The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Santo Domingo

As one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean, Santo Domingo is home to charming cobblestone walkways and buildings that date back to the 1500s. 

With so much to see and do, you’ll find that you’re definitely going to want to bookmark all the addresses of the best coffee shops in Santo Domingo in order to know where to refuel and recharge. 

You don’t even have to visit the cafe-lined Plaza de España in order to enjoy a cup of quality coffee. We’ve found numerous spots where you can indulge in sweet treats and tasty brews. Visit the seven best coffee shops in Santo Domingo and let us know what you think.

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1. Affogato Cafe

Artisinal coffee is the star of the very tasty show at Affogato Cafe in Santo Domingo. Authentic, natural and freshly-made baked goods fill the air with a delicious aroma that entices visitors from near and far to enter this trendy, upscale cafe. Once inside, they’re delighted by the quality taste of the coffee as well as the wide selection of breakfast items available to enjoy.

Best Coffee Shops in Santo Domingo

2. Panavisa

Wicker chairs and lots of natural light make Panavisa one of the best coffee shops in Santo Domingo for visitors looking to enjoy a relaxing yet indulgent setting. Order a cafe con leche and one of the spot’s delectable pastries and then enjoy basking in the sun out on the quaint little patio.

Best Coffee Shops in Santo Domingo

3. El Buho Cafe

Helpful staff, quality eats, and a space that’s large enough to sprawl out in make El Buho Cafe one of the best coffee shops in Santo Domingo. Guests rave about the coffee, but it’s the breakfast, lunch, dinner, lite bites and Dominican favourites that make the spot really special and enjoyable for visitors from out of town.

4. Casa Barista & Co.

Gluten-free treats and perfectly-prepared coffee make Casa Barista an enjoyable place for a mid-morning or even late afternoon snack. This specialty coffee shop brews up a variety of local beans while also filling their menu with plenty of tasty treats for those who need some extra sustenance before they head back out to explore the city.

5. La Alpargatería

La Alpargatería is by far one of the most intriguing cafes in Santo Domingo. It’s both a cafe and a shoe store. It’s an eclectic place where travellers can order a cup of coffee and enjoy browsing colourful shoes. However, the colonial patio is truly enchanting.  The concept is intriguing, warranting a visit for anybody interested in all things inventive.

6. Voorpret Coffee Roasters

Third-wave coffee has arrived to Santo Domingo, and it’s in part due to the fine folks at Voorpret Coffee Roasters. They specialise in delivering a unique cafe experience that uses specialty coffee as the main focus. Expect nothing less than world-class quality and cups of coffee that are bursting with unique flavours.

7. Ciao Caffetteria

A coffee shop with just as much style as any cafe you’d find on the streets of Italy, Ciao Caffetteria is a relaxing respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. First, you’ll want to sample their tasty cappuccino. Then, stay for lunch or even dinner to get a taste of quality cuisine. It’s the perfect pit stop for any traveller.

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