Best Cafes in San Jose Costa Rica

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In San Jose, Costa Rica

Did you know that Costa Rica is the only country in the world where it’s actually illegal to produce any kind of coffee other than 100% Arabica? Yep, this Central American country doesn’t play around when it comes to one of their coffee production.

And, seeing as they produce nearly 200 million pounds of coffee each year, it’s no wonder why the best coffee shops in the country’s capital city of San Jose are some of the best in all of Latin America. Costa Rican farmers pursue excellence in every cup, and it shines through in each and every one of the coffee shops you’ll find peppered throughout the city of San Jose. 

Whether you plan on visiting a coffee plantation or not, we highly suggest you at least check out one of the seven best coffee shops in San Jose, Costa Rica while you’re here.

Best Coffee Shops in San Jose, Costa RicaHow do these rankings work?

1. Cafe Miel Garage

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then there’s truly no better coffee shop in Costa Rica for you than Cafe Miel Garage. And, while their delectable dessert offerings are truly out of this world, they don’t skimp on the coffee offerings either. The cafe markets itself as a place created for and by young people where eagerness fuels the eclectic mix of design, sweetness and an environment very different from any cafeteria in Costa Rica.

Best Coffee Shops In San Jose Costa Rica

2. Cafeoteca

Trendy decor and a focus on specialty coffee fuse together to form the delightful surprise that is a visit to Cafeoteca. Here, it’s all about the actual beans, the taste, and the overall quality in each cup. They serve 23 different varieties of coffee from each of the eight different coffee regions in Costa Rica. The fact that you can enjoy a variety of brewing methods and the friendly environment easily make this one of the best coffee shops in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Best Coffee Shops In San Jose Costa Rica

3. Cafe La Mancha

Cafe La Mancha is a coffee shop and art studio all rolled into one vibrant, exciting locale. Head here if you’re really looking to enjoy local San Jose, Costa Rica, both in terms of flavourful coffee and the unique art scene. On top of serving its own brand of locally-sourced coffee, this coffee shop is also filled with unique pieces of artwork. It makes sense, seeing as the owner is a professional photographer himself.

Best Cafes in San Jose Costa Rica

4. Cafe del Barista

With a name like Cafe del Barista, it comes as truly no surprise that this is one of the best coffee shops in San Jose, Costa Rica. It’s filled with, yep, you guessed it…world-class baristas. This means that if you’re a true coffee snob, you’ll definitely want to scope the place out. Strike up a conversation with the baristas before settling into the cosy space and treating yourself to one of the most well-pulled and prepared espresso drinks in the country.

5. Underground Brew Cafe

Head to Barrio Escalante and make your way underground to discover one of the most intriguing coffee shops in Costa Rica. Underground Brew Cafe is just as much of an electronic dance club as it is a cafe, which makes for a unique mix of vibes you won’t find anywhere else in the world. However, getting the chance to enjoy the suave sounds of electronic beats as you sip on a black honey medium roast coffee is an experience you simply can’t pass up.

6. Cafe Rojo

If you’re after more than just a quick sip of coffee, stop by Cafe Rojo. This vegan-friendly restaurant is famous for its inventive menu items. Their flavourings and dishes are whipped up fresh daily and always feature creative spins on something traditional. Expect equally unique coffee drinks, which they prepare to equal portions of perfection as their dishes.

7. Alma de Cafe

Located inside of the iconic National Theatre of Costa Rica, Alma de Cafe makes for the perfect pit stop when touring the local sights. They’ve made numerous lists of the best coffee shops in the world, making it easily one of the best cafes in San Jose. Everything here is prepared to perfection. From their espresso drinks to their perfectly sweet treats, you won’t leave here disappointed any time you visit.

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