Best Burgers in Chula Vista San Diego

The 7 Best Burgers In Chula Vista

As the second-largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area, Chula Vista is a sprawling seaside town peppered with a lot of great restaurants. There is, however, one thing that people in Southern California know how to do really well – burgers.

The best burgers in Chula Vista will leave your mouth watering for more every time you try a new one. They’re so delicious that we think they’re some of the best burgers in California.

There’s only one way to find out just how tasty they are. Head to one, or all, of the seven places on this list with the best burgers in Chula Vista.

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1. Canada Steak Burger

Looking for the best burgers in Chula Vista? Head straight to Canada Steak Burger and order one of their tasty charbroiled burgers. You can enjoy them in either four or eight-ounce sizes and choose to smother them in toppings like pastrami or even gyro.

Best Burgers in Chula Vista CA

2. Coronado Brewing Company

We initially thought that Coronado Brewing Company just excelled at serving thirsty travellers high-quality IPAs and silky sweet Imperial stouts. But, it turns out that this local brewing company also serves some of the best burgers in Chula Vista at their Imperial Beach restaurant. 

Try the Mermaid’s BBQ Burger. It’s made with Angus beef, bacon, white cheddar, Mermaid Red Ale BBQ sauce, and crispy fried onions.

Best Craft Beer and Burgers in San Diego

3. Islands Restaurant

This tropical-themed burger chain definitely earns a spot on any list of the best burgers in Chula Vista. While we don’t usually like to rank chain restaurants, Islands is a local chain in the southwest, serving residents in Arizona, Hawaii, and California. We suggest trying their Maui Burger, as it comes with fresh guacamole and swiss cheese.

4. Burger Lounge

Looking for a truly California burger? Check out Burger Lounge. Serving hungry customers all up and down the West Coast, Burger Lounge is famously known for its tasty grass-fed burgers. Organic burgers might seem super Californian, but we’re totally into it. The taste is out of this world.

Best Burgers in Chula Vista San Diego

5. Hodad’s Downtown

What some might call a bit kitschy we call eccentric. The vibes at Hodad’s are pretty unique, and their burgers are just the same. While the location itself is closer to San Diego than to Chula Vista proper, it’s worth the drive as the burgers are gigantic and served with equally large portions of onion rings.

6. South Cali Steak Burger Bar

It doesn’t matter what you order here. As long as it’s got meat in it, you can rest assured that the kitchen knows how to cook it to perfection. Even though South Cali Steak Burger serves up more steaks than burgers, their burgers are slowly becoming more and more popular.

7. Luna Grill

This Mediterranean Kitchen serves up some delicious burgers, whether you’re looking for a plant-based burger or a juicy beef burger.

Opt for one of their sides to complete your meal, their loaded fries are served with spicy feta, diced tomato, scallions, oregano, feta cheese, and garlic dip!



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