Best Burgers Near Texas Tech

The 7 Best Burgers In Lubbock

When you think of Texas you automatically think of the biggest and best, right? That’s exactly what you get when you search for the best burgers in Lubbock.

Fantastically juicy and delightfully authentic, the seven best burgers in Lubbock all taste just as good as you’d imagine a Texas burger to taste.

Drooling yet? You’re about to be…

Best Burgers In LubbockHow do these rankings work?

1. Crafthouse Gastropub

It’s no surprise that a trend gastropub would serve the best burgers in Lubbock, but what is surprising is just how downright delicious they are at Crafthouse. Featuring grass-fed beef and house-baked buns, the burgers here are juicy and dripping with delicious toppings.

Best Burgers in Lubbock

2. Buns Over Texas

This is a firm favourite in Lubbock, its claimed to be more of a community rather than a restaurant.

Serving traditional all American style burgers with the classic toppings, to complete your meal indulge in one of there many sides, from 2 cheesed fries to tater tots, and wash it down with one of their flavoured ice teas!


3. Bonus Burger

Old-fashioned burgers are pretty popular in Texas, and after one nibble of the burgers at Bonus Burger, you’ll understand one. Locals actually voted Bonus Burger as having the best ma and pop burger joint in the entire city, with their super simple menu being one of the top reasons why. Choose from classics and enjoy the flavourful taste.

4. Cast Iron Grill

Looking for an authentic dining experience in one of the most culturally-impressive parts of the Lone Star State? Cast Iron Grill is famous for their Southern-style breakfast & lunch, but also for the fact that they’ve got some of the best burgers in Lubbock.

5. Christakis Burgers

Similar to Bonus Burger, Christakis is a super local burger joint that specialises in old-fashioned burgers and quality service. If you’re travelling through Lubbock and want a quick yet quality burger, stop at Christakis and order the bacon cheeseburger with a side of onion rings. 

Local Burger Joints in Lubbock Texas

6. Spanky’s 

A local institution and a hot spot for university students in the area, Spanky’s has been serving the college community top-notch burgers, fried cheese, and cold beers for years. Our pro foodie tip? Save some room for the fried cheese sticks. They’re just as good as their outstanding burgers.

Best Burgers Near Texas Tech

7. Blue Sky Texas

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of tasty burgers and authentic Texan experience, then Blue Sky Texas is the spot for you. As a traveller making your way through this small southern town, there are few places that are going to provide you with a truly Texan atmosphere. The fact that the burgers are incredibly delicious doesn’t hurt either.

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