Best Gourmet Burgers in Lincoln Nebraska

The 7 Best Burgers In Lincoln

Lincoln, Nebraska is home to one of the best craft beer bars in the US. But, it’s also home to some of the most mouth-watering burgers you’ll find anywhere in America.

Ranging from delectable and gourmet to down-home and super juicy, the best burgers in Lincoln, Nebraska are varied yet always superb.

Hungry yet? Take a look at who made our list of the seven best burgers in Lincoln.

Best Burgers In LincolnHow do these rankings work?

1. Honest Abe’s

This locally-owned and operated burger joint is famous for having some of the best burgers in Lincoln. Their ever-changing menu is part of what makes this place so popular, as they’re constantly adding new ingredients and items. 

Best Burgers in Lincoln

2. Leadbelly

It certainly seems that Lincoln chefs love to dream up truly unique and intriguing burger recipes. At Leadbelly, you’ll find this to be true. Order the Full Leaded Jacket and you’ll see. The juicy burger base is served on a cinnamon roll and then topped with chilli and other flavourful treats. 

Hangover Helper Gourmet Burger

3. HF Crave

Fancy eating local? HF Crave serves up some of the only burgers in Lincoln that are made from Nebraska-raised cows at the nearby Hollenbeck Farms in Elmwood. Add that to the fact that you can get your burger with sourdough buns and you’ve got the most delicious combination of flavours imaginable.

Best Gourmet Burgers in Lincoln Nebraska

4. The Single Barrel

What’s so great about the burgers at Single Barrel is whatever they use to season their perfectly-grilled patties. Sure, the toppings are great, but what really lingers on your tongue is the delicious blend of hand-crafted spices they seem to be using.

5. 9 South Chargrill

Locals head to 9 South Chargrill for the laidback vibes and super relaxing atmosphere. However, what seems like a hometown diner is actually where you’ll find one of the best burgers in Lincoln. Here, they hand patty and season certified Angus beef and serve them up with hot fries and creamy shakes.

6. FireWorks Restaurant

Housed inside of a uniquely constructed energy-efficient building, Fireworks Restaurant offers a quality dining experience on top of some of the best burgers in Lincoln. Sit amongst the rain garden and enjoy over 3,000 native plants, shrubs, and trees as you chow down on their 100% pure chuck burgers.

Best Burgers in Lincoln Nebraska

7. Toast

A self-proclaimed comfort kitchen and bar, Toast is a local haunt that serves up some of the best burgers, sandwiches, and vibes in the city. Our pick for the best burger on their menu? The Dublin Pub Melt. It’s covered in Guinness-braised onions and gourmet mushrooms. Yum.

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