Best Burgers in Corpus Christi

The 7 Best Burgers In Corpus Christi

Tucked into a sleepy bay on the Gulf of Mexico, this Texas coastal city is one of the prime spots for Spring Breakers and families looking for the perfect summer getaway.

However, relaxing on the beach is hard, so you’ll probably want to know where to find the best burgers in Corpus Christi.

From a simple take on the American classic to gourmet burgers with out-there flavours and unique side dishes, we’ve thought of everything for you. 

Next time your visiting coastal Texas, make sure to plan a stop at one of these places, as they’ve got the best burgers in Corpus Christi.

Best Burgers In Corpus ChristiHow do these rankings work?

1. Wallbangers Gourmet Hamburgers 

The best burgers in Corpus Christi are the made-to-order burgers at Wallbangers. Deliciously gourmet and delectably unique, it’s actually quite hard to pinpoint just what makes these burgers taste so darn good.

If you’re feeling extra hungry, try their stuffed burgers. You pick whatever you want to stuff the meat with and they grill it up for you. Cue drooling.

Best Burgers in Corpus Christi

2. Padre Island Burger Company

If it’s your first time in Corpus Christi then you can’t miss the chance to spend the day on Padre Island. Yes, there are islands in Texas.

After a long day in the sun, make your way to Padre Island Burger Company for dinner. Sit outside on the patio, sip your sweet tea, and enjoy the sweet potato fries that come with one of the best burgers in Corpus Christi.

Where to Find the Best Burgers in Corpus Christi

3. Snapka’s Drive Inn

This quaint little drive-in dinner has been serving the hungry masses of Corpus Christi since 1948, and their years of experience shows in the quality of their burgers.

The drive-in retro vibes add a unique charm to Snapka’s, making it something that you absolutely can’t miss in Corpus Christi.

All-American Burgers in Corpus Christi

4. The Post

Looking for some of the best burgers in the entire state of Texas? According to locals and news outlets, you can find them at The Post.

Bite into their juicy patties and your taste buds are going to go wild. They delicately melt sharp cheddar cheese on top of their beef and then stuff it all between to two buttered buns.

5. Executive Surf Club

While locals often choose Executive Surf Club as their go-to spot for good eats and live music in downtown Corpus Christi, it’s their burgers that are drawing more and more tourists in to visit.

They like to do things differently here, and truly Texan. Take their Surf Burger, for example. It comes smothered in refried beans and Fritos. 

When you’re finished chowing down, make sure to head out and explore the rest of the Water St. Market. It’s one of the coolest places in the city.

Gourmet Burgers in South Texas

6. Flamin’ Grills

It wouldn’t be a list of the best burgers somewhere in Texas if we didn’t include at least one restaurant that serves up mesquite-grilled meat. Never had it? What are you waiting for?

Run, don’t walk, to Flamin’ Grills to try their flame-kissed Angus burgers. Guests also note that they’re pretty accommodating when it comes to modifications. If you’re all about the Keto diet, then you can still enjoy a mouthwatering burger here.

7. Grub Burger Bar

Certain foodies love trying out new restaurants for variety and new tastes. Others love them for the sheer creativity behind the creation of their menu. That’s what you’ll find at Grub Burger Bar.

While their burgers are certainly delicious, it’s the names that make them oh-so-charming and irresistible. With names like the Voo Doo Mushroom, Scorpion, You’re My Boy Blue, and Lockhart Legend, it’s hard not to be intrigued.

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