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The 50 Best Burgers In The World 2020

If you haven’t been able to guess by now, we’re pretty passionate about burgers here at Big 7 Travel. For travellers, they’re one of the most ubiquitous foods out there, delivering the perfect punch of flavourful and filling.

We enjoy working our way through cities around the world, indulging in the local cuisine. But, sometimes all you’re craving is something comfortable, such as one of the world’s best burgers. And, you don’t have to go too far to find them. They’re everywhere.

From Australia to Canada and of course, all the way over in the USA and Europe, the best burgers in the world vary in style, size, type and toppings. But, they’ve all got one thing in common…they’re mind-blowingly delicious. Following on from our 2019 World’s Best Burger list, we’ve been taking notes from our 2million social audience throughout the year. Get ready to indulge.

Best Burgers In The World 2020How do these rankings work?

50th. The Burger Dive – Billings, Montana, USA

Make your wait straight to Billings to taste test one of the best burgers in the world. Trust us, it’s worth the trip. This local burger dive has been featured on the Travel Channel and has won numerous global awards for the quality of their burgers. And, after just one bite, it’s pretty easy to see why. From The Jerk to the Best of the Bash, they’ve got some crazy inventive and flavourful concoctions to chow down on.

49th. The Best Burger – Lomé, Togo

We’d argue that The Best Burger is serving up easily some of the tastiest burgers in Africa and certainly in all of Togo. It all starts with a tasty beef base. Then, you build on that by adding on whatever toppings and extras you’d like. That means it’s super easy to customise your burger and enjoy all of the flavours you love and none that you don’t. It also means you can make this triple-decker best pictured below if you’d like!

48th. Bunsen – Dublin, Ireland

Locals are absolutely obsessed with this chain and it’s not hard to see why. It’s also why they consistently rank near the top when looking at the best burgers in all of Europe. They do nearly everything in-house, ensuring quality and top-notch flavours. Count on homemade buns, freshly ground beef and a remarkably simple menu ensure. They’ll cook your burger to order exactly how you like it, meaning you get the perfect burger every time.

47th. Little Jack’s Tavern – Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Numerous food critics will tell you that Little Jack’s Tavern is home to some of the United States’ best burgers. And, they’re so delicious that they deserve a spot on our list of the best burgers in the world, too. The old school American tavern serves classic cocktails in a laidback setting, making it easy to settle in for an afternoon of indulgence. Order the Tavern Burger with their garlic and herb fries for a real treat.

46th. Got Beef – Cardiff, Wales

Got beef is right, as these massive burgers are loaded up with beef patties and seemingly endless other toppings and sauces. They hand-press their Welsh beef patties daily, giving them a truly unique form and flavour that you won’t find anywhere else in the country. Then, they get creative. With nearly 15 specialty beef burgers to choose from, toppings range from sliced rump steak to a Bloody Mary ketchup sauce.

45th. Goodfriend Beer Garden – Dallas, Texas, USA

Everybody knows that Texas is home to some world-class BBQ. And, sure, you’ll find that here at Goodfriend as well. However, when you’re in the mood for a burger, this is the best spot in Dallas for a thick, meaty meal. A pretty laidback atmosphere and some of the best craft beers in the state didn’t hurt the spot’s ranking either. Try the Whistle Pig, which comes with candied bacon, maple syrup and smoked cheddar cheese.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

44th. Star Burger Хрещатик – Kyiv, Ukraine

Burgers aside, this is definitely one of the most popular restaurants in the city. And, even though Kyiv is home to some fantastic Ukranian restaurants, if you’re truly aching for some American comfort food, you can’t go wrong with Star Burger. They’re committed to the full American menu, which showcases everything from chicken wings to super juicy burgers. Feeling hungry? Wash it down with a Monster Star Shake.

43rd. Burger Liquor – Wellington, New Zealand

With a name like Burger Liquor, how could you not want to pop in for a visit? Come on, they serve burgers and liquor. As Wellington’s first burger bar, these hand-crafted, tasty burgers are accompanied by cocktails, hard shakes, beers, bourbons and rum. Oh, and their iconic fries, too. Order a vanilla vodka slushie and then prepare to scarf down their world-famous Smoky. It’s got smoked bacon and buttermilk onion strings. Drool.

Best Burgers in the World

42nd. Bleecker Burger – London, England

Less really is more at this London hotspot. Bleecker Burger might be famous for the flavourful burgers, but they’ve only got four to choose from. Choose to make your burger a or stick with something simple and get a single patty with cheese. You really don’t need to add on a lot of toppings, as the sesame bun and perfectly cooked, juicy beef patty deliver enough flavour to tantalise your tastebuds alone.

41st. Papacho’s – Miraflores, Peru

With five locations in Peru, you’re never too far from the prime, succulent meat at Papacho’s. This spot is, at its core, a Peruvian gourmet burger bar. And, it’s the only one of its kind. They’re dedicated to delivering Peruvian flavours in each bite while still staying true to their modern gourmet burger roots. The result? An impressive menu featuring some of the best burgers in the world.

40th. Projekt Burger – Kranj, Slovenia

It’s all about the basics at Projekt Burger, which made our list of the best burgers in the world last year, too. They keep things simple here, crafting a thick burger that’s just big enough to fit into your hands. They leave the prime beef patty perfectly juicy and throw on some veggies and sauces of your choosing. Then, they serve it up with some thick-cut fries to boot. What more could you ask for?

Best Burgers in the World 2020

39th. Burger Joys – Hong Kong

From the brioche bun to the somewhat wine-soaked USDA Black Angus beef patties, there’s a lot to love about the burgers at this Hong Kong burger bar. You bite into a light, fluffy bun that’s buttered to perfection. Then, your tastebuds are treated to the fantastic flavouring of their beef, which they cook in red wine butter. If that’s not enough to get you drooling then just take a look at the photo below. It’s irresistible.

38th. Le Chic Shack – Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Le Chic Shack is a Quebec burger bar that truly delights and impresses. To start things off, they make every burger with 100% prime Canadian beef. They’re plump, juicy, grilled to perfection, and stuffed between two freshly-baked brioche buns. To top it all off, they pair their iconic burgers with sides such as their famous Périgord fries. Truffle oil, Parmesan, and fresh herbs? Yes, yes, and yes, please.

Best Burgers in Quebec City

37th. Sweet Ecstasy – Manila, Philippines

If you’re a true burger aficionado then you’ll love the chance to devour one of Sweet Ecstasy’s world-famous burger. They don’t over complicate things here and just focus on making what is just a ridiculously good and wholesome burger. However, if you’re after something massive and mouthwatering, you can definitely find it here, too. Case in point, their Western Bacon Cheeseburger. You’ll need two or three hands to hold it.

36th. The Burger Junction – Kochi, India

The Burger Junction has been described as Kochi’s greatest foodie destination. And, we quite honestly can’t argue with that description. Their beef burgers practically melt in your mouth the meat is so tender and delectable. Get the White Burger for a simple mixture of beef, egg and cheese. It might sound simple, but they pack a lot of flavours into it. Each bite will leave you drooling more and more. But, hey, we’re not judging.

35th. El Mono Bandido – Bogota, Colombia

Equal parts craft beer bar and burger joint, El Mono Bandido has got some seriously great vibes and a modern decor that’s to die for. And, they recently competed in the 2019 Burger Master competition where they debuted some of their newest hamburgers which you can sample if you stop by for a visit.

Get the Burger Bandida, which comes with Manchego cheese, orange sauce and bacon. Pair it with a craft beer to really amp up the fantastic flavours.

34th. Stella’s – Bellevue, Nebraska, USA

Home to world-famous burgers in Bellevue, Stella’s is consistently recognised on both a national and international level for all of the fantastic flavours they’re putting out. And, it all comes down to tradition. Since 1936, they’ve been making their burgers the same way. How? It doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you get your butt straight to Nebraska to try one. They’re that good. Just look at ’em.

33rd. Pool Burger – Austin, Texas, USA

Last year, Pool Burger was ranked by USA Today as being one of the top ten burgers in the USA. And, after a taste test or two, we think you’ll agree. Order your burgers from the airstream and sit outside while drinking tiki-themed drinks on one of the nicest terraces in the city. Try the creative Loco Moco, which comes with mushroom gravy and a fried egg. Throw in some crinkle-cut fries on the side and you’re all set.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

32nd. Ground Burger – Lisbon, Portugal

One look at the burgers here and it’s really not hard to see why so many people think they’re some of the best burgers in the world. They’re quite simply works of perfection. Locals will tell you they’re the best in the city, and they’re right. For something a little special, go for the chilli burger. On top of chilli, it’s served with jalapeños and fried red onions. Still hungry? Finish off the meal with one of their epic doughnuts.

31st. Bread Meats Bread – Glasgow, Scotland

With locations in Edinburgh and Glasgow, this Scottish burger brand serves up delicious burgers in both major cities. Black and red label burgers abound here, and the specialty offerings are truly off the wall. Craving a burger with cheese curds and tater tots? How about one with Scamorza cheese and BBQ beef brisket? They’ve got it all. Prepare to do some serious eating here. And, prepare to still be craving seconds.

30th. Burgermeister – Berlin, Germany

When you’re on-the-go in Berlin, few things will satiate your hunger like one of the scrumptious burgers at Burgermeister. Locals and travellers alike can’t seem to get enough of their iconic double cheeseburger with bacon. When it’s this close to perfection, why would you need to ask for more? Burgermeister is a firm favourite among many of our burger-loving audience year-on-year. And, it’s easy to see why.

29th. Habitual – Bali, Indonesia

When travelling to Bali, you’re pretty overloaded with lots of fantastic food choices, including burgers. But, to sample one of the best burgers in the world, check out Habitual. They specialise in serving up casual Western food, but their burgers are the real star of the show. They’re also so fresh and the buns are so toasty.  For a decadent, indulgent meal, definitely order their Juicy Lucy. Prepare to get a little messy.

28th. Burgers Never Say Die – Los Angeles, California, USA

It doesn’t get much more California classic than the burgers at this LA hotspot. Burgers Never Say Die has amassed a huge cult following of hungry foodies who swear they serve the best burgers in the world. And, we’re not arguing with that. Their thin, pressed burgers ooze flavour and juices. To put it simply, it’s what In-N-Out might taste like if their burgers were better and hand-crafted. Try and see for yourself.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

27th. Holy Burger – São Paulo, Brazil

Holy cow, the burgers at Holy Burger are seriously amazing. You can travel the world in search of this kind of flavour and never find it anywhere else. Offering up classic and fancy burgers alongside their super juicy smash burgers, this spot knows how to do burgers right. They’re usually loaded with cheese and served up with creative house cocktails. It’s everything you could ever ask for on a night out in São Paulo.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

26th. The Beef Chief – Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Beef Chief ranked pretty high on our list of the best burgers in Europe this year. And, it all boils down to the heavenly good burgers that Simon serves out of his 1975 Citroen van. Yes, that means you’ll have to track down this mobile burger bar. But, it honestly adds to the satisfaction of finally being able to bite into one of their big fat burgers at last. Order the Chilli Cheese Burger for an especially filling meal.

25th. Burger Joint – Buenos Aires, Argentina

As home to some of the world’s best steak, it comes as no surprise that this Buenos Aires eatery makes a list of the best burgers in the world. At this art-covered restaurant, there are only four burger options to choose from. But, when they’re as packed full of flavour as these tasty burgers, you don’t need many choices. In short, NYC-trained chef Pierre Chacra serves up world-class quality burgers with style and taste.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

24th. Rudy – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Rudy is a favourite amongst locals and travellers alike but seems to be a super-big hit with visitors who are after something they can’t find back home. Despite offering a small menu, you’ll find that you don’t need much else when dining here. Order your tasty burger with a side of their pickles to round out the experience. But, be sure to save room for a creamy, sweet milkshake. There’s no way you can miss out on the taste.

Best Burgers in Canada 2020

23rd. Flippin’ Burgers – Stockholm, Sweden

The burgers here are so popular that they have both a physical location and a food truck that they take out and about in the city. We can see why. One look at their social media pages and you’re already drooling. Our pro tip? Try the the secret menu’s Flimpy, a four patty smash that’ll fill you up for sure. Bite into a wonderfully textured burger that’s absolutely oozing with cheese and flavour. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

22nd. The Thurman Cafe – Columbus, Ohio, USA

Where can you find the best burger in all of America? The answer depends on which local you ask. But, our readers seem to think it’s still right at home in Columbus, Ohio. Specifically, we’re talking about The Thurmanator. The insanley massive burger features a 12 ounce patty, bacon, cheddar, another 12 ounce patty, lots of veggies, ham, mozzarella and American cheese. Oh, and the fries. You’ll enjoy trying to finish it all.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

21st. Short Order Burger Co. – Perth, Australia

Short Order Burger Co. came in at No. 6 when we ranked the Best Burgers in Australia. And, it had to do with the fact that they serve “ridiculously good burgers made for serious burger lovers.” Their massive burgers all feature balanced flavours, despite it being a bit hard to get your mouth around all the meaty beef for the very first bite. But, once you do, you’ll find yourself enjoying a juicy bite of proper burger perfection.

Best Burgers in Australia 2020

20th. Ohana Lei’Pomo & Grille – Tampere, Finland

Tampere locals have voted this burger grill as being home to the best burgers in the city for three years now. And, it was recently ranked as the absolute best burger in Finland. So, its No. 20 ranking truly is no surprise. And, it all comes down to the fact that they hand-craft everything in-house. From the patties to the buns, it’s all made fresh to order. And, it’s hard to come by that kind of quality and excellence.

19th. Rude Boy Burger – Melbourne, Australia

Using Wagyu patties as the base of their burgers, Rude Boy Burger in Melbourne is able to craft some seriously massive, mouthwatering meals. Nothing here is simple, which you can see by browsing all of their photos of their over-the-top social burgers.

Feeling hungry? Order The Big Chomp, pictured below, which comes loaded up with fried chicken, mozzarella patties, smashed beef patties, crispy bacon and grilled cheese for days. Still hungry? They’ve got creamy, sweet shakes for you.

Best Burgers in Australia 2020

18th. Almost Famous – Manchester, England

With four locations all around Northern England, you’ll find numerous locals in the area who know and love the iconic burgers at Almost Famous. The North Quarter location in Manchester, however, is a nice, trendy place for a dive into the local burger culture. Although they serve fantastic crack wings, their burgers are the main show. Get the Peter Luger, which comes with buttered pepper steak and smashed tots on top.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

17th. Clarke’s Bar & Dining Room – Cape Town, South Africa

Known just as much for their brunch as they are for their burgers, Clarke’s Bar & Dining Room is a fantastic spot to wine and dine the afternoon away with friends. Few places in South Africa serve breakfast to quite the standard that they do at Clarke’s. But, their burger is just as unique and tantalising.

Their special burger buns taste more like croissants than anything. They’re baked fresh daily and book-end the Greenfileds grass-fed beef burger and Klein River Havarti cheese.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

16th. Dish – Prague, Czech Republic

It’s hard to deny the kind of excellence that Dish produces on a daily basis. And, it doesn’t matter what you order; you get full flavours and fine dining treatment regardless. The secret to their high-quality burgers and success? They mince all their own meat and keep their combinations super simple, relying on the quality of the ingredients. Expect nothing short of gourmet here.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

15th. The Cozy Inn – Salina, Kansas, USA

Somewhat of a local legend, it’s impossible to visit Kansas or even the United States as a burger lover and not check out The Cosy Inn. This corner burger joint is famous for the history that their burgers hold. And, they’re also so packed full of flavour that any tourist who visits is immediately going to be blown away. Make sure to ask about the history while you’re there. You’ll enjoy fine food and a fun history lesson.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

14th. VLND Burger – Tallinn, Estonia

Despite having some tough competition in Tallinn, this tempting newbie beat out all of the local contenders to rank as the No. 4 best burger in Europe this year. And, when you smell the delectable aroma of their bakery-fresh buns and sink your teeth into their local beef patties, you’ll understand all the hype. The patties are griddle smashed to sear in every ounce of flavour. If only all burgers tasted this good.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

13th. OMG Resto – Sherbrooke, Quebec

To sample one of the best burgers in Canada, make your way straight to Sherbrooke and head for one of the city’s old churches. No, seriously. OMG Resto is a religious-themed restaurant serving up burgers so good you’ll be tempted to sin just to get a taste. Not sure what to get? Try their Burger de Gars, which features aged local beef, pork bacon, beef bacon, and exotic mushrooms. You’ll be praying for seconds.

Best Burgers in Canada 2020

12th. Hoodbuger – Perth, Australia

Recently ranked as the best spots for burgers in Perth and the No. 3 overall spot in Australia, there’s no denying the kind of quality they serve at Hoodburger. Enjoy the meaty beauties, all of which are inventive and unique. Case in point, their peanut butter and jelly cheeseburger is both sweet and savoury. If you’re craving something new, visit for their Test Kitchen Tuesdays when they feature a creative new burger for tasting.

Best Burgers in Australia 2020

11th. 4505 Burgers & BBQ – San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco is one of those cities that’s just brimming with some of the world’s hottest restaurants and most creative cuisines. But, when it’s time for a juicy burger, you’re gonna wanna check out 4505 Burgers & BBQ. As the name suggests, they’re home to equal parts BBQ and some of the best burgers in the world. Their grass-fed burger comes with Gruyere cheese and secret sauce on a buttery, griddled bun.

Image: Nicola Parisi

10th. Gasoline Grill – Copenhagen, Denmark

Count on enjoying epic levels of tastiness with thick, crinkly fries at Gasoline Grill. Truly, there’s a reason why these guys have won so many local and international awards. Their burgers are just out of this world. Or, well, they’re at least some of the best burgers in the world. Our advice? Stick with something simple like their cheeseburger. It’s so juicy and perfect that it doesn’t need any added toppings.

9th. Sickies Garage Burgers – Fargo, North Dakota, USA

This garage-themed burger bar in Fargo easily makes our list of the top ten burgers in the world. At No. 9, it’s all due to the outrageous Supercharged and Turbocharged burgers on their menu. Supercharged burgers include a Mac and Cheese option while their Turbocharged menu features a fire-breathing monster burger on Texas toast. They rely on Kobe beef and creative toppings to win you over, which they do every single time you visit.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

8th. Bar Luca – Sydney, Australia

The piled-high burgers at Bar Luca will have you drooling left and right before you’re even able to take your first bite. And, what’s more, is that that they’re all so creative and unique. From Indian poutine and Maplewood bacon to truffle aioli, the crazy, delicious toppings they serve here are some of the most unique you’ll find in the entire country. Forget about touring the Opera House. This is the real Sydney attraction.

Best Burgers in Australia 2020

7th. Uniburger – Montreal, Quebec

Coming in at No. 2 on our list of the Best Burgers in Canada, Uniburger is killin’ the burger game in North America. But, what’s so special about these meaty sandwiches? Their made-to-order burgers use only 100% AAA Canadian beef. And, they keep things simple and consistent. You can always count on brilliance and flavour here. Throw in one of their famous shakes and those perfect fries and you’ll leave a very happy customer.

Best Burgers in Canada 2020

6th. Au Cheval – Chicago, Illinois, USA

People line up out the door and wait for up to three hours just to get a taste of the burgers at Au Cheval. What’s so great about this cheeseburger? They source on the very best prime beef from W.W. Johnson Farms.

Then, they griddle it up to juicy perfection and gently place it between an airy bed of American cheese and toasted buns with a sunny-side up egg. While it might sound simple, they pack of lot of world-class flavours into one plate.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

5th. Burger And Beyond – London, England

You’ll hear people whispering about these world-famous burgers around London in hushed tones. Why? They taste so fantastic that it’s almost a shame to let the secret out. Well, the secret’s well out. They’re some of the best burgers in the world, whether you head to the restaurant or food truck. Get the regular cheeseburger, which comes with their signature dry-aged beef patty and smoky mayo. It’s heavenly.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

4th. Bamba Marha Burger Bar – Budapest, Hungary

Recently ranked as the No. 1 burger in Hungary, this classic Budapest burger bar is a no-brainer when it comes to the best burgers in the world. And, the secret to success here lies in the fact that they use super high-quality beef mixed with simple toppings to ensure they never overcomplicate things. What you end up with is an absolute taste sensation that tantalises and impresses every single time you visit.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

3rd. Bread & Bone – Adelaide, Australia

This Adelaide restaurant just can’t stop winning. They’re the No. 1 burger spot in Australia for the way in which they mix high-end cooking with brilliant little twists to deliver fantastic burgers. Enjoy wood-grilled patties and some unique toppings such as slow-braised beef brisket, smoked bacon and chilli kewpie. It’s easy to see why they’re considered to be some of the best burgers in the world. But, you’ll still need to try for yourself.

Best Burgers in Australia 2020

2nd. Mamo Burger Bar – Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Ah, Mamo. Here, they’re used to serving only the best of the best in terms of world-class burgers. They use local Canadian beef as a base and then pile them high with creative, tasty toppings. Just take a look at this mouthwatering, very drool-worthy Daddy Mac. It’s got housemade mac and cheese, smoked pulled pork and caramelised onion. Words fall short in describing just how absolutely delicious the burgers here are.

Best Burgers in the World 2020

1st. Burger Geek – Auckland, New Zealand

As for the best burger in the world? These burgers are almost too beautiful to eat – tender, juicy beef with oozing cheese in a pillowy soft and buttery brioche bun. But hey, considering Burger Geek is the best burger in New Zealand for 2020, dig in! They use a special blend of Wagyu and Angus cuts, freshly ground on site, for a satisfying burger that’s smashed on the grill to keep all that flavour in. You can’t beat it.

best burgers New Zealand

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