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The 50 Best Burgers In The United States 2020

In the mood for a juicy, delicious burger? You certainly will be after reading this, that’s for sure. From tiny burger bars to hugely popular burger restaurants with a cult following, our pick of the best burgers in the United States for 2020 make for plenty of must-eats.

We’ve been checking out suggestions from our audience on their favourite burgers year-round, as well as contributions from the Big 7 Travel editorial team. And, just like the ever-changing hospitality industry itself, this year’s list features some new and creative burgers.

Best Burgers in United States 2020How do these rankings work?

1. Farm Burger – Huntsville, Alabama

With its menu centered around fresh flavors and healthy ingredients, the Farm Burger is farm-fresh and organic. The restaurant offers some seriously great burgers. It also has a build-your-own-burger option for those of you that want to get creative.

Alabama burgers

2. Tommy’s Burger Stop – Anchorage, Alaska

In the heart of Spenard, is Tommy’s Burger Stop that offers award-winning burgers for your carb-loading feast. If you’re ever in Anchorage, you must stop by and try their Bacon Cheeseburger and their Aloha Burger.

The Best Burgers in Anchorage Alaska

3. Monkey Burger – Tuscon, Arizona

Possibly Tucson’s best burgers, the locally owned burger joint offers mouth watering, gourmet burgers along with sandwiches, salads, wings and fries. The Monkey Burger is specialty that’s made with bacon, smoked cheddar and Swiss cheese.

4. Smitty’s Garage Burgers & Beer – Fayetteville, Arkansas

Smitty’s Garage is famous for its juicy, delicious burgers. The joint has a very diverse menu which offers things like Avocado Chicken Salad and the Turkey Burger. If you’re ever in Fayetteville, and are looking for some mean burgers, then you might wanna try their Bacon Avocado Ranch.

5. Grill ’em All – Alhambra, California

One of the best burger places in the city, the chain offers some well-grilled, mouth-watering burgers that you just cannot resist. “Death to False Burgers” is their slogan and they stand by it. Their Cactus Stack and grilled cheese sandwiches are to die for!

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6. Border Burger Bar – Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you’re ever up cruising in Colorado Springs, enjoying the fresh mountain air, you must try the Border Burger Bar’s special burger. The Border Burger – as they call it – is laced with their delicious sauces and grilled just right.

7. GoldBurgers – Newington, Connecticut

It doesn’t get more American than this. GoldBurgers are famous in Newington for their juicy double-stackers that are served with jalapenos and their own special sauce. With a burger as good as this one, you’ll enjoy every bit of your well-deserved meal.

Goldburgers Connecticut

8. 2 Fat Guys – Hockessin, Delaware

The Fat Guys’ slogan is “never trust a skinny chef”. It’s true. If you are a keen burger lover, you might wanna try these guys out. They love burgers and really know their craft. If you’re ever on Hockessin, you should try the Elvis Burger and the Kennet Burger. Both are filled with cheese and are tailored to satisfy your burger cravings.

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9. Le Chick – Miami, Florida

This sophisticated restaurant is for those who want something different with their burgers. They offer a variety of different options for buns, meat, lettuce and sauces so you can order a custom burger specifically suited for your taste.

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10. The General Muir – Atlanta, Georgia

The General Muir serves a great variety of delicious food for its customers. Its burgers have a fine grilled meat portion neatly placed within their fine buns, served with fries and avocado. The restaurant also offers delicious desserts. The perfect end to a feast on one of the best burgers in the United States.

The General Muir

11. Honolulu Burger Co. – Honolulu, Hawaii

Offering the Hawaiian Islands’ free range grass red beef, the restaurant qualifies as a top contender in the United States’ best burger joints. Cheeseburgers, hamburgers, Teri-Kim and Elvis burgers – they have ‘em all. 

12. Hudsons Hamburgers – Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

The place offers one of the best hamburgers in town, if not one of the best burgers in the United States. They serve them hot and fresh and make them the old fashion way, on the grill to sear in the juices. The hamburgers have a great taste because of the Hudsons’ famous sauce. 

Hudsons Hamburgers

13. Community Tavern – Chicago, Illinois

Owned and operated by a loving husband and wife, the Community Tavern is a new neighborhood restaurant that makes mean burgers. Chicago has one of the most exciting food scenes in the country, and if you look at this restaurant’s menu, the Community Tavern will have a place in your heart. Oh, and your stomach…

14. Burgerhaus – Indianapolis, Indiana

Named as the “Best Burger Restaurant in the state of Indiana by TripAdvisor, the burger joint was started by a father-son team who set on a quest to make great American burgers. They have the most exotic flavors and every burger meal you buy, a portion goes to feed hungry children around the world.

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15. Zombie Burger & Shake Lab -Des Moines, Iowa

Being one of the top visited fast-food restaurants of Des Moines, the restaurant has great burgers including their special Zombie Burger, and their Raybun burger. The creative restaurant has designed itself to hold-up against any zombie apocalypse and promises to deliver your burger in case you get stuck in one.

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16. Third Street Social – Kansas City, Kansas

The restaurant is a great place to have cosy catch ups with your friends over a delicious burger meal. Our personal favorite is the Truffled Grilled Cheeseburger which they make with their special sauces. When it comes to the must-eat burgers in the United States, this is a top pick.

Kansas State's Best Burgers

17. Holy Grale – Louisville, Kentucky

All hail this heavenly burger joint. They say they worship beer, but considering their delicious burgers, it seems like they worship burgers. If you’re ever hanging out in Louisville and want a delicious burger, check out the Holy Grale’s 3D Valley Farm Burger.

Holy Grale Burgers in America

18. Fat Cow Burgers – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

This burger joint cooks up some mean burgers. Committed to quality, they grill some excellent local beef and use toasted buns to give you that juicy flavor every beef lover yearns for. The burgers are served with fries which are hand cut, picked out and pre-dipped in ketchup. No shortcuts are taken here, and it shows.

No photo description available.

19. Fat Boy Drive-In – Brunswick, Maine

The Drive-In, located on 111 Bath Road, is a hotspot for Brunswick locals if they need great burgers and great service. Served in a matter of minutes, this drive-in is famous in town for its burgers whose meat patty is cooked in their own special sauce.  Easily some of the tastiest burgers in the United States!

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20. The Abbey Burger Bistro – Baltimore, Maryland

This local pub features almost every manner of burger. Vegan and non-vegan – to them, you’re just a beloved customer. Try their signature creations such as one with applewood bacon and creamy peanut butter, or build your own. The restaurant also offers some great beer to wash your meal down with.

Maryland burgers

21. Back Bay Social – Boston, Massachusetts

The restaurant has a great atmosphere and serves droolworthy burgers made in their own unique way. If you’re ever in the Boston Bay Area, you might want to try out their Turkey Club and their signature Back Bay Burger. One of the best burgers in the United States? No doubt about it.

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22. Brome Modern Eatery – Dearborn, Michigan

Breakfast, lunch and dinner – they have it all covered. The restaurant has a large variety of burgers including their special Sunrise Burger which is a delicious blend of fried egg, sausages and pickles. We’re drooling just looking at, and we bet you are too.

Brome Modern Eatery Michigan burgers

23. Lyn 65 – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The restaurant has a very rich menu and offers their special Diner Style Burger which is inspired by the famous Au Cheval burger in Chicago. Lyn 65 hosts brunch on Sundays too, so you can dig into this world-class burger alongside a glass or two mimosas.

24. Majestic Kitchen – Ridgeland, Mississippi

The kitchen serves delicious sandwiches, salads, fish tacos, po’boys, seafood and much more. A great place to have lunch at, the restaurant has its style of making burgers. If you’re ever in Ridgeland, you should try out their special Majestic and the Texan Burgers which are served with regular fries.

burgers united states

25. Black Sheep Burgers and Shakes – Springfield, Missouri

Burgers, shakes and rock & roll – the restaurant specialises in satisfying every burger lover. They make the patties extra crispy and add cook it with their special sauce to bring you a mouth watering meas. The Cowboy Carl burger is topped with slow cooked smoked brisket, sharp white cheddar, candied bacon – yum.

burgers united states

26. The U Burgers and Shakes – Bozeman, Montana

The restaurant brings a new-school twist to the classic smash party. Located right across from Montana State University, the burger joint offers a great variety of gourmet burgers to satisfy any type of hunger. Popular among students and the local community of Bozeman, the Egyptian Prince and the Ball & Chain are just some of their best menu items.

burgers united states

27. Dinkers Bar and Grill – Omaha, Nebraska

If you’re looking for a place to dine, have a great burger and watch your favorite game on a high-def television, then checkout Dinkers Bar and Grill. Home of Omaha’s best burgers, the restaurant offers great sides and some well-done steaks! It ticks all the boxes.

burgers united states

28. Beefys – Reno, Nevada

These guys really know their meat. Located in the heart of the city, the Beefys serve a variety of different burgers including The Awesome Awesome, The Onion Burger, and Jacob’s Ladder. Cooked to a perfect juicy pink with all those flavoursome juices, the burgers here make Beefys a great place to visit to satisfy your cravings.

burgers united states

29. Hop + Grind – Durham, New Hampshiree

These guys don’t have restaurants, they have food experiences. They push the limits in fast-food cuisine and offer one of the best burgers in New Hampshire. If you’re into trying new tastes, then you should try their Bomb Diggity burger. It’s a beef patty blended with American and cheddar cheese, topped with salami and mushrooms.

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30. The Red Store – Cape May, New Jersey

With a constantly changing menu, the Red Store is a seasonal restaurant that offers delicious burgers tailored for meat-lovers. NJ has plenty of incredible burger joints, but this spot pips them to the point. The iconic burger here comes with American or Sharp Cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and mushrooms, sundried tomato relish, served on toasted bun and with house cut herbed garlic fries.

No photo description available.

31. Hall Of Flame Burgers – Ruidoso, New Mexico

They have some BIG burgers. Considering its home state, this burger chain is famous for making burgers that are spicy and delicious. Most burgers have chilli in them too, for a proper taste of the south. People of Ruidoso call it the best burger joint in town, and we’re calling it one of the best burgers in the United State.

32. Nowon – New York City,New York

Nowon is run by chef Jae Lee who has worked with some of the greatest names in the burger business and had a famous pop-up in the city. His new restaurant has a cosy yet buzzy vibe and serves the legendary Dry Aged Double Cheeseburger with ‘murican cheese and kimchi mayo, and dill pickle.


33. Burger Warfare – Greensboro, North Carolina

This restaurant joint has vowed to conquer the burger revolution. It offers delicious double-decker, vegan and chicken stacker burgers. The restaurant also has a gluten-free menu, so all diets are catered for. Expect super flavorful, over-the-top burgers that will convert you into a lifetime fan.

Burger Warfare North Carolina Burgers

34. JL Beers – Fargo, North Dakota

Burgers, burgers, and beer. The perfect trifecta. The restaurant offers great taste in its burgers and has a great beer collection. If you’re ever in Fago, you have to try their 22nd Avenue Burger their Mt. Mushmore. The beef is super tender and juicy here, with the signature JL Burger a must-order. It’s with grilled onions piled high, cheese, special sauce and two hamburger patties.

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35. Nano Brew – Cleveland, Ohio

The Nano Brew is a place for you if you want some good beer to pair with a seriously superb burger. Order the Jalabacon burger, which is just one of its delicious specialties. Their beer collection is just as impressive as the hearty burgers, with many options for you to wash your delicious meal down with.

Nano Brew Hamburger in Ohio

36. Meers Store and Restaurant – Meers, Oklahoma

This world renowned family restaurant is famous for its 7 inch diameter burger that you just cannot resist. The hefty 16 oz. burger is a challenge – even for the hungriest folk. The restaurant has a warm and friendly atmosphere with great service and an even better taste. What more could you possibly ask for?

Image: @authork.a.morse/Instagram

37. Killer Burger – Portland, Oregon

Every burger they offer is a hefty 1/3 pounder of 100% beef and comes  served with perfectly crispy french fries. Located in the heart of the city, this burger joint has unique toppings such as ooey gooey Swiss fondue cheese. If you’re ever in Portland, you have to try their Meathead burger which is a double cheddar meat heaven.

burgers united states

38. Craftsman Row Saloon – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For game day or for brunch, this restaurant has you covered. This restaurant has great deals on one of the best burgers in Philly. The Saloon, as they call it, offers some great menu items for breakfast, dinner and midday snacks as well. Get ready for a big feed, as these Insta-worthy creations are just as big and tasty as they look.

burgers united states

39. Harry’s Bar & Burger – Providence, Rhode Island

These 100% pure Hereford beef burgers come in pairs, with each burger pressed with onions, and served on a toasted Martin’s potato roll. This Providence restaurant has a classic cheese and hickory smoked bacon burger that you cannot miss. If you’re in town and wanna have a great burger, then Harry’s Bar & Burger is the place to go to.

burgers united states

40. Big Gun Bar and Burger – Charleston, South Carolina

A great place to spend some quality time eating delicious burgers. The Big Gun Bar and Burger joint also have a killer little bar where there is Karaoke. Oh, and watch out for their half price burgers from Monday – Friday between 4pm-6pm. What’s not to love about this place? 

Its Towering Inferno burger is famous for its size and spiciness.

burgers united states

41. Lewie’s Burgers and Brews – Lead, South Dakota

Lewie’s Burgers are all the hype in Lead. This roadside hamburger joint is proper oldschool, cooking up homey burgers that are famous for being served open faced, loaded with bacon and cheese. When it comes to the best burgers in the United States, this is a classic.

burgers united states

42. The Pharmacy Burger Parlor – Nashville, Tennessee

The restaurant has a diverse menu and a “burger counter” center which offers a great variety of burgers.  As well as legendary burgers, they also have an impressive selection of German wurst and bier, as well as an old-school soda fountain serving ice cream sodas.

burgers united states

43. Odd Duck – Austin, Texas

The craftsmanship that goes into making the burgers at Odd Duck speaks for itself, with a focus on local ingredients and doing things the proper, homemade way. There’s only one burger on the main menu, but it’s a good ‘un. It’s a Wagyu burger with green chile pork jam, tostada, turnip relish, and beer cheese.

burgers united states

44. Chedda Burger – Salt Lake City, Utah

Chedda Burger joint knows how to make seriously amazing burgers. What started off as a popular food truck has now grown into a permanent home with a loyal fanbase. What makes these some of the best burgers in the United States? Think: local ingredients and toppings such as truffle cheese and their famous side of handrolled “Chedda Tots”.

burgers united states

45. The Farmhouse Tap & Grill – Burlington, Vermont

The Farmhouse Tap & Grill is legendary in Vermont for producing the best burgers in the state. There’s six tempting burgers to choose from, with farm-beef, turkey and veggie options. But hey, we suggest you go all out with the Baller Burger. It’s an indulgent beast of LaPlatte beef, with foie gras terrine, black truffle aioli, Spring Brook Farm raclette, coleslaw, and arugula.

burgers united states

46. Beauvine Burger Concept – Richmond, Virginia

The restaurant offers artisanal burgers, handmade shakes and beverages.  Go for trivia on Tuesdays, $2 off on build-your-own burgers on Wednesday or get a gourmet burger, duck fat fries and a crafted soda, like Meyer lemon, for $10 on Mondays. All burgers are served a juicy pink, with the Steak Frites burger a must-eat: it’s with cabernet onions, steak sauce, Béarnaise and truffle fries.

burgers united states

47. Mean Sandwich – Seattle, Washington

This ‘barebones’ joint really does know how to make a mean sandwich, with a compact but delish burger menu.

The D.A.M burger is their famous, must-eat burger: two smashed 1/4lb 100% Dry Aged Meat patties, two pieces of USA cheese, onion, mayo, shop-made pickles and their own shop-made yellow mustard.

burgers united states

48. Avenue Eats – Wheeling, West Virginia

A neighbourhood eatery, the restaurant is run by some great West Virginia chefs that know how to cook up some truly heavenly beef. Their burgers are the perfect size, and come with some of the best home cooked fries you will ever taste. Can’t choose which one to order? Choose the one with brie cheese, caramelised onion and and grilled pear on a bacon ciabatta.

burgers united states

49. 11:11 Burgers and Beignets – Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Feast on famous burgers like the “Breakfast Buffet Burger”, “PB&J Burger” and “Baconeater” at 11:11, easily one of the best places in the state for a juicy burger. The burgers here are generally thicker than normal beef patties so know that before ordering a double patty – it’s a beast.

Plus, with two locations you’ve no excuse not to stop in.

burgers united states

50. Mouthful – Casper, Wyoming

Mouthful really is a mouthful of tasty burgers, with a tempting menu of sliders and bigger burgers. Get their classic cheese burger or go for something a little spicy: the Jalapeno Cream Cheese comes with fresh fire roasted jalapenos, cream cheese, and mayo.

For a truly huge feast try their pizza burger…

burgers united states

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