The 7 Best Burgers In Hanoi

The 7 Best Burgers In Hanoi

Look, we love pho and bun cha as much as the next person, but sometimes the only thing you want to eat is a juicy burger, right? We’ve got the best burgers in Hanoi.

Let’s be honest – burgers are one of the tastiest foods that just never lets you down. Well, good burgers never let you down. And you should never settle for a mediocre burger.

So, we’ve selected all the best to eat right here: from the huge stuffed burgers with lots of toppings down to a classic cheeseburger…

Best burgers in HanoiHow do these rankings work?

1. Bun Cha Burger

The two greatest dishes combined! Their signature Bun Cha Burger is a fusion of east and west, with a burger patty wedged between layers of Vietnamese tastes and textures bound by two buns and then dressed with Hanoi’s famous bun cha sauce.

The result? Just the right amount of crunchy and spicy, just the right amount of sweetness, just the right amount of Vietnam, and just the right amount of America.

Bun Cha Burger in Hanoi

2. Sunkat’s

Often touted as one of the best burgers in Hanoi, Sunkat’s is ideal for when you want to get super creative with your burger. Here, you customise everything yourself – from bun to sauce.

Choose from chicken, juicy beef or vegan patties and throw on whatever toppings take your fancy – we love the crispy onions (Vietnamese-style), blue cheese or kimchi. The rosemary fries are the perfect side.

Burgers Hanoi

3. Chops

With three restaurants across Hanoi, Chops is a super handy choice for when you’re craving a burger feast. All Chops’ burgers patties are minced fresh every day, using only the finest imported cuts of Aussie Wagyu, shoulder and blade beef.

Order the Rolls Royce: Truffle bacon deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese, beef patty, truffle mayo, shredded lettuce & onions.

Chops Hamburger

4. Burger & Buns

Make your way to Tay Ho for these droolworthy burgers made with 100% fresh ground beef, locally sourced and of the highest quality.

The toppings are pretty out there, in the tastiest way possible. Think: oozing Raclette-style cheese or spicy curry sauce. The buns are soft and squishy and sandwich all the flavours together perfectly.

Burger & Buns in Hanoi

5. Home38

Home38 in Tay Ho is a cute ‘n’ charming little cafe that serves up home-cooked food at decent prices – burgers start from just 90K. The burgers are made with juicy and tender Aussie beef, with a full burger menu to choose from.

Will you go for the classic cheddar and bacon or a spicy Mexican creation topped with nacho chips, salsa, guacamole and cheese? Chunky wedges finish it off.

Home38 Burger

6. Moose & Roo Smokehouse

This irresistible place is Hanoi’s first and only genuine American style smokehouse restaurant. So, it makes sense that it’s also where you’ll find one of the best burgers in Hanoi.  As well as smokey meat platters, you can chow down on a burger here that’s piled high with flavourful beef.

Moose & Roo Smokehouse Hamburger

7. Shebeen

Not only is this buzzing sports bar a great place to spend the evening, the food here really hits the spot when you’re craving some Western grub. Burgers are absolutely huge and come with chunky wedges on the side.

Add some melted cheese, crispy bacon and a fried egg for the ultimate treat.

Shebeen Burger

Sarah Clayton-Lea
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