7 Best Burgers in Anchorage Alaska

The 7 Best Burgers In Anchorage, Alaska

Whether you’re stopping in Anchorage in search of rich cultural experience at the Alaska Native Heritage Center or simply passing through on your way up to one of the state’s impressive mountain hikes, you’re going to eventually need to refuel.

Travellers are constantly asking around about the best burgers in Anchorage, Alaska, in part due to the fact that they’re one of the heartiest meal offerings around. And, in this kind of cold, you’re going to need as much fuel as you can get.

We suggest taking time to really stop and enjoy the food here, however, as it’s some of the best in the state. When it comes to burgers, you just can beat what’s on the menu here. Take a look at the seven best burgers in Anchorage, Alaska to see for yourself.

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1. Tommy’s Burger Stop

Tommy’s Burger Stop has long been a top favourite for locals when it comes to the best burgers in Anchorage, Alaska. They’re made from Australian beef, and you can tell the difference. The spices they add to their burgers make it easy to chow down on more than one in just one sitting.

The Best Burgers in Anchorage Alaska

2. Out of the Box

Food writers often rave about the balance that the burgers have at artisanal restaurant Out of the Box. Here, they fly their grass-fed New Zealand brisket in and grind it on-site. Their Truffle Butter Burger is as delicious as the name sounds, and the fries are hand-cut and made from local Pike potatoes.

Gourmet Burgers in Anchorage

3. Arctic Roadrunner

Perfectly-crafted onion rings and deliciously balanced burgers are exactly what you can expect at Arctic Roadrunner. That, along with the fact that you’re surrounded by local Alaskan culture, all add to the unique dining experience to be had at this local burger joint.

4. Glacier Brewhouse

Fancy a bit more of an elegant dining experience? Head to Glacier Brewhouse and enjoy a more upscale environment along with some of the best local brews in Alaska. The burgers here aren’t usually the main show, which says a lot about their other menu items considering how absolutely mouth-watering they are.

Burgers and Beer in Anchorage Alaska

5. Club Paris

The lunchtime-only burger here pairs perfectly with an ice-cold martini and the retro vibes. The burger, made from the trimmings of the club’s filet mignon, is perfectly thick, delectably juicy, and not one to miss. We also recommend trying their blue cheese bacon burger.

6. Max’s Beefy Burgers

With a name like Max’s Beefy Burgers, you know the burgers here are going to be some of the best burgers in Anchorage, Alaska. They truly are beefy, and that’s always a good thing. Their steak burger is a fan favourite, but the Max Burger is topped with jalapeno peppers for added taste and kick.

7. Lucky Wishbone

A local establishment that’s been serving burgers and milkshakes to hungry Alaskans for over 50 years, the Lucky Wishbone specialises in American diner food. Travellers seem to especially love their Swiss bacon burger. Pair it with a peanut butter milkshake for a truly American experience.

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