Where to Find the Best Burgers in Aurora Colorado

The 7 Best Burgers In Aurora

From millennials to retirees and students to professionals, Aurora, Colorado is home to a variety of inhabitants who all seem to love the city’s laid-back vibes. 

Life at such a high altitude must make people pretty hungry because there are loads of places where you can find great burgers. 

With laid-back vibes that mirror the city’s low-key nature and peaceful setting, burger joints here all cater to their various different clientele. Ready to chow down? Here’s where you can find the seven best burgers in Aurora, Colorado.

Best Burgers In AuroraHow do these rankings work?

1. Bookmakers Burgers + Bourbon + Brews

What’s not to love about a place that serves, pretty exclusively, burgers, bourbon and brews? Bookmakers is a local favourite and specialise in the Colorado-style Green Chilli Burger. Although, their classic burger comes with amber ale mustard that’s pretty out of this world.

Best Burgers in Aurora

2. Cedar Creek Pub

Cedar Creek Pub is “Colorado Proud,” and it’s probably why they’re such a favourite amongst locals. This gourmet food bar serves up gourmet food but with a local twist, including some of the best burgers in Aurora. 

Since Ursula Brewing Co. is right next door, you can order freshly-brewed cold ones to wash your burger down with.

Where to Find the Best Burgers in Aurora Colorado

3. Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

Similar to nearby Colorado Springs, Aurora is home to Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar. Their Bacon Cheeseburger on Steriods is pretty unmissable, but their Fried Mozzarella Burger is unique and savoury.

4. Fat Boy’s Bar & Grill

This sports bar serves up some of the best burgers in Aurora. There’s a burger on the menu for everyone.

From the classic Fat Boy’s Burger to a Mexican inspired burger served with refried beans!

5. Burgerchief 

It’s rare that we feature food trucks as they’re sometimes hard to pin down. However, the way that Burgerchief grills up their burgers earns them a top spot on any list of the best burgers in Aurora. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, try their sirloin and brisket burgers, or stick with fan favourite, the Gunslinger. The BBQ sauce that seeps out the sides is some of the most delicious on this side of the Mississippi River.

Angus Beef Burgers Colorado

6. Bubba’s 33

Fancy visiting a hometown sports bar with quality burgers and massive onion rings? Pay a visit to Bubba’s 33. Guests consistently rank the place as having some of the best burgers in Aurora, likely for their homemade taste. Everything here tastes as if it’s made straight from scratch.

7. Lazy Dog

We can’t forget about Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar chain, one of the highest-rated burger destinations in Aurora.

This gastropub specialises in comfort food and burgers, from a peanut butter & jelly inspired burger to a bison burger, you’re guaranteed to find something you like!



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