The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Tel Aviv

The third-wave coffee revolution has finally arrived to Israel and it’s changing the way both locals and tourists interact with the coffee shops in Tel Aviv. 

From the expansion of cafes in general to the rise in trendy, hipster coffee shops serving specialty beans, you’ll find that Tel Aviv is teeming with numerous great places to relax and kick back with a cup of coffee and a few tasty pastries.

Whether you’re wandering through the streets of Florentin or find yourself exploring the hidden secrets of Shapira, these are seven of the best coffee shops in Tel Aviv.

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1. Cafe Bialik

If you’re after the perfect mix of finely-prepared coffee, quality vibes, and a nice introduction to Isreali breakfast then you can’t go wrong with Cafe Bialik. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city’s famous Bialik Street is where you’ll find this quiet, cosy, and trendy retreat. Stop by in the afternoon to enjoy a live jam session with your coffee and pastry.

Best Coffee Shops In Tel Aviv

2. Cafe XoHo

We recently ranked Cafe XoHo as being one of the best spots for breakfast in Tel Aviv. So, naturally, it’s also one of the city’s best cafes. It delivers in terms of decor and delicious dishes. Order a well-made Vietnamese coffee or Golden Milk Latte and then pair it with anything from their long list of food options; bagels, burritos, and bowls are all available and delicious.

Best Coffee Shops In Tel Aviv

3. Edmund Coffee

Local publications rave about just how unique Edmund Cafe is. They applaud the owners for injecting the cafe’s decor and menu with delightful touches of Tel Aviv culture. Edmund Coffee truly is a cultural delight, an oasis perhaps, set against such a growing, evolving city. What’s not to love about a cafe with plenty of patios and indoor space in which to treat yourself to some of the best coffee in the city?

Tel Aviv Cafes

4. Cafe Shneor

Looking for a coffee shop in Tel Aviv where you can grab your morning latte and a vegan treat? Cafe Shneor serves a variety of healthy options, all of which they’ll make vegan for you if you ask. Order the Coo Koo in a Nest, which is herb-seasoned toasted bread and a fried egg. Then,  pair it with an iced coffee, or honestly any other coffee from their menu. It’s all delicious.

Where to Get Good Coffee in Tel Aviv

5. Under the Tree

Warm, teardrop-shaped lights dangle from the ceiling, both inside and out, at Under the Tree. As the name suggests, this trendy coffee shop in Tel Aviv feels as if you’re relaxing under a quiet tree. Indulge in any one of their healthy menu items as a mid-day or even Saturday morning brunch treat. Just don’t forget to try their strong coffee and desserts.

Cutest Cafes in Tel Aviv

6. Cafe Castel

Cafe Castel is one of the most charming espresso bars and cafes in Tel Aviv. It’s got a local neighbourhood feel to it while also maintaining the superb quality and service they’re well-known for. The friendly staff will help you with suggestions about what to order, all of which will be scrumptious and enjoyable. During the warmer months, this is our top pick for the best cafe to visit for people watching.

7. Cafelix

Finally…we’ve saved one of the absolute bests for last. When visiting Tel Aviv, it’s an absolute must to visit Cafelix. High-quality, freshly-roasted beans are the base of their delicious coffee drinks. But, there’s so much more to this coffee shop than mere drinks. The hipster vibes, eclectic interior, and friendly staff and locals make it an absolute delight to visit as a traveller.

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