Best Burgers In Thailand

The 25 Best Burgers In Thailand

While great food comes in many different forms, it’s hard to argue that the humble burger is one of the world’s greatest dishes. Like so many of the classics, it’s simple, relatively cheap and utterly delicious.

While local, traditional Thai food is superb, there always comes a time when you’ll have a hankering for a really good burger – a proper cheat meal to really get your teeth into.

After rounding up the best burgers in EuropeAustralia, South Africa and Canada,  it’s time for the very best Thailand Burgers for 2019 to be revealed.

The judging criteria:

  • Finalists were selected from across Thailand
  • Votes were cast in poll of Big 7 readers, across our 1.5million community on social media and by a panel of food experts
  • Online reviews, previous media coverage and notable blogs were also included in the overall rating
  • The final list is subjective – if we’ve missed out on any must-try burger places across Thailand please do let us know

Best Thailand Burgers

25th. Fatima Burger House – Chiang Mai

Fatima Burger House does proper tasty classics, like club sandwiches, pizza and fried breakfasts, but the burger is the one you want to hold out for. The perfect sized double juicy patties make this an absolute delight.

Fatima Burger House in Thailand

24th. Reef Sports Bar & Restaurant – Koh Tao

Located only 100m from the main pier in Mae Haad, Koh Tao, Reef Sports Bar & Restaurant is a popular place to meet up for drinks and great food. Large screens, cold beer and a majestic burger make this the dream ticket.

Reef Sports Bar & Restaurant in Thailand

23rd. EAT Bar & Grill Restaurant Karon – Mueang Phuket District

The founder Christer, a Swedish chef and restaurateur, had an idea to invite the guest in the creation of the dish, which means a fully open kitchen so that people can follow along during the cooking process. Throw in high quality locally sourced ingredients and you’ll never want to leave.

Best Burgers Thailand

22nd. Bootlegger Gourmet Burgers & Craft Beer – Koh Samui

They say themselves that they have “burgers with attitude” and when you first see them you’ll see exactly what they mean. Huge portions, exciting toppings and seriously juicy patties make these a delight to wolf down.

Bootlegger Gourmet Burgers

21st. Sweet Pista – Bangkok

Proper comfort food with everything from great BBQ to cheesecake on the menu. The sort of place you come to when you want a big treat; they don’t come much bigger than their wonderful burger.

Sweet Pista Burger

20th. Heaven Burger – Chiang Rai

A simple room where they serve up a wonderful selection comfort food including a great English-style cooked breakfast. The burgers are bright, packed full of original toppings and utterly gorgeous.

Heaven Burger in Thailand

19th. Flip Side – Phuket

One of the best American style casual dining experiences on the island where they serve up great ribs and cocktails, but to miss out on the burger would be foolish.  Simply superb.

Flip Side Burger

18th. Hippo Burger Bistro – Koh Phangan

A great buzzing room that is the perfect place to start a night with friends and get some fuel in your belly for the night ahead. Hippo Burger Bistro has some creative specials or you can make your own burger.

Hippo Burger Bistro

17th. Bondi Aussie Bar & Grill – Phuket

A proper sports bar that have has great music, every type of live sports you could ever want and some tasty Australian-inspired cooking. Their menu includes classics like ribs, wings and pies but whatever you do, don’t ignore the burger.

Bondi Aussie Bar & Grill in Thai

16th. Sanfran Burger & Beer – Chiang Rai

Sanfran Burger & Beer opened in 2015 and have been going strong since then. Their burgers keep things simple, without relying on lots of complicated ingredients. They just use the best produce and deliver the goods every single time.

Sanfran Burger & Beer

15th. Steak & Co – Pattaya

Steak & Co. is best known for their huge steaks, amazing roast dinners and other Western style meat dishes. Add the burger into the mix though, and you really are spoiled for choice. As soon as you get that first mouthful you’ll be addicted.

Steak & Co Burger

14th. Beef & Shake – Bangkok

A fast casual joint where the service is what makes the place special. Top quality ingredients (especially the beef) ensures that the burger is on the money every single time you have it.

Beef & Shake Hamburger

13th. Paper Butter and the Burger – Bangkok

This is the spot to come to for great comfort food, like fish and chips and hot dogs, as well as their hamburgers which people travel from all over the city to eat. Huge portions, so make sure you come with an appetite.

Paper Butter and the Burger

12th. Burger Boyz – Phuket

This is street food at its very best and the perfect way to either start your big night out or finish it off. Good honest cooking, which you see being made right in front of you as you drool awaiting your burger.

Best Burger Boyz

11th. Firehouse – Khet Watthana

A lovely selection of American food including subs, wings, ribs and of course their delectable burgers. Firehouse has many original combinations to choose from, with the sauces being especially strong.

Firehouse Best Burgers in Thai

10th. 25 Degrees Burger Bar – Bangkok

Originated from the famous Los Angeles enterprise, 25 Degrees offers scrumptious burgers with a stylish departure from conventional restaurants. Relaxing atmosphere and trendy décor makes the venue, the perfect choice for quality burger hunters.

Best Burgers Thailand

9th. Green Tamarind Kitchen – Phuket

A simple restaurant where all the focus is put on churning out world class food as well as service that is second-to-none. Their burgers are so good you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without them up until now.

Green Tamarind Kitchen Burger

8th. CRAFT – Bangkok

They offer the largest selection of craft beers in Thailand and if there is one thing that goes super well with craft beers it’s a nice burger. They’ve nailed it here, ensuring you’ll have plenty of energy left to wash down a few more of those beers. A match made in heaven.

Craft Thai Burger

7th. The Hungry Wolf – Koh Samui

They focus on “Meat and Pizza” which is a combination that most people are going to be pretty happy about, but the burgers are on another level. Seriously juicy patties oozing with sauce and lush, super fresh toppings make this a real feast.

 juicy patties burger in Thai

6th. Vintage Burgers – Koh Phangan

What’s better than a really good burger? Eating it on a paradise island with lots of like minded people. Top quality burgers (look out for their specials and even veggie burgers).  Vintage Burgers is a super chilled out joint that you’ll want to stay in forever.

Vintage Burgers

5th. Bad Burger – Bangkok

A seriously inventive burger restaurant (look out for their chicken burger stuffed with cheese, for example), where the food is nearly too pretty to eat. Grab a photo for Instagram and devour these perfect burgers.

Thailand Bad Burger

4th. Jim’s Burger & Beers – Pattaya

Great craft beer combined with a huge pride in sourcing their own ingredients that are of the highest quality. Throw in home cooked buns and you have a burger of the very highest standard.

Jim's Burger & Beers

3rd. Stacked – Koh Samui

Your destination for gourmet burgers, prime steaks, handcrafted cocktails and great wines. Their burgers are absolutely huge so you’ll want to come with a major appetite. Eating a burger in paradise tastes just that little better too – that’s a fact.

Stacked Burger in Thai

2nd. New York Style Steak & Burger – Bangkok

This place focuses on steaks and burgers and keeps the menu tight to ensure the quality remains. Three beef burgers to choose from – along with one chicken option – and what arrives at the table is like a work of art. The only question us how do you tackle the beast? Elegantly with a knife and fork or “all in” hands first?

NY Style Steak & Burger in Thai

1st. Fatty’s Bar & Diner – Bangkok

Some truly great American diner style food with wings, ribs and other classics on the menu. The burger though is so juicy, thick, packed full of flavour and well made that you’d be foolish to ignore it. Throw in great service and you have the perfect combination.

Fatty's Bar & Diner in Thailand

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