The 50 Best Coffee Shops In Canada 2020

Canada’s coffee culture is booming. Despite the fact that there’s no actual coffee grown in the country, you’ll find numerous great coffee shops where you can indulge in some of the world’s best coffee that’s been expertly roasted to perfection.

Seeing as coffee is the most consumed beverage in the country, it comes as no surprise that the best coffee shops in Canada know exactly how to pull the perfect espresso, prepare a tasty pour-over or simply brew a piping hot pot that’ll ease your caffeine cravings.

And, you can expect a lot more than just a great cup of coffee at these hot spots. They also deliver in terms of excellent service, quality vibes, tasty treats, and all-around fantastic environments in which to rest after a day of exploring the local sights.

Ready for world-class coffee? Check out our 2020 list of the best coffee shops in Canada. You can now commence your caffeine-fueled travel plans.

Best Coffee Shops In Canada 2020How do these rankings work?

50th. Beehive Cafe – Campbell River, British Columbia

The Beehive Cafe has been a local Campbell River institutions for decades. Its roots trace all the way back to 1918 when it was a saloon and ice cream parlour. Now, it’s one of the best coffee shops in Canada, serving up daily food specials along with their tasty espresso-based drinks. Enjoy a quality vanilla latte paired with plates such as clam chowder, ham melts and turkey wraps.

49th. Noble Cafe – Montreal, Quebec

Upmarket brews and baked goods are the specialties at Noble Cafe, easily one of the best spots for coffee in Montreal. This third-wave coffee shop specialises in espresso-based drinks using only the finest beans. But, seeing as it used to be an ice cream shop, they’ve carried over that theme too. You’ll find that you can enjoy cold brew floats on warm days. It’s a delicacy you never knew you were craving until you try your first one.

Best Coffee Shops In Canada 2020

48th. Matchstick – Vancouver, British Columbia

The folks behind Matchstick are truly passionate about what they do, whether that be roasting their own coffee or baking their own fresh bread each morning. The fact that they roast their own coffee is a total game-changer, and it shows in the final quality of each and every cup they produce. Plus, the cafes themselves are superbly decorated, incredibly cosy, and extremely welcoming. It’s easy to see why they’re the best, isn’t it?

47th. Red Engine Coffee Roasters – Lethbridge, Alberta

What started out as a mico-roasting business has now evolved into a unique coffee bar called Sonder. As they put it, it’s a place where you’ll find “bright energy blooming from inside with ultimate care and hospitality.” It’s a quiet, quaint place where you can treat yourself to specialty coffee that’s been crafted with care. When paired with their handmade liege waffles, it’s a treat you’re going to want to enjoy more than once.

Best Coffee Shops in Canada 2020

46th. Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen – Toronto, Ontario

Ask any local in Toronto where to find some of the region’s best specialty coffee and they’ll undoubtedly list of Early Bird as one of their favourites. And, what’s so special about this multi-roaster cafe is that they also serve some world-class food, too. Expect to enjoy fast, simple and healthy plates that are just as beautiful and bursting with flavour as their drinks. Honestly, there’s nothing on the menu that’s not to die for.

Best Coffee Shops in Canada 2020

45th. Humble Lion – Montreal, Quebec

The rustic-chic vibes at Humble Lion are so alluring that, if you happen to pass by the cafe, you definitely won’t be able to resist entering. Upon entering, you’ll be delighted by the smell of freshly pulled espresso shots accompanied by the delectable aroma of their world-famous scones. Order a latte, pair it with a scone, and prepare to take your tastebuds on a flavourful journey that you’ll remember forever.

44th. Nemesis Coffee – Vancouver, British Columbia

If you’re a real coffee snob then you’re going to love Nemesis Coffee. There’s no denying that the staff here know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to cultivating the finest coffee in British Columbia. Not only do all of their locations feature pretty modern, trendy interior design features, but you’ll find that their food is just as good as their coffee. Duck and waffles plus some expertly poured pour-overs? Yes, please!

43rd. Habit Coffee – Victoria, British Columbia

What makes Habit Coffee so special are their ethical, responsible, and community-based business practices. They’re committed to crafting quality coffee and that means every single step of the way. They source only the best beans in the world and ensure their baristas know how to craft a quality beverage, regardless of what you order. It’s that dedication to excellence that makes them one of the best coffee shops in Canada.

42nd. Propeller Coffee Co. – Toronto, Ontario

The delicious aroma of artisanal espresso drinks and fresh baked goods will lure you into the trendy Propeller Coffee Co. Toronto’s brimming with quality coffee shops, so it means a lot when we say that this is one of the city’s finest. They’re not only dedicated to sustainability but they even won Micro-Roaster of the Year in 2016. Order a homemade cookie and pair it with a hot latte and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

41st. Blackwater Coffee Company – Sarnia, Ontario

Visit Sarnia’s first micro-roaster to treat yourself to some of the country’s best beans. Here, they’ll brew coffee pretty much any way you want it. And, they’ll even pair it with some tasty treats, like a maple-bacon muffin. Do yourself a favour and try their Three Gringos. It’s a unique blend of Central American and Indonesian beans that’s full-bodied and rich in flavour with just the right amount of smokiness.

40th. Transcend Coffee – Edmonton, Alberta

Transcend Coffee was one of the very first third-wave coffee shops to grace the presence of Edmonton’s coffee scene. Now, they’re one of the best coffee shops in Canada, serving coffee that’s sustainably-sourced and freshly-roasted on-site. They roast coffee in such a way that allows you to really indulge in every single flavour present in each bean. The result is a fantastic adventure that’ll delight all your senses.

39th. Fools + Horses – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sure, Fools + Horses might be one of the most Instagrammable cafes in Winnipeg. The way that light that floods in here each morning and afternoon makes any photo look simply spectacular. However, their impressive food and drink menu is just as alluring. Strawberry almond toast, a Miso Reuben sandwich, and well-made lattes? We’re here for it all. But, we’ll be honest, their coffee drinks are must-tries, regardless of what you order.

Best Coffee Shops in Canada 2020

38th. Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters – Calgary, Alberta

Phil & Sebastian argues that their coffee shop isn’t so much a business as opposed to a “single-minded pursuit of a better cup of coffee.” And, that’s truly what you get when you visit, a better cup of coffee each time. While they’re known locally for their wonderful coffee subscription, you’ll also be delighted to discover each and every one of their unique and trendy cafes. Coffee drinks and tasty eats await you here.

37th. Rogue Coffee – Saint John, New Brunswick

As Atlantic Canada’s first Mod Bar, Rogue Coffee offers world-class espresso service and a variety of brew methods featuring a rotating selection of single-origin coffees. From protein packs and kombucha to fresh-baked cookies and some of the most well-prepared matcha tea lattes, there’s not much that Rogue Coffee doesn’t offer their guests. After some pretty trendy spaces and quality service? They’ve got that, too!

36th. Thom Bargen – Winnipeg, Manitoba

You can visit each of the three locations of Thom Bargen and enjoy a unique yet superb experience in a delightfully modern and trendy cafe. They’re all so unique and eclectic, each with their own creative touch in terms of decor and space. Peppered with green plants and golden accent features, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the vibes. The best part? They’ve partnered with Phil & Sebastian to serve some great Canadian-roasted coffee.

Best Cafe in Winnipeg

35th. Collective Coffee – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The concept behind Collective Coffee is simple. They serve good coffee built on the concept of community. It’s this community-based ideal that makes the coffee shop such a delightful place to visit. And, as one traveller put it, they serve up “coffee alchemy at its finest.” The baristas here are pretty serious about their craft, meticulously measuring and calculating to serve guests the best cup of coffee they’ll ever try in Canada.

34th. Rogue Wave Coffee – Edmonton, Alberta

The owners of Rogue Wave built their first roaster from scratch and have been turning out incredible coffee ever since. And, their tasting bar at the on-site roastery is the best place to try their earthy coffee, which they source from around the world and roast with lots of passion and dedication. Here, they’ll brew coffee for you in pretty much any way you like, so be sure to head here thirsty for more than one cup so you can try them all.

33rd. Level Ground Trading – Victoria, British Columbia

Looking to sample some of the country’s finest fair-trade coffee? Level Ground Trading roasts their own coffee right in the heart of Victoria. Through each cup of their flavourful coffee, you’ll be able to connect to small-scale farmers all around. Taste and feel the impact at their special tasting room featuring a “fast bar, slow bar, local treats, and your favourite coffee.” In short, it’s an experience in can’t miss out on.

Where to Drink the Best Coffee in Canada 2020

32nd. ODIN Cafe + Bar – Toronto, Ontario

What’s so striking about ODIN Cafe + Bar is that, when you first enter the space, you’re immediately hit by a sense of awe due to the fantastic design. However, you’ll soon discover the coffee is every bit as exciting. But, that’s not all that this Nordic-inspired coffee shop offers. They serve coffee drinks by day. And, by night, they offer thirsty guests the chance to indulge in wine, beer and a 100% plant-based menu.

31st. Pallet Coffee Roasters – Vancouver, British Columbia

It’s Pallet Coffee Roasters’ “unwavering focus on the details” that makes them easily one of the best coffee shops in Canada. They’re committed to educating those who visit about the wonderful culture of coffee they’re a part of. Whether it’s through a conversation with a barista or a wonderfully-crafted cup of coffee, you’ll be able to taste the passion behind it all. They’re game-changers on the Vancouver coffee scene.

Best Coffee Shops in Canada 2020

30th. Café Saint-Henri – Montreal, Quebec

This coffee roaster’s store in Montreal includes a mini-laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment dedicated exclusively to training. They’re one of the best coffee shops in Montreal for those interested in sampling coffee straight from the source that’s roasted according to excellent standards. And, that’s not all. Their cafe is uber-trendy and cosy, perfect for spending an afternoon refuelling with caffeine after exploring the city.

Best Coffee Shops in Canada 2020

29th. Little Sister Coffee Maker – Winnipeg, Manitoba

In terms of Instagrammability, Little Sister Coffee Maker tops any list of the best coffee shops in Canada. However, the aesthetically-pleasing decor aside, this spot serves some of the best coffee in Winnipeg, if not the entire country. Relax amidst teal bricks and grey tables as you indulge in thoughtfully-sourced and expertly-roasted coffee drinks. Oh, and their food menu? Just as exciting and enticing as their coffee drinks.

Best Coffee Shops In Winnipeg

28th. Analog Coffee – Calgary, Alberta

Despite having quickly grown into having nine cafes around Calgary, Analog Coffee doesn’t at all feel like a huge chain. Their focus on farmers markets and unique drinks keep their customers excited and coming back. The brothers behind the brand truly understand coffee from start to finish. Enjoy various tasting profiles, all created using beans with vibrant flavours and aromas. All in all, it’s an absolute must if you’re in Calgary.

27th. Mayflower Cafe – Quebec City, Quebec

The coffee at Mayflower Cafe is selected from the best cultures, prepared according to precise methods and served by passionate people. If that’s not enough to entice you to visit then perhaps you’ll also be allured by the trendy, laidback vibes of the cafe itself. Staff are warm and welcoming. And, to top it all off, they’ve got their own unique series of coffees, which range from Galaxy and Andromeda to Enigma and Third Coast.

26th. Monogram Coffee – Calgary, Alberta

When tasting the coffee at Monogram Coffee, you’ll undoubtedly be able to taste the richness that comes with over 20 years of experience in sourcing, roasting and serving the very best coffee in the game. With three locations in Calgary, you’ll always be close to your fix. And, that’s great, considering the fact that you’re going to want to treat yourself to more than one unique adventure in the form of their Lunch Time Tastings.

25th. Neo Coffee Bar – Toronto, Ontario

At Neo Coffee Bar, expect nothing short of really great coffee and a varied selection of drinks that are complemented by their gorgeous Japanese themed cakes and sweet treats. As they put it, this coffee shop offers a “tastefully designed aesthetic where you find respite from the city.” The cafe’s Instagrammable, sure, but it goes so much further than that. It’s your one-stop-shop for all things tasty and delightful in Toronto.

24th. Bridgehead Coffeehouse – Ottawa, Ontario

First and foremost, Bridgehead Coffeehouse is a truly modern coffee shop. However, they do so much more than just serve great coffee. They trace and source their coffee ethically, work with staff and customers to build a conscious community and serve some of the best sweet treats in the business. Whether you’re here for their tasty tea, bakery items, or a quick cup of coffee, you’re guaranteed to enjoy it all.

23rd. Tunnel Espresso Bar – Montreal, Quebec

First, you’re attracted to the bright blue glare of the neon sign that tells you you’ve arrived Tunnel Espresso Bar in Montreal. Then, after ordering, you’re enchanted by the quality of the coffee. As the name suggests, this quaint cafe is subterranean, offering espresso drinks and delicious pastries. While short on space, it’s easily one of the best coffee shops in Canada. Friendly staff and great coffee, what more do you need?

22nd. The Battery Cafe – St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

Located at the foot of Signal Hill, The Battery Cafe is a world-class spot for fantastic vibes and even better coffee. Offering a walk-up window for hikers, it’s a great place to stop off for your picnic goodies before heading out to explore the area. Also, count on being able to enjoy a delightful variety of fresh homemade sandwiches and pastries. They’re the perfect accompaniment to your delicious morning or afternoon coffee.

21st. Birchwood Coffee Kǫ̀ – Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Yellowknife is about as far off the beaten track as you can get and that’s honestly part of the charm of this quaint little coffee shop. As a result, you might not expect to find some of the country’s best coffee. However, even though this cafe is far out of the hustle and bustle of the big cities, you’d be surprised at just how well-made and flavourful each and every cup truly is here. Indulge in everything from carefully brewed lattes and cappuccinos to tasty hot chocolate.

20th. Happy Goat Coffee Co. – Ottawa, Ontario

Who doesn’t want to visit a place that sounds as cherry as a “happy goat?” Really, does it get cuter than this? Expect a buzzy room, lots of people co-working and some of the very best coffee in the region. It’s all served with minimum fuss. And, that’s saying a lot for a coffee shop that excels in serving farm-to-cup custom-roasted greatness each and every day. We can certainly see what makes this little goat so happy.

Best Coffee Shops in Canada 2020

19th. Rooster Coffee House – Toronto, Ontario

There’s really nothing that Rooster Coffee House doesn’t do up to excellence. First, in terms of food, they whip up mean salad-protein bowls, vegan fare, and fresh-baked French pastries. Then, when it comes time to wash it all down with tasty coffee, they’ve got you covered, too.  Order a Toastee Almond Latte and settle into a cosy leather chair as you relax and enjoy some of the best coffee and vibes you’ll find in all of Canada.

18th. Caffè Fantastico – Victoria, British Columbia

As the folks at Caffè Fantastico like to put it, they’re “driven by the pursuit of quality and the love of coffee.” They’re not only a direct importer of the highest quality coffee beans from around the globe, but they’re also roasting it all to perfection. It’s the passion behind the culture here that makes this one of the best coffee shops in Canada. And, you’ll think so too after just one taste of the coffee here. Hungry? They also own brunch and bistro spots that are worth checking out, too.

17th. Dispatch Coffee – Montreal, Quebec

While a lot more goes into the world-class coffee here, part of the flavour stems from the fact that the coffee machines used here are like the Rolls-Royce of the coffee machines. Throw in some super knowledgable baristas, sprinkle in a bit of modern design and a healthy dose of passion. Now, what do you have? An excellent coffee experience that’s hard to top. Easily one of the best coffee shops in Canada.

Best Coffee Shops in Canada 2020

16th. Farrow – Edmonton, Alberta

First and foremost, Farrow is pretty well-known for their gourmet sandwiches and baked goods. However, for true coffee lovers, this sandwich shop is equal parts top-notch cafe. Farrow works directly with third-wave coffee roasters from all over the world. And, their pour-over menu is constantly changing. It’s due to the fact that  the roasters they work with source seasonally, roast and ship each week to ensure ultimate freshness. Yeah, they’re that dedicated to quality.

15th. Parlour Coffee – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Parlour Coffee is considered to be one of the best coffee shops in Winnipeg by even the locals, so you know it’s going to make any list of the best coffee shops in Canada. It’s clear that the baristas here know how to work their magic, rooted in years of experience, to create the tastiest and most well-balanced drinks around. And, if you’re extra hungry, you really can’t go wrong in pairing with one of their tasty baked treats.

Best Coffee Shops In Winnipeg

14th. Receiver Coffee Co. – Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Not only do the people behind Receiver Coffee Co. follow the principles that their coffee should be as ethically and transparently-sourced as possible, but it’s also honestly just pretty darn delicious. They’ve got two shops now, which is a testament to their hard work and the sheer quality of their products. Whether you’re treating yourself to some breakfast nachos or simply a regular latte, it’s all bursting with flavour.

13th. Java Moose – Saint John, New Brunswick

The partners behind Java Moose started the business back in 1996 when they began small-batch roasting beans themselves. Now, with the help of some of the world’s most advanced roasting equipment and lots of experience, they’ve created on of the best coffee shops in Canada. They even offer nitro brew coffee and lots of tasty baked treats to pair with it. In short, you’ll be able to find something you absolutely love here.

12th. 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters – Regina, Saskatchewan

From travelling straight to the source to roasting some pretty world-class beans, there’s a lot that goes into the fact that 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters are producing some of the best coffee in Saskatchewan. As an added bonus, they whip up some tasty homemade pop tarts that are absolutely divine. Pair it with a fresh cup of coffee and prepare to have to resist the urge to dunk it straight into all of that caffeine-filled goodness.

11th. Timbertrain Coffee Roasters – Vancouver, British Columbia

There’s a lot to love about visiting Timbertrain Coffee Roasters. The high ceilings, wooden floors and massive windows of this heritage building are seriously alluring. The cafe’s located in one of Vancouver’s most historic neighbourhoods, so it’s a joy to spend time in, sipping cup after cup of delicious coffee. They’ve now got two locations, and both serve up the same world-class quality you can always expect out of Timbertrain.

10th. Weird Harbour Espresso Bar – Halifax, Nova Scotia

The best way to describe Weird Harbour Espresso Bar would be funky-chic. This caffeine counter whips up delicious hot and cold drinks in a pretty trendy setting. In short, if you’re visiting Halifax, it’s the perfect stop before you head out to explore the city. Or, it’s a great place to enjoy a cosy afternoon of people-watching out of their street-facing window. Order a latte, pull up a seat and enjoy the tasty fun.

9th. Rocket Bakery – St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

It’s easy to see why so many travellers think Rocket Bakery is one of the best coffee shops in Canada. Walking into this cosy St. John’s cafe feels more like walking into a family house than a coffee store. And, as the name suggests, they’re pretty well-loved locally for their fresh baked good and sweet, tasty cakes. Linger around for cup after cup of warm coffee. You’re going to want something to pair with all that cake you’ll be eating.

8th. Redchurch Cafe + Gallery – Hamilton, Ontario

The concept behind Redchurch is pretty unique. The bright neon sign in the storefront window says it all. They serve up art, coffee, prosecco and beer. They showcase local artists year-round, which makes for an incredibly enriching and delightful experience any time you visit. It’s the perfect spot to hang out, work, have a meeting or grab a quick coffee and go. But, trust us, you’re going to spend quite a while here.

7th. City Perks – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

City Perks bills itself as a “friendly neighbourhood third wave coffee house.” And, at the core of it all, that’s truly what it is. From their fresh foods to their warm, inviting atmosphere, there’s nothing not to love about this trendy little cafe. They’ve also got some pretty highly-skilled baristas behind the bar. So, settle in for an afternoon full of great coffee featuring some of the best beans sourced from all around North America.

6th. The Old Apothecary – Halifax, Nova Scotia

At the core, The Old Apothecary is a pretty charming bakeshop. However, there’s a lot more than meets the eye at this shabby-chic coffee shop in Halifax. It’s a brilliant cafe that showcase some of the best baked treats and breads in the region. But, it’s their rich coffee that will keep you coming back time and time again. Whether you order an iced coffee or a custom cake, you’re going to be drooling well before you even get a taste.

5th. 49th Parallel Roasters – Vancouver – British Columbia

At least one of the coffee shops on this list, if not more, source their coffee from 49th Parallel Roasters. The delicious coffee here is a result of thousands of sampled cups, all to get the flavour profile just right. Every drink is exciting, a true personification of the region where it’s from. And, they pair it all with some seriously delicious sweet treats. Ever had a Maple Pecan Bismarck with a hot latte? You’re in for a treat.

Best Coffee Shops in Canada 2020

4th. Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. – Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

This world-class roasting company roasts certified organic fair trade coffee right in the heart of the Boreal Forest. As a traveller and a coffee lover, it doesn’t get any more local than this. They’ve got, as they like to call it, a cafe in the woods. It’s charming, it’s unique, and it’s easily one of the best coffee shops in Canada for those after an authentic local experience. Stop in for exquisite espresso and a delicious baked treat.

3rd. Dineen Coffee Co. – Toronto, Ontario

Dineen Coffee Co. is a bit of a legend in Toronto. The boutique coffee shop feels equal parts upscale and laidback, serving up bright, airy vibes in a polished space that’s hard not snap a few photos of before enjoying your coffee. It’s the perfect place to get away from the madness of the city. Whether you’re enjoying one of their signature blends, a steeped tea, or a refreshing iced mocha, it’s all going to tantalise your taste buds.

Best Coffee Shops in Canada 2020

2nd. East Van Roasters – Vancouver, British Columbia

What’s not to love about a coffee shop that’s just as well-known for its chocolate as it is for its coffee? Yep, that’s right. At East Van Roasters you can treat yourself to super high-end chocolate as you sip some of the best coffee in Canada. To top off all of the sweetness, this charity-focused coffee shop even roasts its own beans. Is there anything that East Van Roasters doesn’t do well? The answer is no. They’re legends at it all.

1st. Pikolo Espresso Bar – Montreal, Quebec

Single-origin coffees, outstanding latte art and some retro-industrial vibes lure you into Pikolo Espresso Bar, without a doubt one of the best coffee shops in Canada. The trendy coffee bar is home to some of the friendliest staff you will ever come across. They work with local roasters, pairing their world-class beans with some of the tastiest homemade pastries. In short, they’re perfected the delightful pairing of superb coffee with delicious eats.

Best Coffee Shops in Canada 2020

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