The 50 Best Coffee Shops In The United States 2020

The third wave of coffee culture has arrived in America and fully crashed down upon nearly every major city in the country, and even every little town. On most street corners in the United States, you’ll find tastemakers, small roasters, passionate underdogs, family business and the people who live, sleep and breathe coffee.

From super Instagrammable cafes to those catering to digital nomads and straight through to the coffee shops serving up some world-class affogatos and nitro brew, you’ll find that the best coffee shops in the United States are just as wonderfully eccentric and unique as each state you’ll find them in. 

You’ll notice some favourites on the list who just keep on winning and even a few that have risen in the caffeinated ranks this past year to come out on top. Looking for a truly unique coffee experience while travelling through the USA? Check out the 50 best coffee shops in the United States for 2020, one for each state.

The Best Coffee Shops In The United States 2020How do these rankings work?

1. Prevail Union – Montgomery, Alabama

One of Prevail Union’s strongest points is that they truly seem to care about those they do business with. They work with farmers all around the world to cultivate strong relationships. Then, they bring it all back home to Montgomery to deliver freshly roasted coffee and unique drinks to locals. Sustainably-sourced coffee has never tasted so good.

2. SteamDot Coffee & Espresso Lab – Anchorage, Alaska

Pull up a seat at Anchorage’s first and only “pour-over bar.” SteamDot coffee still serves, without a doubt, the best espresso you’ll get in Alaska. They specialise in single cup, artisan coffee that goes back to the basics. It’s freshly roasted and absolutely delicious. Don’t be alarmed by all the fancy glass Chemex methods, as staff will helpfully guide you towards the perfect cup.

3. Peixoto Coffee Roasters – Chandler, Arizona

Peixoto Coffee Roasters is one of the spots that made our list of the best coffee shops in the United States last year. And, it seems like people still can’t get enough of the beans here.  Why? The coffee here comes from the owner’s family farm in Brazil, Fazenda Sao José da Boa Vista. At Peixoto (pronounced pay-sho-tow), they grow their own coffee, import it and roast it especially for the store. A true crop-to-cup experience that tastes incredible. It’s a sustainable family business that is an absolute delight.

Best Coffee Shops in Arizona 2020

4. Blue Sail Coffee – Conway, Arkansas

Blue Sail Coffee founder, Kyle Tabor, created this store with the idea that “coffee connects the community.” It certainly rings true here, as cosy leather sofas overflow with locals while chatting to the friendly baristas. Their coffee is ethically sourced from around the world, from places such as Congo, Burundi, Colombia and Brazil. Word to the wise: their cold brew is strong but in the best possible way.

5. Communal Coffee – San Diego, California

Communal Coffee might be one of the most Instagrammable cafes in California. They’re all about coffee and flowers, as evidenced by the huge mural in the store. But, they’re also all about providing guests with high-quality craft coffee. It’s easy to see that they’re committed to designing a welcoming environment that builds community, encourages creativity and fosters collaboration. Grab a house roast blend and enjoy.

Most Instagrammable Cafes in San Diego

6. Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters – Lakewood, Colorado

It’s hard to beat the consistent quality that owner Andy Spranger brings to the table at Sweet Bloom. He’s a two-time US Brewers Cup Champion and was a runner-up in the World Brewers Cup Championship. So, it goes without saying that the coffee here is on another level. Welcoming vibes personify this cafe, where you can also order coffee in beautifully-designed bags inspired by the unique Colorado culture.

7. Dom’s Coffee – Avon, Connecticut

Dom’s is a trendy European-style coffee shop in the Farmington Valley of Connecticut that provides high-quality coffee and other beverages to thirsty locals. The bright and light-filled cafe is a true treat, especially in the spring and summer when afternoon light floods into the entire space. Pastries are baked locally and brought in each day to accompany their fresh cups of world-class coffee.

Best Coffee Shops in the United States 2020

8. Little Goat Coffee Roasting Co – Newark, Delaware

Ethically sourced and roasted fresh daily in-store, the coffee here is the best you’ll find in the entire state of Delaware for the second year in a row. Little Goat Coffee makes sure their roaster is in full view of customers, and staff will talk you through the process while you order. They also provide beans to many restaurants and cafes across the state, but we suggest going straight to the source for the very best cup.

9. Downtown CREDO – Orlando, Florida

With three locations in Orlando, our favourite is still the original CREDO headquarters in College Park. It feels like someone dropped a direct-trade espresso bar into your living room. They operate an interesting name-your-price model, where you decide how much to pay for the coffee. And, they source direct-trade coffee from smaller farms while working hard to go above and beyond for the community, too.

10. Refuge Coffee Co. – Clarkston, Georgia

It’s easy to see why Refuge Coffee is consistently one of the best coffee shops in the United States, year after year. In the town where the UN resettles a few thousand refugees every year, it’s uplifting to know that places like Refuge Coffee exist. They make giving back fun and cool. Their funky red coffee trucks serve amazing coffee and specialty drinks all over Atlanta, as well as offering mentorship and job training for refugees.

11. Maui Coffee Roasters – Maui, Hawaii

Maui Coffee Roasters has been a staple on the island since 1982. Eclectic artwork entices guests into a social, inviting space where you’ll find people socialising and enjoying quality cups of coffee. However, this is one of the best coffee shops on Maui for travellers as they serve breakfast, lunch, pastries and rotating, delicious specials, making it a great spot to fuel up in the morning before heading out to explore.

Best Coffee Shops on Maui

12. Caffeina Roasting Company – Boise, Idaho

This small-batch coffee roaster in Boise sources all its beans from free-market coffees and fair trade farms. Unlike many other coffee stores in the area, there’s also a strong focus on craft beer here, with an industrial, brewery-like vibe well into the evening. Their signature espresso is a blend of Indonesian, African and South American beans, with sweet macadamia nutty notes.

13. Oromo Cafe – Chicago Illinois

Craft some of the Windy City’s most unique espresso-based drinks, Oromo Cafe is a meeting place of minds, flavour, and creativity. You’ll find drinks here that are reminiscent of coffee in places like Turkey, Africa, and even India and. The Golden Mylk Latte finds its delicious roots in Ayurvedic teachings. And, the Hazelnut Horchata Latte will transport you straight to the streets of Mexico.

Best Coffee Shops in USA 2020

14. Mile Square Coffee – Indianapolis, Indiana

The best coffee shops in the United States for 2020 are those that work hard to cultivate a strong sense of community, whether through their cafe space or through their sourcing. Mile Square Coffee does both. They serve light to medium craft coffees that are locally roasted. Adventurous types will love the house-made specialties, such as their nitro cold brew or smoked bergamot chai latte.

15. Horizon Line Coffee – Des Moines, Iowa

Horizon Line Coffee earned the top Iowa spot on last year’s list of the best coffee shops in the United States. Really, it’s not hard to see why. Travellers love heading to this sun-drenched cafe to ethically-sourced coffee and some quiet, relaxing vibes. They also serve non-alco coffee cocktails and coffee tasting flights. Enjoy a double shot of espresso, cold brew, and a pour-over all in one sitting.

Best Coffee Shops in Des Moines

16. Blackdog Coffee House – Lenexa, Kansas

The aroma of freshly-roasted Messenger Coffee fills the air at Blackdog Coffee House, a cafe brimming with artists, students, professionals, and coffee enthusiasts. Pair anything on the menu with their variety of Ibis’ specialty pastries and loaves of bread. Then, settle in for a flavourful fusion of some world-class coffee that’s brought to life by the accompanying notes of the pastry.

Best Coffee Shops in the United States 2020

17. Quills Coffee – Louisville, Kentucky

This award-winning third-wave coffee shop in Kentucky has some seriously good coffee vibes going on. With several locations to visit and enjoy, these guys know the suss. On top of serving quality espresso and pour-overs, you can also sip on a delicious White Russian Coffee Mocktail. They also do incredible waffles, amongst many other things. In short, everything here is full of flavour and worth a try.

18. Rêve Coffee Roasters – Lafayette, Louisiana

When it comes to the best coffee shops in the United States, Louisiana is full of them. However, you’ve gotta sample the brews at Rêve Coffee Roasters. Each bean passes through the micro-roaster in Acadiana, adding to its unique story and flavour. Settle in with a fresh cup of whatever you like and pair it with their unique, colourful cereal and milk scone. It’s better than any beignet you’ll find in the state, we promise.

Best Coffee Shops in the United States 2020

19. Coffee by Design – Portland, Maine

After tasting the flavour profile in one cup from Coffee by Design, it’s easy to see why even the locals think it’s one of the best coffee shops in the state. They take their sourcing seriously and provide guests with some of the finest imported beans in the entire country. Stop by for a morning coffee and relax amongst the laid back settings. There’s no need for anything fancy here; their drip coffee is pretty spectacular.

Best Coffee Shops in Portland Maine

20. Ceremony Coffee Roasters – Annapolis, Maryland

Ceremony Coffee Roasters knows what they’re doing – excellent coffee, made fresh and served in a rustic, cool space. They are consistently pushing the boat out with their seasonal specials too, with a particular fave being the Gingersnap. Basically, it’s gingerbread in a cup. It’s a delightful coffee with rich molasses, cinnamon, clove and ginger, topped with steamed oat milk.

21. George Howell Coffee – Boston, Massachusetts

Artisanal, small-batch coffees are the specialty at George Howell Coffee. Owner George and his daughter Jenny work directly with coffee farms that share their interest in social responsibility and environmental sustainability. So, the beans are as ethical as they are tasty. They’ve got a few locations all over Boston, but the location inside of the Godfrey Hotel is particularly upscale and charming.

Best Coffee Shops in America 2020

22. Harless + Hugh Coffee – Bay City, Michigan

Not everything is about sheer Instagrammability, but in 2020, it’s going to play a big role in where consumers choose to spend their money. And, Harless + Hugh is easily one of the most beautiful cafes in Michigan. However, their aesthetic focus doesn’t mean they skimp on quality. Their hand-poured coffee and specialty drinks all use locally-roasted and world-class beans as their base.

23. Spyhouse Coffee – St. Paul, Minnesota

You’ll find a few Spyhouse Coffee locations spread out between the Twin Cities. And, each one offers up its own unique vibes. In terms of coffee, it’s hard to beat the creative flavours of their signature lattes. The Spygirl, for example, features honey and lavender. However, coffee aside, the cafes are quality spots for a date, study night, or simply as a place to relax and enjoy mingling with locals.

24. BeanFruit Coffee Company – Pearl, Mississippi

Interested in sampling some of the finest coffee in Mississippi? Head to BeanFruit Coffee Company, which snagged the top spot last year as well. Here, they serve freshly roasted coffee with a focus on single-origin coffees. Why? They want their customers to be aware of exactly what they’re drinking, where it came from, and how it affects coffee farmers around the world. Most importantly, however, they’re the only Fair Trade Certified roaster in the state of Mississippi.

Best Coffee Shops in the United States 2020

25. Comet Coffee – St. Louis, Missouri

These self-proclaimed coffee nerds serve up single-origin coffee that’s hand-brewed to order and suited to your tastes. Expect nothing short of a chilled-out space at either of their two locations. Moreover, they serve up quite the variety. Enjoy solid espresso drinks and a wide variety of pour-over coffees made to order. And, they also offer a rotating range of regional and national roasters on the menu.

26. MōAV Coffee – Billings, Montana

With two locations in Billings, MōAV Coffee doubles as both one of the state’s best cafes and a world-class roaster. To begin with, the coffee shop seeks to create a meaningful impact with the people they serve. This leads to a truly superb atmosphere that’s equal parts relaxing and upbeat. On the flavour side of things, they definitely know what they’re doing. Choose your brew method and enjoy.

27. Crescent Moon Coffee – Lincoln, Nebraska

This super-local coffee store has been going strong for almost 20 years. They specialise in single-origin and locally roasted coffees, loose leaf teas, espresso specialty drinks, craft beer, wine and cocktails. So, something for everyone, really. Furthermore, the store also hosts regular live music nights. That is to say, it’s a great spot to spend a full evening with a cup of coffee, or even something stronger.

Best Coffee Shops in Nebraska 2020

28. Sambalatte – Las Vegas, Nevada

Unparalleled rainbow latte art and a passion for supporting sustainable farmers in Brazil and around the globe make Sambalatte one of the best coffee shops in the United States for 2020. The famous Rainbow Latte might initially draw you in. However, it’s the flavourful quality of their drinks that have quests lining up out the door here. Above all, hand-crafted drinks and signature brews are favourites here.

Rainbow Latte Art in Las Vegas

29. Union Coffee Company – Milford, New Hampshire

With a stellar reputation as one of New Hampshire’s best coffee shops, Union Coffee Company is a go-to choice for both locals and visitors alike. They serve traditional espresso-based drinks in addition to a variety of drip coffee. Their house guitar is available for the casual picker, which sets the mood for a truly relaxing afternoon spent sipping on some of the state’s most well-brewed coffee.

30. Coperaco – Harrison, New Jersey

Aside from having one of the most Instagrammble cafes in New Jersey, Coperaco operates as a full-service coffee company at various touchpoints in the industry. They’re dedicated to honouring nature and hand-crafting secret formulas by using post-blending techniques. The result is a world-class cup of coffee that’s easy to sip slowly as you enjoy the tranquil vibes that encompass you in their two-story treehouse setting.

31. Cutbow Coffee – Albuquerque, New Mexico

While most roasters use their five senses to cultivate the ephemeral perfect roast, Paul Gallegos uses a sixth sense…his heart. Cutbow Coffee is helmed by Gallegos, who has roasted over 70 million pounds of gourmet coffee over the course of a 30-year career. On top of running their roastery, tasting room, and coffee bar with a passion that is infectious, they also donate a portion of their profits to Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance.

32. Toby’s Estate Coffee – Brooklyn, New York

With so many choices for coffee shops in New York, it’s hard to cut through the noise and find a truly quality brew. Toby’s Estate Coffee is a small-batch roaster located in Brooklyn. Toby’s travelled the world sourcing coffee all while celebrating quality and complexity. They also believe in sourcing incredible single-origin coffee from farmers they respect. The result? A cup of coffee that’s as sustainable as it is tasty.

33. Not Just Coffee – Charlotte, North Carolina

At Not Just Coffee it’s well, not just about coffee. It’s about their dedication to cultivating a community centred around the ethical sourcing of coffee and the superb preparation of it. Through cuppings, classes, and interactive brewing, they provide their baristas with the tools they need to bring the “moving, breathing craft of coffee to customers in full colour.” Consequently, it’s easily one of the best cafes in Charlotte.

Best Coffee Shops in USA 2020

34. Mighty Missouri Coffee Company – Bismarck, North Dakota

The Mighty Missouri Coffee Company is all about pairing coffee with adventure. A daring dive into this shop’s coffee culture will have you craving to sample every single drink on their menu. It’s a local hotspot, having first begun in 2012 when they began roasting coffee in Bismarck. They roast beans on a daily basis. Subsequently, every cup you order is as fresh as it can possibly be.

35. Rising Star Coffee Roasters – Cleveland, Ohio

Rising Star Coffee Roasters personifies true passion in the coffee industry. They don’t just sell coffee, they live it. And, they place an active role in educating coffee lovers about the industry, the growers, and of course, the tasty, well-roasted beans. Pulling perfect shots and crafting creative drinks is only part of what makes this unique coffee shop so great. Head to any one of their five locations in Cleveland to see for yourself.

Best Coffee Shops in the United States 2020

36. Elemental Coffee – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Elemental Coffee serves up “coffee in its purest form.” And, the dedication to their craft is truly astounding. And, they’ll even tell you that they’re all about “embracing individuality and capturing characteristics at their most raw, unprocessed and genuine core.” This defines both the company and the coffee they brew, and it shines through in each and every drip of caffeinated goodness they produce.

Best Independent Cafes in America 2020

37. Never Coffee – Portland, Oregon

Ever heard the phrase that “coffee is like a warm hug in a cup?” At Never Coffee in Portland, you can truly taste a hug. Literally, it’s one of their signature drinks, featuring spicy cacao, smoked chillies, and cinnamon. As for the coffee shop itself, it looks as pretty as all of their drinks taste. Everything here is eccentric, inventive, and oh-so-trendy that it almost hurts. You’re going to want to order two of everything for sure.

38. Passenger Coffee – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Passenger Coffee is committed to its core values of uncompromising quality and sustainable practices. As a certified BCorporation, they’re one of the few coffee shops in Pennsylvania truly dedicated to attacking a range of social and environmental issues. Moreover, the cafe oozes of modern, minimalist vibes. That is to say, it’s hard to resist the urge to plan a trip straight to Lancaster just to see it for yourself.

39. Dave’s Coffee – Charlestown, Rhode Island

It’s easy to see that the people at Dave’s Coffee are passionate about their craft. Firstly, this spot is a Certified Organic Coffee Roaster. They roast lightly smokey, bold, steadfast coffee that’ll tantalise any palate. The lines are always busy here, so that should tell you all you need to know. Locals rave about the place and come from far and wide for their favourite coffee. In short, it’s an absolute classic.

40. Drip Coffee – Columbia, South Carolina

Drip Coffee is the kind of coffee shop that embodies what consumers are truly after in 2020. It’s trendy, it’s laidback, and it serves some consciously-crafted and ethically-sourced brews. They handcraft each and every cup as it’s ordered to bring you the highest-quality coffee possible. Above all, the people here are super friendly and are always willing to help you choose something to suit your taste.

41. Coffea Roasterie – Sioux City, South Dakota

Coffea Roasterie exists to “source, roast, brew, and serve coffee without compromise.” As a locally owned espresso bar and coffee roastery, their mission is to bring great coffee to people who are craving quality and full flavour. It’s this commitment to sustainability and forging new connections throughout the entire supply chain that makes this easily one of the best coffee shops in the United States.

42. 8th & Roast – Nashville, Tennessee

The fine folks at 8th & Roast pride themselves on sourcing their beans from a global network of fair trade farmers and have a simple mission statement as a company to “educate, inspire, and serve.” With an aim to serve the freshest cup of coffee possible, you’ll find that they meet and exceed their goal on a consistent basis. In short, the cafe is modern, trendy, and cosy, with just the right amount of Tennessee charm.

Best Cafes in America 2020

43. Summer Moon Coffee – Texas

It doesn’t get much more true Texan than treating yourself to a coffee that’s been wood-fired over local Texas oak. The flavours you’ll find at Summer Moon are unlike any other coffee we’ve ever tasted. It’s oaky, smoky, and oh-so-tasty. Tack on the fact that they’ve created their own dreamy Moon Milk creamer that perfectly accompanies wood-fired espresso and you’ll never go back to normal coffee again. With locations peppered all over the state, you’re never too far from some true Texas taste.

Best Coffee Shops in Texas

44. Three Pines Coffee – Salt Lake City, Utah

Like most specialty coffee shops that exist nowadays, the story of Three Pines Coffee is rooted in humble beginnings as a coffee cart. The couple behind the cart, which is now one of the most Instagrammable cafes in the city, is just as trendy and cute as their coffee shop. However, upon tasting your first drink here, it’s clear that they’re committed to quality and flavour just as much as they are offering a unique experience for all.

45. Onyx Tonics Specialty Coffee – Burlington, Vermont

The concept behind Onyx Tonics is truly unique, especially if you’re a coffee lover after some variety in life. They offer a weekly rotating menu of six or more single-origin coffees, all of varying roasts, flavours, and origins. Visiting this specialty coffee shop ensures you’ll be able to truly indulge in all of the wonderfully tasteful aspects of truly fine coffee. You know, the way it should be enjoyed.

Best Coffee Shops in USA 2020

46. Red Rooster Coffee – Floyd, Virginia

The best coffee shops in the United States in 2020 are the ones committed to not only just the perfect pour but also ensuring that their processes benefit farmers at the source. Red Rooster is a company dedicated to roasting exquisite coffee while making an impact at origin and at home. And, it truly shows in their cafe culture and the quality of the beans they produce. In other words, the cafe’s trendy, the staff is friendly, and the coffee’s top-notch.

Best Coffee Shops in Virginia 2020

47. Camber Coffee – Bellingham, Washington

With a rise in micro-roasters all around the state of Washington, it’s hard to make sense of where to get the perfect pour. However, the team at Camber Coffee will take good care of you; it’s made up of industry experts who’ve won awards at the Roasters Choice Competition and US Cup Tasters Championship. The focus is on bringing out the sweetness, balance, and flavours that are unique to each particular coffee. The result? Divine beyond belief. The trendy nature of the shop itself is just the cherry on top.

Best Coffee Shops in the United States

48. Joe N’ Throw – Fairmont, West Virginia

Joe N’ Throw is exactly what consumers are looking for out of coffee shops in 2020. This co-op serves up more than just coffee. It’s a space where locals and travellers alike can head to convene and relax over coffee, beer, and pottery. Yes, pottery. Their speicalty lattes ensure you’ll always have somethin new to try each time you visit. And, their pottery classes are honestly just plain fun.

49. Ruby Coffee Roasters – Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Ruby Coffee Roasters launched their micro-roasting business in 2013 in the garage of the founder’s home. It’s been go-go-go since then, and their hard work is truly paying off. Now, they’ve got spaces for coffee storage, shipping, quality control, roasting, and also a weekend tasting room. Super fresh coffee and a friendly team make visiting their Stevens Point cafe a fun event.

Best Cafes in USA 2020

50. Persephone – Jackson, Wyoming

A bakery that doubles as a coffee shop is always going to be a big hit, especially when the treats are as tasty as they are at Persephone. From French croissants and kouing aman to cupcakes and tarts, this bakery serves up truly delectable bites. And, it all pairs well with the Chicago-based artisanal roaster Intelligentsia Coffee and housemade syrups they serve.

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