Best Burgers in Reno

The 7 Best Burgers In Reno

You might think the best burgers in Reno are at In-N-Out, but there’s a lot more to Nevada burgers than one of America’s largest fast-food chains.

Reno is located closer to Sacramento than it is Las Vegas. And, you’ll find that it lives up to its title as the biggest little city in the world – especially when it comes to food.

Pass through Reno on your way to Northern California or on a road trip with friends all the way to Vegas, it doesn’t matter, just make sure you try the burgers at one of these spots. The seven best burgers in Reno simply can’t be missed.

Best Burgers In RenoHow do these rankings work?

1. Brew Brothers Reno

Once ranked as the best brewpub in the US, Brew Brothers Reno knows about more than slinging cold jugs of quality craft beer. Perfectly formed and cooked to perfection, you can enjoy chowing down on the best burgers in Reno as you jive to live music and sip some of the best beer in the state.

Best Burgers in Reno

2. Archie’s Giant Hamburgers & Breakfast

This 24/7 restaurant is famous in Reno for large, American breakfasts. However, they also serve a special burger with a full pound of beef. The Wolfpack burger is without a doubt one of the best burgers in Reno if not all of Nevada.

3. Juicy’s Giant Hamburgers

This place serves exactly what they claim – giant, juicy hamburgers. The hand-pressed patties here mixed with some high-quality ingredients make these some of the best burgers in Reno. And, the place delivers!

4. Lucky Beaver

At Lucky Beaver in Reno, Nevada, burgers ooze with flavour. They’re bursting with savoury ingredients that are so simple yet so complex. Never tasted a burger like that? Plan a road trip to Reno just to visit Lucky Beaver.

5. Beefy’s

Some guests have loved the burger at Beefy’s so much that they’ve called it the best burger in the world. Here, you’ll find nearly 20 different burgers on the menu, each just as good as the next. And, they all live up to their name; they’re ridiculously beefy.

Huge Burger in Reno

6. Midtown Eats

Creatively cooked and uniquely offered on a menu that’s pretty extensive for a local brunch and lunch spot, Midtown Eats definitely serves some of the best burgers in Reno. Try the Atomic Burger, but make sure you’re extra hungry before you order it.

Tasty Burgers in Reno Nevada

7. Squeeze In

Despite being famous for their breakfast and lunch, locals really also love the burgers at Squeeze In. Their make-your-own burger option is a hit amongst anybody who tries it, and it’s highly recommended that you do. Great burgers and out-of-this-world vibes? Yes, please.

Best Brunch Spot in Reno Nevada

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