit in North Dublin.

36th. Churrascaria Pousada Kumaki – Gdansk, Poland

This beautiful restaurant is a great place to experience the real flavours of Brazil. You can sit out on the pretty sunny patio in summer and get cosy by the fire in colder months. As for the food? They use local ingredients from their own farm and grill meats to perfection.

When it comes to the best Brazilian restaurants in Europe, this is a must-try.

35th. Restaurante Prazeres da Picanha – Lisbon, Portugal

With such a rich history with Brazil, it makes sense that you’ll find incredible Brazilian food in Portugal. This great spot in Lisbon serves up some of the most mouthwatering meats and sides in the city.

There’s juicy rump steak, boar, spare ribs, chicken with cheese, sausages and much more. You’ll want to order one of everything.

34th. Vila Brasil – Madrid, Spain

Vila Brasil is a churrascaria that’s all about Brazilian Rodizio. Feast on different cuts of the best grilled meat (veal, lamb, chicken and pork), served and filleted directly on your table. Their secret touch? A side of roasted pineapple with cinnamon for the juicy meats.

There’s also fresh sides to add on to your plate and amazing cocktails.

33rd. Gabriela – Paris, France

Gabriela is a charming restaurant in Paris where you’ll find all sorts of authentic and droolworthy dishes from Brazil. The owners and staff are a real highlight here, and will recommend the best things to eat and drink.

Whether you’re new to Brazilian food or it’s your favourite, the menu of regional recipes will delight you.

32nd. Bem Bom – Quarteira, Portugal

Bem Bom is a Brazilian steakhouse where meat-lovers will find special cuts such as  picanha, mignon and sirloin steak, but there’s plenty of other non-meats on the menu, too. From chargrilled prawns to fresh salads and breads, you’re sure to find something tasty.

No wonder it’s such a local hotspot.

31st. Boteco – Kristiansund, Norway

Boteco is a cosy restaurant that’s just like botecos in Brazil – full of atmosphere, not too fancy and full of incredible food. The menu perfectly combines Brazilian flavours with Norwegian ingredients.

Our top picks of what to order? The spicy lamb stew, served with bread and mashed potatoes is delicious, as is the Brazilian cheese bread snack.

30th. Samba Kitchen Churrascaria – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Samba Kitchen brings a small piece of Brazil to Amsterdam. Order the meat skewers of tender ribeye, sirloin steak and crispy chicken in bacon. The meat is cut at the table for you, so that dinner becomes a true experience!

Tropical cocktails and regular live music makes Samba Kitchen one of our favourites.

29th. Pau Brazil – Reading, England

Who would guess you could find one of the best Brazilian restaurants in Europe in Reading? Pau Brazil might be small, but they serve up seriously mighty food. There’s creamy cod fish soup, tender chicken rice dishes and proper Brazilian sausages.

Be sure to save some room for the homebaked desserts, which include cornflour and coconut cake or pineapple cake.

28th. Brazi’s Sandwich Shop – Bruges, Belgium

Brazi’s is a cute ‘n’ cosy sandwich shop with Brazilian baked goods, fresh soup, crêpes on a stick, sandwiches, Brazilian hot dogs and snacks, desserts and more. Basically, it’s a one-stop spot for tasty bite to eat for lunch or snacks.

Staff are lovely and the coffee is fantastic. Eat your snack at the counter with a window view of the busy street outside.

27th. Cabana – London, England

Cabana brings Brazilian street food to the UK, with several locations in London. Designed for sharing, the menu here offers a range of flavour-packed snacks and larger dishes. Tuck into cheesy dough balls with garlic butter, salt cod fritters with lime mayo, or chargrilled halloumi with guava dip.

Finish it off with churros with hot chocolate or doughnuts stuffed with Nutella!

26th. Ravintola Brasileira – Helsinki, Finland

Ravintola Brasileira is a superb Brazilian lunch restaurant in the Kalasatama area. Their hearty lunch buffet consists of a wide range of salads and Brazilian and international dishes. The menu changes daily, with a rotating range of four or five main dishes to try.

Expect BBQ pork, fresh meat pastries, fish stew and plenty of vegetarian choices.

25th. Rio D.O.C.- Barcelona, Spain

This is the perfect place to dive into Brazilian cuisine. Rio D.O.C. serves typical dishes and tapas of Brazilian cuisine, such as cheese bread, tapiocas, coxiñas, açai and much more.

Apart from their tapas and main dishes, every Saturday and Sunday they make a traditional feijoada stew, the most famous dish in Brazil. It’s not to be missed.

24th. Viva Brazil – Liverpool, England

At Viva Brazil, a troop of passadors (meat carvers) move from table to table, offering over fourteen select cuts of Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Sausages, all slowly roasted over a charcoal barbeque and expertly carved at the table.

You decide the pace of your meal with coloured discs which are provided for each diner. They won’t stop serving you meats until you tell them to!

23rd. Galpão – London, England

To truly experience homemade traditional Brazilian cuisine, this cosy neighbourhood spot is perfect. There’s a delicious selection of ‘tapas’ style snacks, prime grilled meats and tasty stews, salt-cod fishcakes and cassava fries. The meaty, flavoursome dumplings are just one of the many must-order dishes.

22nd. Acarajé da Carol – Lisbon, Portugal

Despite the name, this place serves up a lot more than acarajé (an African-Brazilian deep-fried dough made with beans and onions). This Brazilian restaurant in the heart of Bairro Alto has all sorts of authentic things to eat. Brazilian bean stews, fish stews and delicious homemade cakes.

Image: @eatcheaplisbon/Instagram

21st. Rodizio Brazilian Grill – The Hague, Netherlands

Your mouth will be watering as soon as you step foot in here, with the smells of grilled meats filling the air. Come hungry to dive into the buffet of Brazilian sushi, a selection of marinated and grilled vegetables, special cheeses and a variety of other warm specialities.

Be sure to try their homemade Brazilian cheesebread (Pão de Queijo)!

Brazilian restaurants Europe

20th. Browar De Brasil – Warsaw, Poland

Browar de Brasil is a taphouse and brewery that also serves up delicious Polish-Brazilian dishes. Thick, juicy chunks of meat are grilled to perfection, with flavoursome pork stews and soups also on the menu. The food menu changes every month, so there’s always something new to try. Plus, there’s great beers to wash it down with!

Brazilian restaurants Europe

19th. Boteco Da Silvania – Stockholm, Sweden

This lovely family restaurant serves the best Brazilian tapas there is in Sweden, with plenty of choice on the menu. Every dish is homemade with fresh and local ingredients, with a buffet of salads and meats as well as classic hot and cold dishes. You’ll agree after one bite that Boteco da Silvania is one of the best Brazilian restaurants in Europe.

Brazilian restaurants Europe
Image: @stockholmfood/Instagram

18th. Fusion Brazilian Grill – Dublin, Ireland

If you’re looking for real Brazilian fare in Dublin, Fusion Brazilian Grill is a foolproof choice. It  brings the exotic flavours of Brazil to Dublin’s city centre with a buffet piled high with grilled chicken and steaks, all cooked on a smokey fire grill.

The food here tastes just like it does in Brazil – absolutely delicious.

Brazilian restaurants Europe

17th. Picanha Plaza – Luxembourg

Picanha Plaza’s food is out of this world, with an amazing feast of juicy, grilled meats and all types of side dishes. The ingredients are beautifully fresh and the cooking in here is pure skill. Go for plates to share or fill up on the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Whatever you choose, you’ll leave super satisfied.

Brazilian restaurants Europe

16th. Scharfreiteralm – Munich, Germany

For an extensive menu of Brazilian food, this local spot is a go-to. Dishes include black beans, meaty stews, Pão de Queijo, cassava fries and sweet desserts. Take a seat in the beer garden under chestnut trees to help yourself to the weekend buffet of six different types of meats. The German beers are the perfect drink to wash it down.

Brazilian restaurants Europe

15th. La Cantina Brasil – Brussels

For a trip to Brazil without ever leaving Brussels, La Cantina is the perfect place. The festively decorated restaurant has a slightly different concept to their buffet. Serve yourself from the typical Brazilian dishes and you pay according to the weight of your plate. So, you can eat as little or as much as you like.

Brazilian restaurants Europe

14th. Boteco Dona Beija – Lisbon, Portugal

This authentic restaurant is a little bit of Brazil in Lisbon, from north to south, all served up in good music, traditional Brazilian food and ridiculously cold beer. Named after a popular Brazilian TV series, this cosy spot is a local favourite for feijoada and brigadeiro dessert. 

Brazilian restaurants Europe

13th. Brasilia – Bergen, Norway

At Brasilia you’ll get authentic churrasco, the Brazilian way, which is the best way. You’ll sit down to a variety of 12 different kinds of meat and amazing side dishes of rice, beans and salads. There’s BBQ spare ribs, tender pork loin and delicate steak seasoned with garlic butter. It’s a foodies dream.

Brazilian restaurants Europe

12th. Ranchero Steakhouse by Bodega – Sofia, Bulgaria

You might not expect to find an authentic Brazilian steakhouse in Sofia, yet here it is. Ranchero Steakhouse by Bodega has a droolworthy menu of grilled meats dripping with juices, seasoned vegetables and homemade chorizo and Brazilian sausages. For dessert you’re just as spoiled with cakes of crispy walnuts and sweet caramel.

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11th. Le Pain de Sucre – Lyon, France

For an authentic culinary journey to Brazil,  Le Pain de Sucre has been to must-eat spot in Lyon for over a decade. As well as chargrilled meats and freshly baked cheese bread, there’s light dishes such as octopus salad, with red onions, potatoes, green olives, fleur de sel, olive oil and fresh parsley.

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10th. Rio Grande – Florence, Italy

One of the best Brazilian restaurants in Europe without a doubt, Rio Grande is an essential place to eat in Florence. Fill your belly with more than 10 types of traditional and delicious grilled meats and chicken croquettes, fresh pastries stuffed with meat and cheese and of course, wonderfully boozy cocktails.

Brazilian restaurants Europe

9th. Brasileiro U Zelené žáby – Prague, Czech Republic

Jump straight to Copacabana Beach at this authentic restaurant in Prague’s Old Town. There’s a tasty menu of charcoal grilled beef, Rio de Janeiro-inspired starters, sushi and salads. The meats are a real highlight; it’s grilled on an open fire in a traditional South American way to retain its juiciness and smokey flavour.

Brazilian restaurants Europe

8th. Pampas Rodizio – Brussels, Belgium

Pampas Rodizio combines the best of South American cuisine with European tastes. Different kinds of meat are gently grilled above a charcoal fire so that they cook slowly and retain all their juices, with smaller plates to share. Not feeling like a meat feast? There’s marjoram butterfish and salmon, as well as plump scampi.

Brazilian restaurants Europe

7th. O Tempo – Copenhagen, Denmark

The recipes here are good enough to make any Brazilian grandmother proud, with dishes from all regions, north to south. O Tempo has our favourite things to eat – fried fish, salmon and tiger shrimp fried in olive oil and okra with nuts. Finish off the meal with sweet treats such as a traditional creme brûlée.

Brazilian restaurants Europe

6th. Uma Nota – Paris, France

With two levels and with a lively bar, Uma Nota Paris, will remind you of the salsa clubs of Rio de Janeiro, but with amazing food. It’s a unique mix of Japanese and Brazilian bites. Uma Nota’s signature dishes are the ceviche amarillo prepared with snapper, prawns, marinated squid with leche tiger, aji amarillo and coriander, and their coxinhas.

Brazilian restaurants Europe

5th. Café Mineiro – Dublin, Ireland

Dublin has a vibrant and passionate Brazilian community, and those in the know flock to Cafe Mineiro for the most authentic fare in the city. Their homemade pastels filled with meat, cheese and chicken are the real deal, as is the feijoada stew. Want something sweet? Take your pick from  pudding, açaí, and brigadeiro.

Brazilian restaurants Europe

4th. Brasileirinho – Szczecin, Poland

This amazing restaurant specialises in Moqueca, a traditional dish from the state of Bahia. It’s a tasty combination of seafood, coconut milk and palm oil, served in “Moquequeira” (a special clay dish). There’s also plenty of meat – it wouldn’t be a Brazilian restaurant without it! Think: slow-cooked pork chops and rib eye steaks.

Brazilian restaurants Europe

3rd. Fazenda – Edinburgh, Scotland

Fill yourself up from the buffet with cured meats, continental cheeses, salads, fresh vegetables, sushi and traditional and authentic Brazilian dishes such as Feijoada, as well as churrascaria-style barbecue meats. Highlights include gammon with the sweetness of pineapple and spicy chorizo.

Brazilian restaurants Europe

2nd. Comida de Santo – Lisbon, Portugal 

Comida de Santo is a local’s favourite for authentic Bahian food, and has been a popular spot in Príncipe Real since 1981. When somewhere has been going strong for this long, you know it’s the real deal. There’s crab cakes, vatapá, muqueca, feijoada, picanha and all the other delicious dishes.

Brazilian restaurants Europe

1st. Kaipiras by Barraco – London, England

As for our top pick among the best Brazilian restaurants in Europe? Kaipiras is a homey, neighbourhood jewel that feels like a proper local joint. Tucked away in Kilburn, you can expect a hearty feast of Brazilian sausages with sizzling onions, salted beef with yams and juicy meat skewers.

If you only go to one place for Brazilian food, make this it.

Brazilian restaurants Europe

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