Where to Find the Best Burger in Murcia

The 7 Best Burgers In Murcia

Known as one of the most walkable cities in Spain, Murcia is perfectly nestled in between Valencia and Malaga, making it the perfect pit stop if you’re road tripping along the Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca.

Seeing as it’s a university town, you’ll notice that Murcia is home to a lot of trendy taverns serving some of the best tapas in the region. The real treats, however, are the excellent burgers you’ll find in this Southern Spanish city.

If you find yourself here, then you’re definitely going to have to check out the hamburgers. Not sure where to go? Here are the places with the seven best burgers in Murcia.

Best Burgers In MurciaHow do these rankings work?

1. Freak Burguer International

Freak Burguer International is the place to go for the best burgers in Murcia that are full of tasty toppings and big. You’ll struggle to finish one of these bad boys but in the best way. Our top pick goes to the Deep Harlem and its juicy 200g beef patty, tomato, lettuce, cheddar, rentero sauce, pickle and red onion.

Where to Find the Best Burger in Murcia

2. The Burger Shop

Even though The Burger Shop is a small chain you’ll find in a few other Spanish cities like Madrid, the Murcia location is, for whatever reason, one of the most popular. Here, they’ve masted the art of combining original American food with culinary innovations in terms of sauces, sides, and toppings. Large, juicy, and smothered in tasty toppings is exactly how we like it.

3. SteakBurger Murcia

The slogan here is “The Bible of the most creative plates.” And, we can’t argue with that statement. The menu at SteakBurger Murcia allows you to sample a variety of grilled meats, choose from one of their custom burgers, or even create your own. All of it’s delicious, so we suggest heading there hungry and sampling it all.

Best Burgers in Murcia Spain

4. El Favorito

The best gourmet hamburgers in Murcia are at El Favorito. Homemade, hand-crafted, and huge, there’s nothing missing from a quality burger at this local joint. Order one of their most famous burgers, Dali, which comes with melted goat cheese, foie mousse, honey, tomato, and lettuce. Get it with beef or chicken, as they offer the choice to swap any beef patty for a grilled chicken burger.

5. The Burger Band

The entrance to this restaurant is so small that you might miss it, but we urge you to look hard, as it’s well worth the visit. At The Burger Band, creatively-crafted burgers are served in wooden trays. The patties are thick and filled with flavour, and the fries perfectly accompany all of the savoury tastes that ooze from the main event.

6. Bar de Las Artes

Bar de Las Artes is Murcia’s top site for quality meat, but it’s their burgers that keep the guests coming back for more. Would you expect anything less than high-quality meat and premier burgers from an Argentinean restaurant in Spain? We didn’t think so. Dining here feels as if you’ve been transported to the streets of Buenos Aires – enchanting and delicious.

7. Upy Burger

After scanning the menu at Upy Burger, you’ll be delighted to find a variety of creative burgers available. From their famous falafel burger to their specialty, veal, there’s nothing on this menu that’s not downright delicious. We suggest sticking with the veal burger, as numerous travellers say it’s the best veal burger in all of Spain.

Gourmet Burgers in Murcia

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