7 Of The Best Coffee Shops In Cleveland

The heart of Ohio is overflowing with great coffee spots. From charming vintage cafes to contemporary micro-roasteries, Cleveland and the surrounding burbs have something for every taste. Whether you are a local or visiting the city, get your caffeine fix at any of these seven best coffee shops in Cleveland.

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1. Phoenix Coffee Co.

Since 1990, Phoenix Coffee Co. has been serving up the best java in Cleveland. Their small batch roasts come from all corners of the Earth, and in the 30 years since they’ve opened, they’ve expanded to five different locations. Kick-off your day with one of their ultra milky double lattes and something sweet.

Best Coffee Shops In Cleveland

2. Brewella’s Coffee, Crepes & Collectibles

When it comes to charming antique cafes, it simply does not get better than Brewella’s Coffee. This Lakewood fave is chock full of vintage knickknacks, super cosy seating, an eccentric atmosphere and of course, great coffee. They keep it simple with your faves like espresso, americanos, lattes and black coffee. We recommend a classic Americano and a crepe. Be sure to sit and stay awhile.

3. Duck-Rabbit Coffee

This craft coffee roastery is a favourite among caffeine lovers for their bean variety and high-quality cups of coffee. Whether you want it black, iced, frothy, blended or milky – they’ve got you covered. We recommend any of their house roast specialities.

Best Coffee Shops In Cleveland
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4. Pour Cleveland

Fancy a pour-over? That’s what Pour Cleveland does best. They strive to make sure each and every cup is fresh and as rich or as smooth as you want it. Being a multi-roaster, there are plenty of options to choose from. We recommend you start with any of their classic pour-over options. But if you’re in a pinch, their espresso is killer.

Best Coffee Shops In Cleveland

5. Loop

Loop is a mashup of coffee, art and music in a retro setting. Their beans are roasted in house, and the coffee shop doubles as a record store. Head upstairs to enjoy your fresh caffeine and treat while browsing the vinyl selection. In addition to old vinyl, they also offer a ton of pieces done by local artists.

Best Coffee Shops In Cleveland

6. Six Shooter Coffee

This Waterloo gem is known for its rich roasts and quaint, cosy atmosphere. Get your caffeine fix with a deliciously smooth flat white and don’t forget to grab a bag of their house roast on the way out. If you’re craving a snack, they also serve bagels.

Best Coffee Shops In Cleveland

7. The Root Cafe

The Root Cafe is the place to be for delicious vegan and vegetarian treats in an eccentric artsy setting. Whether you are looking for a fresh drip coffee, 24-hour cold brew or a good old cafe au lait, they’ve got you in mind. Be sure to check their site for events; they often have live performances by local music artists which only adds to the charm.

Best Coffee Shops In Cleveland

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