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The 25 Best Burgers In New England

There are some incredible burgers in New England. So, we set out to find the 25 best for you to add to your foodie bucket list. Do be warned, though, that scrolling through these pictures is going to make your seriously hungry. If you can’t dine in right now, you can still enjoy these burgers for delivery or takeout.

From classic cheeseburgers to massive buns loaded with toppings, there is something on this list for everybody. So, grab a friend, work up and appetite and forget about the diet for one day. It’s time to check out the 25 best burgers from Maine to Massachusetts…

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25th. Wild Willy’s Burgers – York, Maine

Wild Willy’s famously calls itself the home of the best burgers in America. And, while we think you’d have to taste test that for yourself, we can say with full confidence that they’re definitely home to some of the best burgers in Maine. Patties are cooked fresh and served with tasty, crispy fries. You’re going to want to order seconds here.

24th. Lexie’s Joint – Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Lexie’s Joint is another classic burger joint in New Hampshire that has been serving some of the best burgers in New Hampshire for years. They just might be known more for their amazing truffle fries but their burgers here are always perfectly done and the service here is prompt.

Try the Burger with the onion ring on top of it and order a side of some of those legendary truffle fries too at Lexie’s.

Lexie's Joint Burgers

23rd. The Burger Barn – Jeffersonville, Vermont

While you might get it confused with an actual barn on the outside, on the inside, the Burger Barn serves up some of the best burgers one can make in a barn! The beef patties are made with grade A beef and the ingredients are just as heavenly as well.

22nd. Mainely Burgers – Cambridge, Massachusetts

What started off as a food truck in Maine has branched out to two Boston and Cambridge restaurants, bringing a little bit of Maine to Massachusetts. Over 70% of the ingredients is sourced from New England suppliers, including the beef, with the rest all coming directly from Maine.

There’s six options to choose from, including the aptly named Mainah with sautéed onions, bacon, sliced apple, Cheddar cheese and maple mayo.

21st. Mission – Newport, Rhode Island

This mega-popular burger, hot dog and falafel joint keeps things simple, yet to seriously high quality. They grind all the meat for the burgers in-house for a fresh and juicy patty that’s topped with their signature sauce. The yummy Mission burger sauce is blend of aioli, ketchup, cornichons, capers, herbs and

Image may contain: food brandy and adds the finishing touch to any of their burger creations.

20th. 224 Boston – Boston, Massachusetts

This tavern in Dorchester serves up some of the tastiest burgers in all of New England alongside cute neighbourhood vibes. A menu of classic American comfort food has lots of tempting bites to eat, but the signature burger is a must-try. It’s a wonderfully juicy patty topped with caramelized onion aioli, yellow cheddar and crispy bacon.

19th. Black Mtn. Burger Co. – Lincoln, New Hampshire

At Black Mtn. Burger Co., there is a burger for all tastes here. If you enjoy a regular hamburger they have it and if you enjoy one made with a few extra toppings, they have that and both are excellent choices here.

Our favourite burger is their Swiss Mushroom Burger that comes with mushrooms, Swiss cheese, onions and slices of bacon are optional.

18th. Max Burger – Longmeadow, Massachusetts

Max Burger is all about the best, locally sourced ingredients, using seasonal produce, local dairy products, and freshly baked buns to make up their delicious burgers. For a real treat, order their Steak House wagyu burger with cheddar fondue, candied bacon, black pepper aioli, and arugula.

Wash it down with one of their craft beers or traditional or liquor-spiked milkshakes.

17th. Burgers, Shakes, and Fries – Greenwich, Connecticut

Does anything sound more appealing than a hearty combo of Burgers, Shakes, and Fries? Get all three and all three done right at this classic Connecticut joint. The burgers here come on a traditional patty-melt-style toasted white bread to go with their fresh ground beef.

Treat yourself to a customisable burger on toasted white bread and make a meal of it with a side of fries and a shake.

Burgers Shakes and Fries

16th. Mom & Pops Burgers – Chatham, Massachusetts

Mom & Pops is a unique blend of East-meets-West – ‘Mom’ hails from the Philippines while ‘Pops’ is a New Englander from Meriden, Connecticut. This results in a creative menu of burgers that are butchered and ground from their own special blend of beef in-house daily.

For a spicy treat, order the Naughty Dyablo Burger: it’s very hot, with Ghost Pepper cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, avocado, pickled jalapeño peppers, shishito peppers, and Mom’s sauce.

15th. Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage – Boston, Massachusetts

This Boston landmark has been a go-to spot for burgers since 1960,  and with a wide and creative burger menu – major kudos to fun burgers names such as the Viagra ‘a burger that will rise to the occasion’ with blue cheese and bacon or the A.O.C. with teriyaki beef and grilled pineapple with onion rings.

No photo description available.

14th. Prohibition Pig – Waterbury, Vermont

Prohibition Pig is another popular burger spot in Vermont with a reputation for their tasty burgers as well. Much like The Farmhouse, Prohibition Pig creates fantastic craft burgers that is consistently one of the best burgers in New England.

Dig into a juicy burger and pair it with their great selection of craft beers.

13th. Butcher Burger – Bethel, Maine

Butcher Burger not only serves some of the best burgers in Maine, but they’re home to a pretty trendy, laid back atmosphere as well. Sample any one of their specialty burgers and your mouth will be watering even before you take the first bite. There’s 10 creations to choose from, including a divine Surf ‘n’ Turf.

12th. Wicked Fresh Craft Burgers – North Conway, New Hampshire

Wicked Fresh Craft Burgers serves up exactly that: some wickedly fresh craft burgers! It’s a smaller restaurant but they have a large array of burger choices and you can even build your own burger as well.

Keep an eye out for the ‘Speak Easy’ burger specials.

11th. The Farmhouse Tap & Grill – Burlington, Vermont

The Farmhouse Tap & Grill is legendary in Vermont for producing the best burgers in the state for over a few years now. They’ve only been around for just over a decade but their burger is the reason people keep coming back and for good reason.

Choose from one of their six burgers that use locally-sourced ingredients.

The Farmhouse Tap & Grill Vermont

10th. Craigie on Main – Boston, Massachusetts

Grab a seat at Craigie on Main’s cosy bar area, COMB (Craigie on Main Bar), to be in with a chance to order one of the restaurants much sought after burgers. Topped with Shelburne cheddar and served in a milk bun with steak fries and mace ketchup, this is a real treat.

Only 18 of these bad boys are available daily, so arrive early if you want to feast on one before they sell out for the day.

9th. GoldBurgers – Newington, Connecticut

For some of the best, made-to-order burgers in all of Connecticut, come to GoldBurgers. Their patties are made from their own secret blends that are freshly made and prepared and cooked with incredible flavour and topped off with some fresh toppings.

If you’re adventurous, give the MacPatty Burger a try as it is topped with fresh nacho cheese and has a kick from the jalapenos.

Goldburgers Connecticut

8th. Black Cow Burgers & Fries – Portland, Maine

Handmade buns, incredibly juicy beef for perfectly smashed patties and crispy golden fries take Black Cow Burgers to a different level. This spot is a consistent satisfaction. Burgers are on the small side (good things come in small packages, right?), so add on some delicious sides such as foie gras poutine or brussels sprouts with smoked mustard vinaigrette, pickled red onions, and potato crumb.

Image may contain: food

7th. Worthy Burger – South Royalton, Vermont

All of the burgers at this hip eatery are woodfired for a flame grilled, smokey flavour that brings out the best flavours of the premium local Wagyu beef patties. Let’s get started on the fries? They’re hand-cut every single day and they fry them twice in Wagyu beef tallow.

Toppings of Plymouth cheese and the ‘secret sauce’ finish the burger off to perfection.

best burgers New England

6th. A&B Burgers – Beverly, Massachusetts

This family-owned burger joint has elevated itself from a neighbourhood burger bar to an innovative restaurant with plenty more on the menu than burgers. But with organic beef from local farms, you won’t want to miss out on these. Their burgers include toppings such as bourbon mustard sauce, maple rubbed bacon, cheddar cheese, and pickled jalapeño, or creamy burrata and fig jam.

best burgers New England

5th. Harry’s Bar & Burger – Providence, Rhode Island

Locals and visitors alike love this laid back burger joint, and we can see why. The burgers here (which are technically sliders, BTW) are 100% pure Hereford beef. They come in pairs, with each burger pressed with onions, and served on a toasted Martin’s potato roll. Tasty toppings include hickory smoked bacon and fried onion strings.

best burgers New England

4th. Fat Boy Drive-In – Brunswick, Maine

Fat Boy Drive-In should be considered an American classic. Honestly, they’re home to one of the best burgers in the entire United States. But, we’ll settle for calling it one of the best in Maine. Their famous “Whoperburger” is a nod to a Burger King Whopper but done ten times better. Oh, and the fries? They’re just as mouthwatering, too.

best burgers New England

3rd. Alden & Harlow – Boston, Massachusetts

The secret burger at this rustic-chic restaurant is unlike any you’ve tried before. A blend that includes Creekstone Farms brisket, short rib, and beef makes for the juiciest, most tender patty in town. Just remember – there’s limited availability each night, so arrive early. It’s easily one of the best burgers in New England, no doubt.

best burgers New England

2nd. Hop + Grind – Durham, New Hampshire

These guys don’t have restaurants, they have food experiences. They push the limits in fast-food cuisine and offer one of the best burgers in New Hampshire. If you’re into trying new tastes, then you should try their Bomb Diggity burger. It’s a beef patty blended with American and cheddar cheese, topped with salami and mushrooms.

best burgers New England

1st. The Knack – Orleans, Massachusetts

This casual food joint in Cape Cod certainly have a knack for incredible food, with top notch lobster rolls and some of – if not the best- burgers in New England to boot. They work with local butchers to make their own delicious blend of all-natural, freshly ground, hamburger meat. You can choose between classic cheeseburgers or added toppings such as house made pickles and spicy mayo.

best burgers New England

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