Burgers In Wroclaw

The 7 Best Burgers In Wroclaw

If you’ve craving a juicy beef burger, these burgers in Wroclaw will hit the spot. We recently released the best burgers in Poland, and while Krakow and Warsaw have plenty of great burger joints, Wroclaw is also a key player in the burger game.

Here’s our top picks of the city’s best burger restaurants…

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1. Moaburger

Moaburger is a family-owned, New Zealand-style burger restaurant that has seriously gourmet patties and toppings. Highlights include the Surf n Turf with grilled tiger prawns, home made garlic mayo, red onion, tomato, and lettuce. Or, their classic cheese burger includes a choice of cheddar, brie, mozzarella or blue cheese.

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2. Soczewka Kitchen

When it comes to tasty burgers in Wroclaw, this stylish burger bar is one of the very best. They grind their own beef daily, make all their own sauces and even bake their own buns.

Choose how you like your meat cooked and feel free to add on toppings such as mac and cheese or fried egg. The roe deer burger with potato gratin, mushroom sauce, kale crisps, beetroot and natural yoghurt is also a must-try.

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3. Burger Ltd.

Each beef burger at this funky place is a hefty 200g portion of prime beef, with endless delicious topping choices. For a local taste, get the Polski burger with mustard, slices of grilled white sausage, horseradish sauce and marinated beetroot. Or, go all out with the ‘Blame Canada’ burger. It’s a feast of Mimolette cheese, grilled bacon, grilled banana and peanut butter.

Burgers In Wroclaw

4. Balkan Burger

Balkan Burger serve up Pljeskavica and Cevapcici burgers that are wonderfully juicy. You can choose the level of spiciness that you want your juicy beef burger to be and also swap out the beef for tender mutton, with freshly baked rolls too.

Toppings include cheese, grilled sweet pepper, tasty sauces, onion, cucumber, and cabbage.

5. Beef Burger

There’s 10 tasty beef burgers to choose from here, as well as chicken and veggie options. We urge you to order the beef though, as it’s too good to pass up. With tender beef patties that are cooked to your liking (a pink medium is perfect) and gourmet toppings, you’ll love it here.

Try the Tokio Boy with grilled pineapple, chilli, teriyaki sauce and fried onions.

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6. The Winners Steakhouse Pub

This popular sports bar and steakhouse are masters at all things beef, with a steak menu of unique meats such as bison, crocodile and kangaroo. It’s the burgers though, that locals really love. With thick, juicy patties and buttery soft bread rolls, they’re easily some of the best burgers in the city.

Burgers In Wroclaw


Seek out this creative food truck for a burger that is bursting with flavour. They make everything from scratch (including their own unique sauces) for a burger that’s topped with unique ingredients. It’s tough to pick just one, but highlights include the Jameson whiskey- flavoured beef burger with bacon, pickled cucumber, red onion, arugula, and a ‘secret’ green pepper sauce.

Burgers In Wroclaw

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