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The 25 Best Burgers In Greece

When travelling to Greece you’re likely allured by the tantalising flavours of the country’s rich food. From gyros and tasty dips to moussaka and some of Europe’s freshest fish dishes, Greek cuisine ticks off all of the foodie boxes.

But, sometimes when you’re travelling, you don’t have time to sit down and enjoy a luxurious meal full of local flavour and tradition. Sometimes, all you’re after is something quick and tasty. You know, like a big juicy burger.

And, the best burgers in Greece sure to impress. You’ll find that there’s something for everybody on this list. From thick and juicy to gourmet and piled high with toppings, the best burgers in Greece will leave you drooling long after the last bite.

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1. Juicy Grill – Athens

From the homemade sauces to the high-quality meat, devouring a burger at Juicy Grill in Athens is always a treat from start to finish. It’s why it’s the No. 1 spot for a burger in the entire city as rated by locals and travellers alike. They’ve got so many different options, too, that even the pickiest of eaters will find something they like here.

2. Rustic Grill – Mykonos

Not only is this rustic spot super trendy, but you’ll find that the cool island restaurant also serves up some of the best burgers in Greece. They know a thing or two about grilling up meat as they offer high-quality steaks as well. However, you’re going to want to head straight for their burgers. The meat is about as high-quality as it gets.

Best Burgers in Greece

3. Burger 29 – Athens

Burger 29 bills itself as the birthplace of the “super burger.” And, after just one look at this thick beauty of a beast, you’ll understand why. It all starts with their buns, actually, which are homemade and incredibly rich in flavour. Then, they load it up with a unique hand-pattied burger and slather on toppings and cheese. The result? Mind-blowing.

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4. Pax Homemade Burgers – Thessaloniki

After a huge burger the size of your head? Pax Homemade Burgers serves some of the best burgers in Greece for those craving a meaty treat. Try what they call the New York Double Burger or the Goat Cheese & Truffle. They’re both absolutely massive and feature ingredients and toppings that take your tastebuds on a flavourful journey.

Image: @nomnom_whats_good/Instagram

5. Bar Bee Kiou – Athens

The burger at Bar Bee Kiou once won first place at the Athens Burger Festival. So, you know it’s out of this world good. They’re massive and mouthwatering, which you’ll see if you browse around Instagram to check out photos of their jaw-dropping sizes. Super hungry? Try the Hogan burger for the most filling burger you’ll ever eat in your life.

Bar Bee Kiou Burger in Athens

6. Just Burgers – Gylfada

What’s so special about the burgers at this Gylfada eatery is the fact that they’ve got so many unique options to choose from. They’re so fantastically flavourful that you’re going to want to head back for more than one or two visits. Definitely check out their Burger of the Month which is always something creative they’ve dreamed up.

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7. D’s Burgers – Santorini

From tasty pork burgers to deliciously thick beef burgers, D’s Burgers serves up some of the spiciest and juiciest burgers in all of Santorini. Not a fan of spicy? Sure, they’ve got options for you, too. But, it’d be a shame to miss out on their delectably spicy Juicy Lucy. In the mood for pork? Order D’s Gyro Burger, which features a slice of Greek flavours.

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8. Berliner – Athens

Berliner is hip and trendy yet super down to earth. At this Athens burger joint, you can count on enjoying unique takes on all of the tasty classics. They’ll pile up your plate with a mountain of fries, too. Get their Oh God burger or their Forever Fat burger for a delicious treat that’ll fill you up without leaving you feeling too guilty. It’s all simply divine.

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9. Tarantino Sandwiches & Fries -Thessaloniki

Ask any local where to get the best burgers in Thessaloniki and they’ll likely tell you to head straight for Tarantino. As the name suggests, burgers here are nearly action-packed in terms of flavours. After one bite you’ll feel as if there’s a Tarantino action scene playing out inside of your mouth. And, they even offer pulled pork and brisket.

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10. FalafeLAND – Santorni

FalafeLAND is a popular restaurant that specialises in vegetarian dishes like the Greek specialty falafel. And, when in Greece, it’s hard not to resist the pull to order such a unique dish as a falafel burger. It’s local yet modern and just as filling as a regular beef burger. They serve it with some delicious homemade mayonnaise that’ll blow your mind.

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11. The Big Kahuna – Athens

As you might guess, this Athens burger spot features a Hawaiian theme, meaning that you can order strong, tasty cocktails at the fun on-site tiki bar. It’s the perfect way to start off your meal, whether you’re treating yourself to beef, pork or chicken. For the adventurous eater, get The Predator burger, which has a crocodile meat patty.

Big Kahuna burger

12. BurgerHood – Zakinthos

One look at the impressively thick burgers here and it’s easy to see why so many people think they serve up some of the best burgers in Greece. These street food style burgers are some of the biggest you’ll find in the city. And, when you tack on all of the tantalising sauces and incredible toppings you’ll find that it’s a drool-worthy meal.

Burgers In Greece

13. Brothers in Law – Thessaloniki

You’ll find that Brothers in Law serves up burgers featuring intense influences from the New York foodie scene. They craft their patties handmade from 100% fresh beef and mould them daily in a preparation room, ensuring freshness. The same goes for their handmade buns and sauces. It’s all just so fresh and homemade.

Burgers In Greece

14. Avocado – Athens

We couldn’t make a list of the best burgers in Greece without mentioning one of the best spots for a veggie burger. Veggies, rejoice! Avocado is the best spot in the country for a good plant-based burger. And yes, you can definitely have some avocados in your burgers here! If you’re here for veggie burger, get their signature Avocado’s Burger.

Burgers In Greece

15. El Burro Mykonos Cafe – Mykonos

Not only is El Burro a great spot for a massive, scrumptious burger, but it’s also just a trendy place to spend the afternoon or evening in Mykonos. It’s equal parts bar, restaurant and cafe which means that you can stop by for some coffee, a cocktail and then a burger the size of your head. The fries are definitely not to be missed as well.

Burgers In Greece

16. The Burger Joint- Athens

The Burger Joint is a place where Athenians come with friends and family to enjoy a tasty meal and great vibes. This family-friendly burger joint is home to a lengthy menu of burger options that are seemingly endless. For partygoers, a stopover at The Burger Joint is pretty much essential, as you can order The Hangover Burger. It’s got all the fixings you need to get you back up and running.

Burgers In Greece

17. Fino – Santorini

Located in one of the most charming, breathtaking parts of Santorini, Oia, Fino is the kind of place you go to enjoy both the food and the atmosphere. They’re well known for the tremendous quality of their food, especially their burgers. Order the Black Angus Burger, which comes with a toasted, thick bun that helps to balance out the meat.

Burgers In Greece
Image: @onemoredish/Instagram

18. Bara Piato – Santorini

From the superb service straight on through to the brunch and burgers, there’s nothing that guests don’t love about dining at Bara Piato. This Santorini hotspot is the perfect place for a stop-off after a long day lounging at the beach. Order the grilled feta cheese as a starter then settle in as you devour one of the best burgers in Greece.

Burgers In Greece

19. Black Bull Burger House – Mykonos

Mykonos is teeming with some of Greece’s best restaurants. But, when you’re craving a burger there’s truly no better spot than Black Bull Burger House. Let the charming facade guide you into the restaurant where you can build your own burger with all of the toppings you desire. Black Angus, chicken or veggie, they’ve got it all!

Burgers In Greece

20. Bites & Pints – Chalandri

With a name like Bites & Pints, it’s hard not to feel pulled towards such a spot, right? This cosy restaurant in Chalandri is the best place for travellers looking for something strong and flavourful. Order a whiskey-based drink and pair it with one of their massive burgers. Or, wash your meaty meal down with an IPA. Either way, your tastebuds will be impressed.

Burgers In Greece

21. Kitchen Bar – Thessaloniki

This Thessaloniki restaurant is the kind of place you’d go if you’re after a fun, classy evening full of elegant vibes and some of the city’s finest food. Upscale yet charming, Kitchen Bar specialises in offering its guests a relaxed environment in which to enjoy a classy drink or two as they devour their thick, gourmet burgers. Bacon-topped is the way to go here for sure.

Burgers In Greece

22. Simply Burgers – Vrillissia

It’s all in the name, isn’t it? Simply Burgers serves up simple burgers that are loaded with flavour. The hand-pattied beef is where it all begins. Each patty is unique, ensuring each burger tastes extremely fresh, regardless of what you order. They often showcase special burgers, such as the Soho. It comes with a crispy chicken fillet, black truffle sauce, mushrooms, caramelised onions, grated parmesan and Emmental cheese.

Burgers In Greece

23. Anchor Food Bar – Vourvourou

Anchor Food Bar is another spot you’d head if you’re after more than just a local burger joint. The upscale bistro is the perfect spot for date night or simply to treat yourself to a tasty homemade burger after a long day of travelling. Our suggestion? Stop by in the morning, too, as their pancakes are absolutely irresistible. Then, for the afternoon, you’ll be ready to indulge in their drool-worthy burger.

Burgers In Greece

24. Boston Burger Bar – Rhodes

Yep, you’re going to have to travel to Rhodes in order to find your way to some of the best burgers in Greece. This trendy burger spot is heavily-rooted in American burger culture while also throwing in some local flair and flavour. Special burgers here are just that, truly special. Order the Heisenberg or the Blue Cheese Brothers. They’ll leave you drooling.

Burgers In Greece

25. SIN Burger Bar – Palaio Faliro

More than a mere burger bar, this upscale bistro offers what are easily some of the most creative burgers in the country. Take their Parma Burger, for example, which comes with bacon marmalade, black truffle mayo and a parmesan-covered bun. Paired with their cheddar cheese and sloppy joe meat sauce-topped fries, it’s a true treat.

Burgers In Greece

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