Large Gourmet Burgers in Alicante Spain

The 7 Best Burgers In Alicante

Spain’s home to some of the best churros in the world. But, Alicante’s position on the Costa Blanca means that the city’s a little bit more focused on another type of food to tantalise tourists and keep them full for their beach-filled days. That’s right, we’re talking about burgers.

Sure, you could get paella, but when you’re in this Spanish coastal city, it’d nearly be a crime to pass up on the chance to taste the best burgers in Alicante.

We’ve reviewed the best burgers in Spain, but now it’s time to explore what the country’s coastal towns have to offer hungry travellers. Here are our picks for the seven best burgers in Alicante.

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1. La Folie

At La Folie, you can enjoy burgers and cocktails as you wait to get a new tattoo. Seriously, their slogan here is “Burgers, Cocktails, Tattoos.” Part uber-trendy restaurant and part tattoo studio, La Folie serves up the best burgers in Alicante in one of the most artistic spaces in the city. The burgers are so good you might just decide to get a tattoo in memory of them.

Where to Find the Best Burgers in Alicante

2. Circo

Circo is a stylish American restaurant in Alicante that has all sorts of tasty things on the menu, but the burgers are a real highlight. Burgers range from classic cheeseburgers with cheddar to seriously indulgent options. Think: a veal burger with fig jam, salt flakes and arugula.

Gourmet Burgers in Alicante

3. Liberty Kitchen

The quaint, whitewashed walls of this locale create a cosy environment in which to enjoy some of the best burgers in Alicante. Liberty Kitchen serves up comfort food and tapas with an American accent. It’s their burgers that truly steal the show, however, and the craft beers that pair so well with them.

4. Tepuy Burger

Homemade and high-quality, the burgers at Tepuy Burger in Alicante are some of the freshest in the city. The burgers here are a far cry from the fast-food ones you’ll find scattered throughout the city. They’re creative and unique, and oh-so-tasty. We recommend sticking with a classic, La Inglesa. It’s topped with bacon and a fried egg. 

Tepuy Burger Alicante Hamburgers

5. Tribeca Music Bar

If you find yourself wandering the streets of Alicante on an empty stomach and with time to kill, definitely head to Tribeca Music Bar. This small chain of old American diners specialises in serving inspired hamburgers and quality vibes. Their slogan is “probably the best burger in the city,” which reads more as a tempting dare than a statement. Head there to see for yourself.

6. Fooders 

From the comfy seats to the trendy locale, there’s a lot that guests seem to love about Fooders. The industrial chic decor wraps you in a warm embrace as you settle in to enjoy the best burgers in Alicante. If you’re looking for a true explosion of taste, try the Canard Francais, which comes with 180 grams of veal and topped with duck foie, arugula, caramelised onion and nougat cream.

7. Apache Burger Grill

What feels almost more like a culinary experience than a local burger joint, Apache is home to some of the most passionate chefs on this list. Their dedication to serving high-quality, creative burgers shines through, both in superb taste and the unique nature of their menu offerings. And the truffle fries – my god. Order a side or two of those.

Large Gourmet Burgers in Alicante Spain

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