Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

The 50 Best Coffee Shops In Europe 2020

From Rome to Paris and Berlin to Belgium, Europe has long been one of the world’s hottest travel destinations for coffee lovers. It’s woven so intricately into the fabric of daily life in numerous European countries.

And, while there’s only one tiny spot in Spain (in Gran Canaria) where coffee actually grows, specialty coffee roasters and champion baristas have ensured that the lack of homegrown beans doesn’t affect the continent’s status as a top coffee destination.

With so many world-class coffee shops in Europe, it made it hard to rank just 50 of them, honestly. You’ll find numerous more in each city just bursting with life, quality beans and some of the world’s best roasters and baristas.

But, following on from our 2019 roundup of the best coffee shops in Europe, we took suggestions from our readers and our 2 million social audience of the best spots for coffee throughout the year. Here’s where they all stacked up…

Best Coffee Shops In EuropeHow do these rankings work?

50th. Črno Zrno Specialty Coffee – Ljubljana, Slovenia

This specialty coffee shop in Ljubljana not only looks stunning but also sticks to stunning morals. They source their beans straight from the farmers to form an “intimate relationship between flavour and landscape.” The result is an array of high-quality well-crafted lines of Colombian coffee you can sip on as you take in the magnificence that is the blue and white tiling leading you through the shop itself.

49th. Cafe Schwarzenberg – Vienna, Austria

If you’re looking for tradition in Vienna, look no further than Cafe Schwarzenberg. Classic, ornate and just oozing with centuries of history, this coffee shop ticks off both boxes of a tourist destination and great cafe. Aside from being able to order super foamy cappuccinos and delicious cakes, you can also head here to attend local cultural events, concerts and readings. What more could you ask for?

48th. EMA Espresso Bar – Prague, Czech Republic

EMA Espresso Bar in Prague is a lot of things all rolled into one. It’s both a large industrial space and a bright and airy coffee shop. The atmosphere perfectly mixes together the modern vibe of a coffee shop and the traditional tranquillity of an old espresso bar. And, their team of super-talented baristas make some of the best coffees in the country. You’ll definitely settle in and have a second cup.

47th. Bold Street Coffee – Liverpool, England

Bold Street Coffee is a true meeting point of sorts where they serve “coffee for everyone.” They’ve got a dedicated, passionate team who’s interested in brewing the best coffee in Liverpool. And, they seem to accomplish it with ease. And, while the coffee here is truly superior to other spots in the city, it’s the real community atmosphere they’ve created that makes it one of the best coffee shops in Europe.

46th. MAME – Zurich, Switzerland

MAME specialises in serving specialty coffee in a way that’s easy for everybody to enjoy. New to coffee and not sure what you like? Just in need of some caffeine? A coffee connoisseur looking for something specific? They’ll cater to any type of guest. Not sold on the quality? Co-owner Emi Fukahori was the 2015 Swiss Barista Champion. Both she and Mathieu Theis know more than a thing or two about fine flavours.

45th. Ozone Coffee Roasters – London, England

Whether you’re hungry, thirsty or in need of a quick jolt of caffeine, you can find it all at any one of Ozone Coffee Roasters’ locations in London. The 11 Leonard Street location is an artisan roastery and a bakery where you can treat yourself to breakfast, cakes and other tasty treats. Because it’s a roastery, it’s easily the best spot for those looking to immerse themselves into the delectable aroma of truly fresh coffee beans.

44th. Urban House – Bratislava, Slovakia

Urban House is another spot that seems to tick all of the boxes. Not only is it one of the best coffee shops in Europe, but it’s also a pretty happenin’ spot where locals head to grab a bite to eat or even unwind with a cocktail. It truly is, as they call it, and urban house, a meeting point for food, fun and fine drinks. Stop by for breakfast to fuel up before exploring the city then visit in the evening for an urban cocktail.

43rd. Kolonel Coffee Roastery – Antwerp, Belgium

Kolonel Coffee Roastery was founded in 2011, which means they’ve had nearly ten years to perfect their roasting and brewing processes. They source their beans and prepare and roast them all on-site, which even further enhances the already world-class quality and flavours you’ll taste in each cup of something special here. And, they also serve tasty teas and lemonades.

42nd. Coffee Proficiency – Kraków, Poland

If you place a lot of importance on the ethos behind the coffee you’re drinking then you’ll love Coffee Proficiency. This Polish coffee shop imports and roasts beans from all over the world. And, they do so in a manner that’s about as ethical and fair as it gets. We suggest ordering beans to take back home with you, but there’s nothing quite like enjoying a hot coffee in the shop that’s prepared by one of their talented baristas.

41st. Man Met Bril Koffie – Rotterdam, Netherlands

What’s there to know about Dutch coffee culture? A lot! And, you’ll be able to explore a tiny slice of it at Man Met Bril Koffie. Here, they know so much about coffee that they offer intensive training courses. So, if you head into their coffee bar, expect nothing short of world-class quality and unique, smooth flavours. But, it gets even better. They also serve tasty French toast, chia bowls, soups and more.

40th. Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories – Vilnius, Lithuania

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories is just as much of a design masterpiece as it is a coffee shop. Walking into this store is liking walking straight into the depths of an interior design Pinterest board. It’s easy to enjoy the space here. And, they serve their brews in a variety of different ways, always coming up with something new to entice regulars back for more.

Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

39th. Chucky’s Coffee House – Sofia, Bulgaria

When it comes to driving the third wave of coffee forward across Bulgaria, Chucky’s Coffee House is still leading the charge. Not only have they successfully created a space that’s warm and welcoming, but they also further coffee knowledge in the community by offering wholesale, training and education. It’s coffee as a culture and boy does it taste good. Order a French press coffee and see what we’re talking about.

38th. La Boîte à Café – Lyon, France

This Lyon coffee shop offers more than just a great cup of coffee. To truly be one of the best coffee shops in Europe, you have to do more than just make a great flat white, right? Yes, and La Boîte à Café does it all. From beginning your day here with a latte and a warm breakfast to stopping by for an afternoon tea and cake, you’ll find the experience here to be delicious and delightful from beginning to end.

37th. RØST – Tallinn, Estonia

RØST is, first and foremost, a Scandinavian-influenced sourdough bakery. This means that they not only have one of the most delicious smelling cafes in the country, but also that you can pair your coffee drinks with something toasty as well. Both the coffee and bread are baked with passion, precision and perfection in such a manner that you’ll want to come back every single day.

Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

36th. Good Life Coffee – Helsinki, Finland

Avoid the bad life and drink Good Life Coffee. It’s that simple. Or, at least, the team here makes it seem that way. They take a “no bullshit” approach to their coffee and literally everything else they do here. It’s all about the “carefully selected high-­grade beans combined with precise procedures.” That’s really the secret to success. Oh, and a super trendy space combined with incredibly friendly, helpful staff.

35th. Taf Coffee – Athens, Greece

Even though it’s just outside of the city centre, you’ll find Taf Coffee to be a delightful respite from the hustle and bustle of Athens. Make the short trip out and reward yourself with a world-class cup of coffee made by some of the country’s top baristas. They take great care in crafting each and every drink they make. There’s a reason why they made 1st Division at the 2020 Hellenic Barista Championships.

34th. Törnqvist – Hamburg, Germany

The idea behind everything that Törnqvist does is that they’re offering true transparency as they redefine coffee. They seem to infuse art into everything they do here, from the incredibly creative space to the baked goods they serve. It’s all just bursting with a rich sense of passion that’s hard to deny and hard to pull your eyes away from. They source quality to yield quality; it doesn’t get simpler than that.

Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

33rd. 3fe – Dublin, Ireland

Locals will likely tell you that 3fe is a beacon of great coffee in Ireland. This local coffee shop has grown into a mini-chain (in the best possible use of the word!) of sorts with three shops now open to ensure that everybody can get their fix. While the quality beans are a part of the excellence, their staf are also as knowledgeable and talented as you’ll find in Europe. Head to any one of their locations for a fantastic coffee and a mouthwatering toastie.

32nd. Sakona Coffee Roasters – San Sebastián, Spain

Cafe con leche in Madrid or Barcelona might sound enticing, but we’re here to tell you that Sakona Coffee Roasters can compete with the best of the best in those major Spanish cities. The founder of the shop, Javier Garcia, dominated the Barista Championships of Spain from 2008-2011 and once again in 2014. So, there’s no shortage of excellence and expertise here. It’s all so quality.

31st. Root & Branch – Belfast, Ireland

Interested in getting cans of espresso delivered to your door each month? Sign up for the Root & Branch coffee subscription box. Just travelling through Belfast? Visit one of their physical coffee shops, which are just about as cosy as it gets. Rich, earthy tones and warm wood panelling welcome you in along with the delectable aroma of fresh coffee. Order literally anything off the menu and prepare to be really wowed.

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30th. Roemar Koffie & Thee – Deventer, Netherlands

From your own personal favourite to something new and exotic, this Deventer coffee shop notes that they’ve got something to please any palate. They regularly offer 13 different coffees from all over the world for tasting and rotate them often. They roast them in small batches themselves, ensuring that they don’t lose any flavour in the process. The result? A wonderful cup of coffee each time you visit.

29th. La Cabra Coffee – Aarhus, Denmark

Interested in exploring a unique Nordic coffee experience? Head straight to Aarhus and visit La Cabra Coffee, a modern coffee roastery “producing and serving a unique Nordic coffee experience.” They’re experts at balancing the flavours of their coffee, ensuring that both newbies and experienced coffee lovers will enjoy the experience. Watch their company video, get the chills and then treat yourself to more than a cup or two of whatever they’ve most recently roasted.

28th. onesip coffee – Prague, Czech Republic

A once well-kept secret, oneship coffee seems to slowly be gaining more and more popularity amongst travellers looking for more than just a basic black coffee. The shop itself is small and cosy, but that’s really what gives it its unique charm. The espresso bar is the perfect place to chat up the founders and learn about local Prague coffee culture as you sip on a very well-prepared espresso tonic.

27th. HanSo Café – Madrid, Spain

This Asian-influenced cafe is popular amongst both locals and travellers alike. You’ll find the coffee shop bustling with a buzz of tired travellers, sleepy expats and caffeine-craving locals any day of the week. Sample an Asian-inspired cake and throw back one of the best flat whites you’ll taste in Spain. Looking for just a nice filter coffee? They serve V60, Chemex, Kalita pour-overs and more.

Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

26th. Koffie Onan – Leuven, Belgium

Whether you’re perusing the shelves for a new favourite roast or you’re chatting with one of the staff, spending time at Koffie Onan is a delightful and comfortable experience. Locals note that they serve the best filter coffee and cappuccino in the city but we’d argue that everything they produce is the best in the city. Simply put, the quality is unmatchable, even in other bigger Belgian cities.

25th. Combi – Porto, Portugal

Combi actually made our list of one of the world’s best cafes for digital nomads. But, there’s a reason so many remote workers flock to this Porto coffee shop. Whether you’re just starting the day or needing an afternoon pick me up, Combi fits the bill. Their brews are smooth, strong and everything in between. And, the staff is incredibly knowledgeable, meaning they’ll gladly help you out if you’re looking to try something new.

24th. La Ménagère – Florence, Italy

Whether you’re planning on ordering a coffee or not, visiting La Ménagère is well worth your time if you’re travelling to Florence. From the design-heavy space to the soaring vaulted roof that adds a sense of grandeur to the entire place, there’s a lot to take in at this restaurant and cafe. It’s the kind of place where you can head back all day long. Get breakfast, stop by for lunch and then end the evening with aperitivos.

23rd. Místo – Prague, Czech Republic

Premium coffee is what it’s all about at Místo. This Prague coffee shop is many things…modern, bright, vivacious, light and airy. It’s one of the best coffee shops in Europe for a reason. You’re first drawn in by the coffee but soon realise the food menu is just as tantalising. They offer everything from standard drip coffees to lattes and straight on through to innovative drinks such as something called a London Fog.

22nd. HAYB Speciality Coffee – Warsaw, Poland

HAYB stands for “how are you brewing,” which kinds of sums up the culture as this Warsaw coffee shop. It’s a place where you can engage all of your senses in a delightful play that results in asking the question, “how are you brewing?” The modern, open space feels bright and welcoming, making it pretty easy to settle into a cosy seat and sip on cup after cup of their world-class coffee.

21st. Lomi – Paris, France

Lomi is what you’d get if you mixed equal parts Australian coffee culture with Parisian cafe vibes. The exposed beams at the coffee shop location let you know the spot is trendy, but it’s the incredibly rich, flavourful beans they roast that really make this one of the best coffee shops in Europe. They roast and deliver beans to a few cafes in Paris, so you’ll recognise the superb quality if you wander around the city a bit.

20th. Colonna Coffee – Bath, England

If there’s one thing that personifies Colonna Coffee, it’s passion. They’re incredibly dedicated to exploring all of the rich flavours that each bean holds and then transmitting those flavours to visitors who head into the shop each day. The owner began his coffee journey in Melbourne, a huge hub for specialty coffee, and brought all of his expertise back to Bath. Check out their shop Colonna & Small’s.

19th. The Goat Herder – Budapest, Hungary

While this coffee shop is unique in its own right, it’s easy to see that they’ve been inspired by the relaxed, urban vibes you’ll find all around the coffee scene in Australia. Mix in some local Budapest flair and you’ve got The Goat Herder, one of the best espresso bars in the city. They gently roast their beans to preserve as much flavour as possible and then serve them in just a few pre-determined styles.

18th. Religion Speciality Coffee – Madrid, Spain

There are a lot of great coffee shops in Madrid, so when we say that Religion Specialty Coffee serves one of the absolute best flat whites in the city, it’s a big deal. And, not only that, but they cosy little cafe is pretty trendy, too. You’ll likely be drawn in by the neon “coffee is my god” sign. Or, it might be the irresistible aroma of their fresh coffee drinks. Whatever teases you in, rest assured the flavours you enjoy will delight.

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17th. Gota Coffee – Vienna, Austria

You get a two-for-one at this Vienna cafe. It’s both a third-wave specialty coffee shop and a roastery. So, they’ll not only prepare your coffee to perfection but long before that they’ll ensure that it’s roasted in a way that preserves all of its rich flavours. From their informational workshops to the tasty food they serve, they’re committed to making the experience delightful and tasty for anybody who stops by.

16th. OR Coffee – Ghent, Belgium

With locations all over Belgium, OR Coffee Roasters is a micro roaster and coffee training center with four coffee bars in the country (two in Brussels and two in Ghent, currently). However, we’re especially fond of their Ghent locations, which seem to serve up the most consistence when it comes to full flavours superb service. If you have the time, definitely stop by for a cupping. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local coffee culture.

15th. Brew Lab Coffee – Edinburgh, Scotland

It’s easy to see what make Brew Lab Coffee one of the best coffee shops in Europe. This Edinburgh cafe has been serving the best coffee in the city since 2012. But, it’s about more than just great coffee here. The vibes are second to none, offering up a space that feels like more of a cocktail bar than a coffee bar.  The menu features four rotating single-origin coffees which they’ll prepare at their espresso bar or as pour-overs.

Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

14th. Copenhagen Coffee Lab – Lisbon, Portugal

Despite what the name might suggest, the Copenhagen Coffee Lab is actually located in Lisbon. Well, okay, they’re a small chain with locations in cities like Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Copenhagen, too. All in all, however, Copenhagen Coffee Lab is doing its bit to boost the third wave coffee culture into Lisbon. The lab part of the operations is where they develop perfect roast profiles for each bean they source.

13th. La Fontaine de Belleville – Paris, France

Interested in trying some of the highest-quality coffee in Paris? Eventually, you’ll stumble upon Belleville Brûlerie, a specialty roaster in Paris supplying much of the city’s top roasts to hot cafes. At their La Fontaine de Belleville location they’ve combined modern coffee with antique Parisian cafe vibes to craft one superb experience. Tuck into a croque monsieur and a cappuccino for a flavourful morning.

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12th. The Urbanist – Bucharest, Romania

There are quite a few great spots for coffee in Bucharest. In Eastern Europe, it’s actually home to one of the most thriving specialty coffee scenes. But, there’s something especially unique about The Urbanist, which is equal parts a hip men’s clothing store and a cafe bar.  Order meals at any time of the day and pair them with a great cup of coffee or even a local craft beer. They’re experts at pairing the perfect flavours.

Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

11th. Five Elephant Coffee & Cake – Berlin, Germany

Five Elephant Coffee strives for excellence is everything they do, from their exceptional coffee straight through to their mouthwatering cakes. While they source and ship their coffee worldwide, it’s their cafe and cake shop in Berlin that’s a must if you’re interested in sampling the label. Flavours are innovative and the staff are amongst some of the most knowledgable in the industry.

Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

10th. Sant’ Eustachio Il Caffè – Rome, Italy

Wander over to this small, unassuming coffee shop after visiting the famous Pantheon to sample the most unique cup of coffee you’ll ever try in Europe. What’s so special about it? The baristas add a few teaspoons of sugar the first few drops of espresso to create a creamy, sweet and frothy mixture that’s too tempting not to leave you craving seconds. The coffee shop itself is pretty historic, making it well worth a visit.

9th. My Little Melbourne – Budapest, Hungary

Here, they’re all about welcoming you to the world of filter coffee. And boy do they give you an extra warm welcome. My Little Melbourne takes its cues from Australian coffee culture as they look to satisfy the needs of filter coffee lovers. You can stop in any time of the day and order something you love. They’ll pair it with a warm smile and likely a bit of conversation as you enjoy taking in all of the delightful decor.

Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

8th. Satan’s Coffee Corner – Barcelona, Spain

Satan’s Coffee Corner sure is modern and trendy for a place that evokes images of the depths of hell. Barcelona’s cool culture seeps into the corners of each and every one of this coffee shop’s locations and combined with “hellishly good coffee” to create a fantastic caffeine-filled experience. They’re brewing some of the best coffee in Spain, too, Right Side Coffee. So, it’s just spectacular from beginning to end.

Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

7th. Screaming Beans – Amsterdam, Netherlands

If one thing’s apparent, the team over at Screaming Beans is incredibly committed to quality. They make sure they purchase their beans straight from the source, from farmers in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Brazil, Uganda and Guatemala. And, they serve them up simply with a bare-bones menu and a few sweet treats. However, when the coffee tastes this good, you don’t need to add a lot to it, honestly.

Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

6th. Established Coffee – Belfast, Ireland

Established Coffee is evidence that with enough passion, dedication, sweat and tears, even the most humble of beginnings can lead you to greatness. This small Belfast cafe is quickly growing; in 2020 they’ll begin to roast their own coffee, which only means that their already delicious offerings are only about to get better. The super local vibes and family environment make this easily one of the best coffee shops in Europe.

Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

5th. Tim Wendelboe – Oslo, Norway

Ask any European coffee expert where to get some of the world’s best coffee and they’ll absolutely drop Tim Wendelboe’s name. He’s single-handedly revolutionised Oslo’s coffee scene and helped drive the entire culture to a new level. Online ordering for take-home beans is a huge part of what they do here. But, it’s impossible to resist visiting the Oslo coffee shop. They’ve even got a unique on-site micro-roastery.

4th. Coffee Collective – Copenhagen, Denmark

What’s not to love about the Coffee Collective? First of all, they’re a B Corporation. But, they also craft some of the most unique roasts in the country, if not the world. Selling filter coffee, equipment and espresso online, we suggest just going in to their Copenhagen location to sample all of their fine flavours. They’ll pull the perfect shot and top it off with just the right amount of creamy milk to create one hell of a latte.

Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

3rd. Workshop Coffee – London, England

There’s a lot that sets Workshop Coffee aparts from the rest of the cafes in London. And, it begins with the fact that they’re quality-focused coffee roasters. From sourcing to roasting and finally brewing in one of their four brewshops, they truly take care of the details in everything they do. Add on the fact that their cafes are uber-trendy and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular amongst both locals and travellers alike.

Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

2nd. The Barn – Berlin, Germany

Coffee experts around the world agree, The Barn is one of the best coffee shops in Europe, if not the entire world. They’ve been driving the specialty coffee movement in Berlin and beyond since 2010, pioneering what third-wave coffee means to producers and consumers. And, we still can’t stress enough…drinking coffee in their shop at the source is one of the greatest culinary experiences you’ll have in Berlin.

Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

1st. Drop Coffee Roasters – Stockholm, Sweden

Fika culture is alive and well in Sweden, and if you’re interested in seeing what it’s all about, head to Drop Coffee Roasters. Upon entering the cafe, you’ll be welcomed by the delectable aroma of freshly-brewed coffee. They sell beans on-site here and run courses as well, so there’s no doubt that the baristas know exactly what they’re doing when they’re pulling your shots. Consistent quality across the board ensures they’re easily amongst the best of the best.

Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2020

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