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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Penang

You might not expect it, but there’s a buzzing scene for specialty coffee in Penang. We recently listed the very best coffee shops in Malaysia for 2020, as there’s some excellent caffeine hotspots all across the country.

If you’re in need of a coffee hit in Penang, here’s our top picks.

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1. Constant Gardener

Constant Garden is well known for its large variety of international roasts and seriously skilled baristas. This George Town neighbourhood cafe regularly switches up its roasters, so there’s always something new to try. Whether you’re into silky lattes or a rich Americano, you’ll find it here.

best coffee shops in malaysia

2. Macallum Connoisseurs 

Macallum is a roastery, cafe, restaurant and academy – all under one beautiful roof.  The folk here are true experts in all things coffee, with the smell of freshly roasted beans filling the air. They make their own cold brew, as well as slow-drip coffees and classic espresso drinks.

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3. Ome by Spacebar Coffee

Ome is a stylish and cosy space ran by two passionate coffee masters, with years of coffee experience behind them. With an exciting menu of filter brews and espresso drinks, you’ll never have a bad cuppa here. Keep any eye out for coffee tasting events, and be sure to try their nitropress coffee.

4. Norm

Founded by former Macallum Connoisseurs folk, Norm is a top notch micro-roastery in George Town. They get top marks for both their excellent coffee and their sleekly designed space. Ask the staff to recommend you some new beans to try, and settle in for a beautiful brew.

5. Coffee Affairs

For really great specialty coffee, Coffee Affairs never fails. The staff here are as passionate as can be, and the choice of freshly roasted beans is unbeatable. Choose from signature blends or single origins from top coffee countries such as Guatemala, Ethiopia, Colombia and more.

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6. Luna Bar Coffee

Ask any coffee-loving local where to find quality coffee in Penang and they will steer you towards Luna Bar Coffee. The lightly roasted coffees here are made with beans roasted on site. As well as a very pretty (and green!) interior, highlights include the friendly staff and fun pop-up events. It’s a true community coffee shop here.

Coffee in Penang

7. Kraffmen

Last but by no means least, Kraffmen is another quality inclusion. This George Town coffee shop takes inspiration from the coffee culture in Melbourne for roasts that are light yet full of flavours. They keep things simple yet excellent here, with a real skill for milky coffees.

Coffee in Penang

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