Best Cafes in Beirut

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Beirut

Beirut is an intriguing city filled with great bars and tons of spots to catch a mid-morning or early afternoon brunch

However, when exploring the capital city of Lebanon, you’ll find that there are so many things to see and do that you might not have time to sit down and enjoy an entire morning or evening of food and chats. If that’s the case, check out the best coffee shops in Beirut

They offer cosy places to indulge in a little break, refuel with some strong, tasty coffee, and pick up a snack or two for the road. And, you’ll even encounter passionate baristas looking to revive the city’s coffee culture; make it a point to strike up a conversation amidst a cup or two.

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1. Al Falamanki Raouche

Inside or out, there are few places in Beirut that serve up such an eclectic mix of stunning decor, jaw-dropping views, and tasty treats. Here, you can treat yourself to panoramic views of seaside Beirut as you indulge in freshly-prepared coffee and a traditional Lebanese breakfast. The vintage-style interior design spills out onto a quaint patio where locals and tourists alike mingle amidst their morning coffee.

Best Coffee Shops In Beirut

2. Dar Bistro & Books

Bar Bistro & Books recently made our list of the best spots for brunch in Beirut. So, if you’re looking for a great place to enjoy coffee and a bite to eat, it’s hard to beat the lush, overflowing garden patio you’ll find here. However, this is more than just one of the best coffee shops in Beirut. It’s a meeting place for locals, intellectuals, and the most curious of visitors. Stop by for coffee, a glass of wine, or simply to browse the rows and rows of books.

Best Coffee Shops In Beirut

3. Cafe Younes

If you’re a stickler for quality then you’ll want to head to any one of Cafe Younes’ locations in Beirut. They’ve been serving high-quality coffee since 1935. While known locally for their array of delicious breakfast menu items, espresso-based brews, and specialty teas and smoothies, that’s not all that makes this one of the best coffee shops in Beirut. It’s the garden terraces, the friendly baristas, and the work-friendly spaces that travellers seem to crave.

4. Urbanista

For a delightful dip into the unique culture of modern Beirut, check out any one of the city’s three locations of Urbanista. More than just a mere coffee shop, these cafes offer travellers an intriguing look into modern Lebanese culture, all with a side of fusion food and specialty coffee. They note that the cafes are “inspired by both Manhattan and London, and sealed by Beirut,” which, couldn’t feel more perfect. Count on tasty food and great coffee, amongst many other things.

Best Cafes in Beirut

5. Cafe Hamra

Looking for an interesting cultural spot to indulge in a coffee but craving a few American vibes? Cafe Hamra is an eclectic mix between Lebanese hookah lounge and 1950s American diner. The result is intriguing, to say the least, and well worth at least one visit if you’re exploring Beirut. The decor is pretty Instagrammable, if that’s what you’re after, and it’s one of the best coffee shops in Beirut for those looking to order coffee and other full menu items.

Where to Get Good Coffee in Beirut


If you’re a digital nomad then there are few better coffee shops in Beirut for you than B.HIVE. The culture here is on point, along with the brews they serve. Numerous travellers rank it high up on their list for the cosy atmosphere, super-friendly staff, and heavenly coffee. The large communal spaces, charming garden terrace, and even the on-site library ensure that you could spend the entire afternoon here getting lost and exploring.

7. The Backburner

It’s impossible to list off the best cafes in Beirut without mentioning a fairly new one to the scene. The Backburner is a brew bar situated in the heart of Saifi Village. The focus at this minimalist, trendy cafe is on artisanal coffee and good eats. And, they deliver on all fronts. The dedication to quality shines through in everything they do, from their imported, freshly roasted espresso beans to the pastries they sell from local bakers.

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