Where to Eat Ceviche in Lima

The 7 Best Places For Ceviche In Lima

Ceviche is a popular dish served all up and down coastal South, Latin, and North American seaboards. However, most travellers don’t seem to know that ceviche actually originated in Peru

Peruvian ceviche is usually made of fresh raw fish that’s been cured in citrus juices then peppered and spiced to taste. And, seeing as the capital city of Lima is situated right on the cascading coastline, bordering the Pacific Ocean, you’ll find that the best places for ceviche are in Lima.

You don’t have to explore the entire coastline to find the best ceviche in Lima, we’ve already done it for you. Head to any one of these places to indulge in one of Peru’s tastiest dishes.

Best Ceviche In LimaHow do these rankings work?

1. Chez Wong

Chinese-Peruvian chef Javier Wong serves ceviche out of a unique restaurant-home and has been doing so for decades. While it might sound a bit out-of-the-ordinary, that’s really what travelling and tasting is all about, isn’t it? It’s hard to deny that the ceviche here is some of the be ceviche in Lima as it’s perfectly balanced in flavour, offering hot, cold, sweet, or sour, and marinated to perfection.

Best Ceviche in Lima

2. Canta Rana

Canta Rana is a world-renowned cevechería in Lima due to the quality of fish they serve and the flavours they add to it. It’s always as fresh as can be, which is why you’ll notice such a long queue of people rolling out onto the sidewalk nearly every day of the week. On top of delicious ceviche, they also serve other Peruvian seafood dishes that are well worth a try or two.

Where to Eat Ceviche in Lima

3. Bam Bam

Head over to Surquillo to indulge in what is one of the most delicious servings of ceviche in Lima. At Bam Bam, everything seems to be infused with passion and love. It’s easy to feel and taste that the chef throws a lot of heart into crafting the dishes he serves, especially when it comes to the ceviche. This ceviche is a bit elevated but still filled with all of the traditional flavours you’d expect.

4. La Mar

Foodies near and far flock to the bamboo-covered restaurant in Lima that is La Mar. The restaurant is billed as a “cebichería,” meaning they specialise in a ceviche that seems to be the perfect fusion of traditional flavours and modern cuisine. Service here is lunch-only, and they don’t take reservations, meaning you’ll have to get here early just to sample a tasty dose of Lima’s best ceviche.

5. El Muelle

Ask any local where to get the best ceviche in Lima and they’ll likely list off a few names. El Muelle will be one of them. And, it’s in the swanky neighbourhood of Barranco, making it a great pit stop during a day of wandering the city. The restaurant itself is familiar and relaxing, meaning that the mouth-watering ceviche they serve tastes especially authentic and homemade. 

Peruvian Ceviche in Lima

6. Mercado de Surquillo

Oftentimes when travelling, the tastiest foods are the ones you’ll find inside the local markets. Navigate your way through the bustling Mercado de Surquillo to find the fish and meat section; the name of the place is El Rey Luhcin. Order the ceviche and take a seat on a plastic stool as you enjoy the authenticity of the flavours and the experience as a whole.

7. Restaurant Sonia

Dining at Restaurant Sonia feels about as authentically seaside Peruvian as it gets. Nautical decor hangs from the ceiling as the dish out plates of ceviche to locals and travellers alike. For nearly four decades they’ve been perfecting the recipe, using on the freshest of ingredients straight from the sea. You can almost taste the tradition.

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