The 25 Best Coffee Shops In Bolivia

Often compared to the flavour you find in Colombian coffee, the beans that grow in Bolivia are regarded as some of the tastiest in South America. And, it’s all due to a unique mixture of landscape, altitude and a passion for the craft of cultivating great coffee.

At just about 3650 meters above sea level, La Paz is the highest capital city on the planet. And, this often means that travellers need some time to adjust. Lucky for you, the city’s full of great coffee shops where you can slowly transition into your daily Bolivian life. And, that even goes for other cities outside of La Paz, too.

Bolivia is one of the best countries in South America to visit right now for those interested in seeing what third-wave coffee is doing to the cafe culture in some of the world’s top coffee-producing country. Not sure where to go? We’ve check out 25 of the best coffee shops in Bolivia for you.

Best Coffee Shops In Bolivia

25th. Qhatu – La Paz

Locals and travellers who’ve visited Qhatu have described it as “super cosy” and “charming.” And, we’d have to agree. It’s a great spot to spend a rainy afternoon in La Paz. The coffee is well-prepared and they offer it up with a small yet tasty menu of cakes and brownies. Plus, the owner and staff are incredibly welcoming and friendly!

24th. Cafe Namu – Cochabamba

Bolivian coffee mixed with Korean treats and decor? Yes, it’s an intriguing mix, and it’s part of what makes Cafe Namu one of the best coffee shops in Bolivia. From cold teas, cream sodas and coffee straight on through to traditional Korean plates, everything here is scrumptious. And, it’s all stuff you can’t find anywhere else in the city.

23rd. Metro Cafe – Sucre

Decorated to mimic somewhat of a Parisien cafe mixed with a bit of local culture, Metro Cafe is a great spot in Sucre for a coffee and a light breakfast. Strong WiFi, coffee, juices and an array of tasty menu items make the spot particularly popular amongst those who need a quiet place to get some work done.

22nd. La Torre Cafe Mirador – Sucre

If you’re travelling through Sucre and are interested in treating yourself to a coffee in a spot with a fantastic view, visit La Torre Cafe Mirador. The cafe itself is perched atop a lookout that also just so happens to be a bell tower. Head straight up and sip a world-class cappuccino as you take in some of the most stunning views in the city.

21st. Cafe Epico – La Paz

They’ve got it right here…this coffee shop really is epic. It’s a little bit south downtown La Paz, making it a fantastic choice for travellers hoping to escape the city’s buzz. From fantastic breakfasts to quality coffee and their impressive selection of craft beer, the spot’s always abuzz with bright, vibrant energy. It’s a must when visiting La Paz.

Best Coffee Shops in Bolivia 2020

20th. Cosmo Cafe – Sucre

Located smack dab in the middle of Sucre’s Plaza 25 de Mayo, Cosmo Cafe is a great stop for any traveller who’s exploring the city and in need of caffeine. Serving coffee on top of great Bolivian plates, what this cafe is perhaps more well-known for is its full English breakfast. Great coffee and a hearty meal? It’s the perfect way to start your day.

19th. Capresso Cafe – Cochabamba

Capresso Cafe is the kind of place you’d visit if you’re looking for something as reliable as Starbucks but a thousand times better both in terms of quality, service and overall taste of their coffee. It’s a meeting place of sorts where you can enjoy everything from chai tea lattes and massive shakes to a simple very well-made latte.

18th. Lattente – Cochabamba

There’s a very famous Lattente Cafe in Argentina. But, the Cochabamba, Bolivia coffee shop is quieter, more intimate. And, while it’s a great spot for a quick coffee, what really makes this one of the best coffee shops in Bolivia is the fact that they serve fantastic breakfast spreads. As a traveller, you can’t beat a hearty, healthy breakfast and hot coffee.

17th. Wayruru Cafe – La Paz

Wayuru Cafe is one of the best spots for students and digital nomads in La Paz to study and concentrate while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee. And, on top of serving great vibes and tasty drinks, they offer delicious lunch items that’ll leave you full, satisfied and craving more. It’s a cosy spot that you’ll likely visit more than once.

16th. Condor Cafe – Sucre

There’s a lot to love about Condor Cafe. And, it all begins with the fact that they serve some great ethically-sourced beans and veggie fare. They’ve got a special focus on environmentally-friendly dishes and drinks here, an ethos that makes the spot popular amongst locals. Every cent of what you order goes to help local disadvantaged communities.

15th. The Writer’s Cafe – La Paz

As the very first specialty coffee shop in the centre of La Paz, The Writer’s Cafe is an easy pick for one of the best coffee shops in Bolivia. They use local coffee beans only, which helps coffee farmers and supports Bolivian production. As for the space itself? It’s stunning. Old books line the walls and the aroma of fresh coffee hits you as soon as you walk in.

Where to Drink Specialty Coffee La Paz

14th. Cafe Capital – Sucre

Tucked away in Sucre, travellers often note just how much more popular Cafe Capital should be. It’s small yet always packed with eager guests after their morning coffee or afternoon snack. Quick service, fantastic sandwiches and some great, strong coffee make this a great spot to fuel up before heading out and exploring Sucre.

13th. The Guardian Coffee Shop – Uyuni

If you’ll be travelling to the Uyuni Salt Flats, be sure to check out The Guardian Coffee Shop. Guests can’t stop raving about everything here, from the service, vibes and WiFi to their delicious cakes and high-quality cafe. The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming and the baristas here are incredibly talented and knowledgeable. They’re serving some of the most well-prepared espresso drinks in the country.

12th. Alexander Coffee – Santa Cruz de la Sierra

With ten cafes currently spread out all over the region, Alexander Coffee is a bit of a mainstay in terms of Bolivian coffee. From cortados to cappuccinos and straight on through to something super delicious called a Cafe Bombon, this is easily one of the best spots around to sample a variety of different drinks. You won’t be strapped for choice.

11th. Kilómetro 0 – La Paz

Kilómetro 0, a Hierro Brothers shop, doubles as an elegant, spacious cafe and a great coworking space. Popular amongst professionals and digital nomads, the spot provides them with quiet places to work and some great Bolivian coffee to help them stay energised. Feeling hungry? They also serve gourmet dishes. In short, they have it all here, ensuring you won’t want for anything during your visit.

10th. Higher Ground Cafe & Wine Bar – La Paz

The Australian-owned Higher Ground Cafe & Wine Bar infuses a lot of Australian specialty coffee culture into its atmosphere. Their beans are locally sourced from Caranavi, Yungas Valley and are freshly roasted for premium taste. However, it’s the talented baristas who take the freshly-ground beans to delicious, delectable heights.

Best Coffee Shops In Bolivia

9th. More Coffee Shop – Cochabamba

Fantastic service, hot paninis and some of the region’s best coffee make More Coffee Shop one of the best coffee shops in Bolivia. Everything here is so delicious, in fact, that it’s hard to pinpoint what makes the spot so great. Is it their mouthwatering waffles, their world-class espresso drinks, or the vibes? It’s all of it.

Best Coffee Shops in Bolivia

8th. Lucky Cup – La Paz

Equal parts restaurant and restaurant. Lucky Cup is the kind of place you’d go for lunch if you also know you’ll be craving a coffee after eating. A full espresso menu is accompanied by a pretty comprehensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. This means you can visit for nearly anything you’re craving and know that it’ll be out of this world good.

7th. Cafe Time & Coffee – Sucre

And Old World coffeehouse that’s known for its high-quality beans and sweet treats, Cafe Time & Coffee is frequented by locals and travellers alike. As it’s positioned just across the street from Sucre’s iconic Parque Bolivar, it’s a great place to rest while exploring the city or simply to people watch. Refuel with a fantastic cup of coffee and be sure to buy some beans to take home with you.

6th. Coffee Click – Sucre

Coffee Click is the epitome of modern coffee culture in Bolivia. As the name might suggest, the folks here are pretty tech-savvy. You’ll find tablets at the tables for your browsing as you wait for your hot coffee to come out. They know how to pull perfect espresso shots, and they’ll serve nearly any kind of coffee you’re craving.

5th. Café del Mundo – La Paz

Café del Mundo is a traveller and coffee lover’s paradise. The space itself inspires and encourages wanderlust with the decor. As the brainchild of a Swedish and Bolivian couple, this makes sense. Their aim is to have a great spot for people all over the globe to meet, talk about travel experiences and enjoy quality coffee in the process.

Best Coffee Shops In Bolivia 2020

4th. ABIS Cafe – Sucre

It’s hard to miss ABIS Cafe when travelling through Sucre. Located right in the middle of the city’s main plaza,  it stays busy all throughout the morning and well into the evening. It’s a Belgian-run cafe, so they know a thing or two about well-crafted coffee. Plus, they also serve delicious dishes, including European fare and even great wine.

Best Coffee Shops in Sucre Bolivia

3rd. Cafe Patrimonio – Santa Cruz de la Sierra

You’ll find review after review stating that Cafe Patrimonio serves what is easily the best coffee in Bolivia. They’re pulling shots from a Strada espresso machine and the well-trained baristas know how to combine them perfectly with other ingredients to make American or European-quality specialty coffee drinks. It’s the kind of place you’ll visit again and again.

Best Coffee Shops In Bolivia

2nd. Typica Cafe Tostaduria – La Paz

Last year, Typica took the top spot on our list of the Best Coffee Shops in South America. And, it all comes down to the incredible attention to detail they put into their craft. They treat coffee like both a science and an art, combining the two to create an incredibly flavourful, intriguing experience each time you visit. World-class coffee is a given, but it’s the experience you have here that keeps you coming back for more.

Best Coffee Shops In Bolivia

1st. HB Bronze Coffee Bar – La Paz

Visually-inspiring, sleek and ultra-contemporary, HB Bronze Coffee Bar is leading the charge when it comes to impressive specialty coffee shops in Bolivia. Strong brews ensure the smell of coffee will lure you in if the impressive architecture doesn’t. And, once inside, you can enjoy some of the best coffee in the city. Stay through the evening to enjoy coffee-based cocktails and Bolivian beers.

Best Coffee Shops In Bolivia

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