best coffee shops in lyon

7 Of The Best Coffee Shops In Lyon

Lyon is bursting at the seams with adorable cafes. From cosy corner coffee shops (say that three times fast) to micro roasteries, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a great cup of coffee, head to these Lyon favourites. Here are the seven best coffee shops in Lyon.

Best Coffee Shops In Lyon

1. Mokxa

Ask anyone where to find the best speciality coffee in the city, and they’ll send you to Mokxa. Whether you’re after a syphon, v60 or plain ole cappucino – they have you in mind. In addition to great in house coffee, they also roast their own beans and have them for sale. Be sure to grab a bag for home on the way out.

best coffee shops in lyon

2. Pimprenelle

Right off Passage des Imprimeurs, this picturesque French cafe is one of the best in the city for its chic style, robust cups of coffee and delightful pastries. Treat yourself to an artsy latte and carve out some time to stay awhile. Afterwards, explore the surrounding areas charming cobblestone streets and adorable neighbourhoods.

best coffee shops in lyon

3. Slake Coffee House

Slake Coffee House is all about piping hot coffee and a warm atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for an espresso on the terrace, a latte on the go or a frothy flat white cosied up inside, they’ve got you covered. We recommend stopping by in the morning for a pastry and staying a while. Tucked away a side street off the river, it’s easily accessible and ideal for exploring the city afterwards.

best coffee shops in lyon

4. Le Kitchen Cafe

If you are looking for a deliciously smooth cup of joe and maybe a few gourmet bites, head to Le Kitchen Cafe. This Lyon fave is all about creative snacks, strong brews and speedy service. Pop in for your caffeine fix in the afternoon and order a cafe au lait with a small plate.

best coffee shops in lyon

5. The Petite Factory

The Petite Factory takes hole in the wall cafe charm to the next level with a quaint outdoor seating area, uber tasty homemade pastries and most importantly delicious coffee. Treat yourself to one of their yummy ‘cafe latte amande’ and grab a few cookies on your way out.

best coffee shops in lyon

6. Puzzle Cafe

Just a hop away from the Église Saint Nazier, you’ll find Puzzle Cafe. This cafe checks all the boxes in practicality. In addition to a great coffee lineup, it is cosy without being small and spacious without being too spread out and has speedy wifi. Order one of their deliciously creamy cappuccinos or if you really need a push, go for their pour-over.

best coffee shops in lyon

7. La Boîte à Café

This hidden gem off Rue des Capucins is famous for its local roasts and ‘sit and stay awhile’ atmosphere. Whether you are looking to get some work done, chat with a friend or just want to enjoy some coffee, this is the place to be. The coffee is roasted by Mokxa, so you know it’s good. Order a cafe au lait and don’t skimp on the carrot cake.

best coffee shops in lyon

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