Burgers in Penang

The 7 Best Burgers In Penang

We recently listed the most droolworthy burgers in Malaysia, from Kuala Lumpur and beyond, so now we’re shining a light on the best burgers in Penang. With a couple newcomers on the list, here’s our top picks.

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1. Spade’s Burger

Spade Burger’s aim is to “serve really, really good burgers and make them affordable.” They mostly focus on classic, simple burgers that rely on the quality of the beef and tasty toppings to load up on flavour. But, there’s also regular creative specials such as a salted egg crab meat burger. Oh, and let’s not forget about their amazing black buns!

2. Flip Burger

Flip Burger is one of the most popular spots for burgers in Penang, with fast and friendly service and big, juicy burgers. If you’re extra hungry, check out their Big Eaters menu. It features option such as kimchi-topped burgers, ones covered with ham fries and a Sweet Swedish that has cheese sauce, bacon bits, lingonberry jam and bacon strips.

3. Burger Ayam Goreng Njoy

This beloved roadside burger bar specialises in tender, crispy fried chicken burgers that come in vibrant buns all colours of the rainbow. Not only do these burgers look amazing, they taste incredible too. Top the crunchy chicken off with egg or cheese for a real feast. They also serve juicy beef and lamb burgers too.

4. Junk Cafe

The burgers at Junk Cafe are just as eccentric as the decor, with all sorts of creative burger options. They offer up tender beef burgers, chicken, fish and even a slow-roasted lamb burger. For a huge feast, you can try a triple patty burger that’s loaded with enough meat to keep even the most passionate carnivores satisfied.

5. Street Grill Burger

Street Grill Burger is a local food truck that’s literally a street grill on the side of the road in George Town. But, it’s so popular that you can expect to spend up to a couple of hours waiting in line just to get a taste of their legendary hamburgers. Which one to order? Their melted cheese grilled burger is a must-eat. It’s fresh, hand-pattied and absolutely covered in cheese.

6. The BRGR

The BRGR are known all over Penang for their super juicy burgers, which they steam with the cheese so it melts all into the patty. However, they take things to a whole new level with their double cheeseburger. When they say double cheese, they mean it. As in, they load it up on top of the burger as well as inside. *drools*

7. Uncle Shake Burger

The burgers at this lowkey roadside grill are truly lipsmackingly good. Uncle Shake Burger serves up Ramly burgers (a popular Malaysian-style burger where the patty is covered in egg), as well as oblong burgers and tender lamb. One bite and you’ll see why locals love this place so much.

Burgers in Penang

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