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The 7 Best Burgers In Boise

The simple hamburger is easily one of the tastiest creations in the world; juicy, meaty and always reliable, it’s a relief for fellow greedy guts to know that the very best of the burgers in Boise are top class.

From the huge and monstrous burgers full of toppings; street vendors cooking up simple patties right through to fine dining restaurants with their gourmet take on it, we’ve come up with a list that has something for everybody.

Best Burgers In BoiseHow do these rankings work?

1. Boise Fry Company

When somewhere has the words ‘fry company’ in their name, you know they’re going to make excellent ones. The fluffy and golden fries here are fried in sunflower oil and you can add on any of the great house-made seasonings and dipping sauces. But hey, we’re here for the burgers.

The beef is free-free range and grass-fed from local farms. You can also go for a bison burger, turkey or black bean vegan.

2. Big Jud’s

There’s three Big Jud’s locations in the county- if you ask any local they will absolutely rave about their cheeseburgers.

They stack them high, so you’ll need a serious appetite, but this is one treat you won’t forget in a hurry. What better way to pig out with some of the best burgers in Boise?

3. Fork

Fork is a beautiful and charming sustainable restaurant that gets its key ingredients from local Boise and Northwest farmers, ranchers, bakers, distillers, brewers, producers and cheese makers. The result? A food menu – and burgers – that are out of this world.

They serve up a custom Wagyu, ground chuck & sirloin beef blend, with the option to add on Maple-Spiced Applewood Smoked Bacon or local farm cheddar.

4. Bittercreek Alehouse

This might be known for its great range of local brews, but Bittercreek Alehouse is also home to some of the best burgers in Boise. Choose from a house-ground chuck and brisket blend, or 100% grass-fed beef and lamb.  Both tasty, both irresistible. The burgers are served on a Bigwood Idaho potato bun and come with all sorts of delicious toppings.

Our top picks? The Danish Pearl cheese. Mmm.

5. Eureka!

If you’re looking for a proper all-American burger, a great craft beer selection and the best whiskey bar in Boise, then Eureka!, you’ve found it. There’s nine burgers to choose from here, and they’re well beyond the norm. Think: a bone marrow burger with shiitake bone marrow butter or a bison burger with bacon-infused jalapeño jam.

The signature burger with American Swiss cheese is also a winner.

best burgers Boise

6. Bad Boy Burgers

A local favourite, Bad Boy Burgers is a classical American diner that serve great cocktails and shakes to go along with their burgers, which are no fuss and just perfectly made. And yes, they do taste just as delicious as they look. Nothing fancy here, just proper griddled burgers in a flash.

best burgers Boise

7. The Habit Burger Grill

Using only the freshest ingredients, this makes for a truly delicious burger!

From the all American cheeseburger classic to their secret menu which includes toppings like avocado and onion rings, we’re drooling already!


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