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The 7 Best Burgers In Montgomery

It’s surprise that the burgers in Alabama are seriously good (you can check out our top picks from across the state here), and the burgers in Montgomery are just as delicious. From laidback burger bars to locally famous fast food, here’s where to get a juicy burger fix in town.

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1. Vicki’s Lunch Van

Vicki’s Lunch Van burger is a thing of local legend – perfectly seasoned, with the right amount of peppery flavour and a seared char on the outside. Co-owner Vicki is always on hand for service with a smile, and it’s clear to see why customers return here again and again. Soft pillowy buns, juicy beef and crispy fries? Perfection.

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2. Hamburger King

Ask any local where to find the best burgers in Montgomery, and they’ll steer you towards this longstanding family-owned spot. There’s nothing fancy here, just proper honest home cooking. Call in your order in advance and pick up your wonderfully greasy and delicious feast at the window when you arrive.

3. La Jolla

There’s burgers, and there’s this burger. La Jolla is a stylish restaurant that’s only open for dinner, but its signature burger is well worth waiting all day for. A juicy blend of ground beef, duck and elk, it’s topped with white cheddar, caramelised onions and roast garlic aioli on a soft brioche bun. *drools*

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4. Milo’s Hamburgers

Milo’s Hamburgers is a local chain with locations across the state of Alabama, so you’re never too far away from one of these bad boys. What to look forward to? You can start drooling over a fresh grilled patty, topped with onions and pickles, drenched in their secret sauce, and served on a warm, grilled bun. It’s popular for good reason.

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5. Chris’ Hot Dogs

Founded in 1917, Chris’ Hot Dogs is a real gem in Montgomery for fast food that’s feel good. The hamburgers are made-to-order and start with a freshly steamed bun and freshly ground beef cooked ’til juicy and flavoursome on the griddle. Then, the burger is topped with mustard, ketchup, onions and Chris’ Famous Chili Sauce. It’s simple, but perfect.

6. Vintage Year

Vintage Year is a classy fine dining spot that’s known for its gourmet menu, which includes an excellent burger. In fact, stop by for Tuesday Burger Night and you can try seven excellent burgers. The classic (always on the menu) is an 8oz. Alabama Wagyu burger with peppered bacon and white cheddar, with Tuesday specials including a venison & duck patty with kimchi.

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7. Sinclair’s East

This casual American restaurant serves up all the favourite comfort food eats,  from crispy wings to tender steaks and creamy pasta. It’s the burgers though, that everyone raves about. Choose from nine different burgers here, with toppings such as Béarnaise butter or blue cheese crumbles.

burgers Montgomery

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