Best Coffee Shops in Brasov

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Brasov

Brasov often seems to be overlooked by eager travellers just passing through on their way to visit some of Transylvania’s most beautiful castles. However, the charming historic city, although small, is filled with a lot of great things to do, see, and eat.

The medieval Saxon walls enclose the enchanting city of Brasov as the stunning Carpathian Mountains tower over from above. Simply put, this is one city you’re going to want to stop in and spend a few evenings exploring. And, when you do, you’ll likely need some caffeine to help you fuel your adventures.

There’s a great Starbucks in the town square that’s frequented by international travellers nearly every hour of the day. But, you’re different, aren’t you? You’re looking for the best coffee shops in Brasov where you can try something tasty and unique. Here’s where you can find them.

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1. Tipografia

This spot ranked as one of the best bars in Brasov, proving just how dynamic and hip it really is. Tipografia is a trendy spot any time of day, but during the morning hours, it’s a great place to stop off for your coffee before heading out to explore the city. They offer specialty coffee and tea, which is a delightful treat during the colder months in Romania.

Best Coffee Shops in Brasov

2. Croitoria de Cafea

You won’t find a coffee shop as superb and unique in Romania as this trendy little cafe in Brasov. The spot, whose name translates to “coffee tailoring house,” is filled with the delectable aroma of freshly-roasted coffee as they roast it themselves on-site. The friendly baristas are happy to help you decide on what to order, which you can enjoy with one of their sweet cakes. Like this cafe? Check out NOLA Coffeeshop, which is a sister cafe closeby.

Best Cafes in Brasov

3. Kafe Pub

This vintage cafe is perhaps one of the most charming coffee shops in Brasov. A wood-panelled interior creates a warm, inviting space in which rows of books cascade down the walls. Cosy armchairs make it easy to settle into an afternoon of quality coffee and a good book. Or, simply enjoy sipping a cup of tea as you gaze out the large windows and onto the Black Church.

Coolest Cafes in Brasov Romania

4. Dr. Jekelius – Pharmacy Cafe

This is another hotspot that also made our list of the best bars in Brasov. Cafes-slash-bars seem to be pretty popular here and with such stellar vibes, it’s easy to see what makes them so appealing. This vintage apothecary cafe serves up strong drinks in medical beakers and perfectly prepared coffee drinks to taste. Warm tea, tasty coffee, and flaky croissants are all on the menu.

5. Galleria Art and Coffee

Galleria Art and Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in Brasov for travellers interested in something a little different. It feels as though it should be a hipster cafe, but at the heart of it, it’s so much more. During the warmer months, locals spill out onto the charming terrace gardens where they sip on mochas and cappuccinos.

6. Hof Caffee

If you’re interested in sampling both the finest coffee in Brasov and some pretty trendy interiors, it’s hard to beat what you’ll find at Hof Caffe. The decor mimics an industrial bar you might find in London, with a bit of a classic diner feel to it too. This is one of the best spots in the city for both coffee and drinks, so plan on staying and letting your afternoon carry over into the evening.

Best Coffee Shops in Brasov

7. L’etage

And, last but definitely not least on our list of the best coffee shops in Brasov is the super Instagrammable L’etage. Magical is a great word to describe this enchanting cafe, which is covered in pages of sheet music and vintage books. However aesthetically pleasing it might be, though, you’ll be delighted by the quality of pretty much anything you order.

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