Best Coffee Shops in Aruba

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Aruba

Aruba has been voted as the hottest Caribbean destination to visit for 2020. The island paradise, which locals and tourists alike have deemed “One Happy Island,” embodies everything you’re looking for out of Caribbean tropical vacation spots.

White sand beaches, tranquil waters and some pretty fantastic beach bars all make Aruba a great place to spend a relaxing vacation. Mingle with the flamingos, head out for some superb snorkelling and then kick back for a cold coffee beside the waves.

Not sure where to refuel on this Dutch Caribbean island? We’ve scoured the island nation to bring you a comprehensive and very tasty list of the best coffee shops in Aruba.

Best Coffee Shops In ArubaHow do these rankings work?

1. Santos Coffee With Soul

From the cosy terrace seating to the fantastic, well-brewed coffee, it’s easy to see why tourists and locals alike think Santos Coffee with Soul is one of the best coffee shops in Aruba. And, not only that but the cafe itself is super cute. It’s easy to relax here and fuel up on tasty breakfast bites and iced coffee before heading out to explore the island. In for lunchtime? Be sure to order one of their creamy milkshakes.

Best Coffee Shops in Aruba

2. Antesala Cafe

Antesala Cafe is the go-to spot for those staying in the Savaneta area of the island. Here, you can order coffee for sure. But, it’s more so well-known for their delectable dishes that you pair with the coffee. The focus here is on healthy food. So, you won’t have to feel guilty about indulging in some savoury sides as you wash it all down with a fresh drink.

3. The Coffee Table

This vintage-themed cafe is the perfect spot for a quiet, slow morning on the island. Greeny plants, old bikes and rustic vibes surround you here as you indulge in a variety of juices, teas, coffee and even wine. Their desserts are truly delectable, so if you’ve got a sweet tooth then you simply can’t pass up the chance to treat yourself to a cake or two along with a strong black coffee. Hey, you’re on vacation.

Best Coffee Shops in Aruba

4. Aruba Experience Cafe

Tucked away smack dab in the middle of downtown, discovering this coffee shop truly is an enriching experience. At risk of attracting Instagrammers in the near future, the Aruba Experience Cafe is a unique view into what traditional cunucu houses look like on the island. Enter the home and settle into one of the cosy seating areas. Then, order a flaky croissant and enjoy some of the best coffee on the island.

Best Coffee Shops in Aruba

5. Coffee House Aruba

The Coffee House Aruba is another unique spot that’s unlike anything else you’ve (likely) ever seen. Located inside of what appears to be an actual house, the antique decorations, unique coffee dispensers and travel-themed murals make this spot a truly intriguing place to visit for any eager traveller. And, the coffee? It’s easily some of the best on the island if you’re after more than just a cute place to caffeinate yourself.

Best Cafes in Aruba

6. Cafe the Plaza

If you plan on sticking around Oranjestad during your stay in Aruba, spend your mornings (and your evenings) at Cafe the Plaza in the Renaissance Marketplace. It’s a bustling cafe and restaurant where you can enjoy a leisurely morning or afternoon out on their sunny patio. Order a coffee and stay through the night to enjoy their fantastic dinner menu or, sometimes, even the live entertainment.

7. Huchada

Head inland to experience a local breakfast experience in Aruba. Huchada is a place where locals gather each morning and chat over their morning coffee in a colourful little cunucu-style house typical of Aruba. This is also one of the best spots to taste the local pastechi, a traditional Aruban breakfast snack that’s filled with various ingredients such as meat and cheese. Be sure to order a few to take with you for later!

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